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How to Convert Winmail DAT (TNEF) Files to PDF Document ?

Published By Jamie Kaler 
Rollins Duke
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Published On October 5th, 2023
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Overview: Winmail.dat files can be a frustrating puzzle for email recipients. So, are you searching for some method to save Winmail.Dat email to a PDF file? Do you want to convert Winmail.dat to PDF document? If yes, then continue reading this post. Here, you will get a simple way to export Winmail Dat files to the PDF format in batch. Read the complete post to know more.

Winmail.dat files are obtained whenever a user sends an email from a badly configured Outlook email client to a non-Microsoft Email service. Winmail.dat files are not so easy to read and hence users need a Free Winmail.dat Viewer tool. But if you want to permanently save a copy of the Winmail DAT file in a readable format, then the best option is to save it as a PDF file.

TNEF files or Transport Neutral Encapsulation Format is used by Microsoft Outlook & Microsoft Exchange Server accounts. This message format is particularly used whenever a user needed to send the attachments embedded within the emails. There are various reasons for a user to convert Winmail DAT to PDF file format.

PDF File Format is a standard file format developed by the Adobe system. It represents all the information like text, photos, links, scales, graphs, and interactive items in electronic element format. These files are perfect for printing purposes and are also capable to perform portable properties. You can easily open PDF files on Windows, Mobiles, Android, Mac devices, etc., with the help of any PDF Reader application like Adobe Reader or Adobe Acrobat.

Quick Steps to Convert Winmail.dat to PDF on Windows

  • Step 1: Firstly, install and run the Winmail.dat to PDF Export Software.
  • Step 2: Then, add Winmail.dat files and choose output format as PDF.
  • Step 3: After that, select destination saving location for output.
  • Step 4: Finally, click on Convert to start the conversion process.

Winmail.dat files are a product of Microsoft Outlook, and they often appear when someone sends an email from Outlook to a non-Outlook email client. These files can contain valuable content like documents, images, or even PDFs. Unfortunately, they’re not universally compatible, which can lead to frustration for recipients using different email programs.

Converting Winmail files to PDF is crucial for accessing their content. Here’s how to do it:

Use the Perfect Solution to Winmail.Dat to PDF Converter

We will learn a perfect solution to convert Winmail files to PDF format. The software will enable users to directly create PDF files for each Winmail.dat email file. Winmail.dat Converter Software working is very easy, simple, and helpful for non-technical users. You can easily install this application on all editions of Microsoft Windows and Server machines. Download the solution with the below buttons.

Free Download Winmail.dat files to PDF Converter Tool:

Note: Download the free trial version of Winmail to PDF Converter software which will allow you to export the first 25 emails from each folder. Free Download Winmail.dat files to PDF Converter software which enables the users to export Winmail.dat PDF as attachments. We all know that obtaining DAT files to PDF is a must need of users to protect their email properties. Quickly Convert Winmail DAT TNEF to PDF file format with the help of this state-of-the-art application.

Stepwise to Convert Winmail.dat File to PDF Files

  1. Install & run Dat to PDF Converter software & read all the important instructions.
  2. Load Winmail.dat email attachment files in the application panel using dual ways.
  3. Select all required Winmail.dat emails listed in the application panel by checkboxes.
  4. Choose the PDF option from the list of 30+ Select Saving Formats.winmail.dat file to pdf
  5. Set up Winmail.dat to PDF Conversion options or also change the destination folder.winmail.dat files to pdf converter
  6. Users can also apply the 10+ File Naming options with the arrangement of From, Subject, or Date.winmail.dat file to pdf mac
  7. Once the Winmail to PDF Conversion process finishes, click the OK button to Confirm & Exit.convert winmail.dat to pdf
  8. The software will display a trial limitation to convert only 5 items during conversion.convert winmail.dat data to pdf free
  9. Obtain the resultant PDF files by directly opening the destination folder path.why does winmail dat convert to pdf
  10. The software will also generate the SavingLog report containing all the important information regarding the whole conversion process.why does convert winmail.dat to pdf

Now, we can easily conclude that it is one of the easiest applications available at present time to convert Winmail.dat to PDF files. This toolkit proves to be a boon for users who wants to export unreadable Winmail.dat TNEF files in the form of PDF files.

Highlighted Features of Winmail.dat file to PDF Converter:

  • The tool does not require the installation of Microsoft Outlook to print Winmail.dat to PDF.
  • It offers an option to save the resultant files to the desired location on the system.
  • Allows users to export the configured data from the Outlook account.
  • It offers an option to extract Outlook data files to various file formats, such as MBOX and Zimbra
  • Permits users to print Winmail.dat files to PDF in batches with total precision.
  • Users can easily migrate Outlook files with multiple attachments and email headers.
  • Supported all versions of Microsoft Outlook and exported Winmail.dat files.
  • It retains data integrity after transferring Outlook Winmail.dat files to PDF.
  • Allows users to perform the conversion process without the limitation of file size.


In this article, we have discussed the entire process to extract Outlook Winmail.dat to PDF. This software is reliable and cost-effective. The user does not require any technical knowledge to perform the migration process. It is an exceptional application that allows users to maintain the integrity of data throughout the conversion process. Download this reliable tool and save multiple Winmail.dat files in PDF effortlessly. For more information contact support teams!

Converting Winmail files to PDF can save you from the headache of dealing with incompatible attachments. Whether you use a specialized software, this guide has equipped you with the knowledge to tackle Winmail.dat files confidently. Don’t let Winmail stand in your way—convert and access your files with ease!