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How Do I Transfer Mail from Gmail to Dropbox ?

Karen Chard ~ Modified: 01-06-2020 ~ How To ~ 6 Minutes Reading

Want an easy way to save Gmail emails to Dropbox ? Want to know how to transfer Gmail to Dropbox with all mailbox ?

Dropbox is a cloud storage service provider, which means you can copy your files (emails, contacts, documents, etc.) to cloud and access them later. Dropbox provides lots of services such as cloud storage, file synchronization, personal cloud, and client software. You can easily share any content with others using Dropbox.

Although Dropbox doesn’t have a built-in mechanism that allows you to auto upload Gmail to Dropbox. You can still move your files from your Computer to Dropbox account. By taking the Backup of Gmail Emails to Computer files, you can save the Gmail emails to Dropbox account. Email files can be easily moved to Dropbox and read with all the connected devices.

Some Common Reasons Why You Need to Save Gmail to Dropbox

  • One of the main advantages of Dropbox is that it offers 2GB free storage space. Therefore, users save Gmail emails to Dropbox to free up Gmail storage space.
  • Using the Dropbox, you can share your Gmail emails with others by sharing links.
  • Dropbox has a relatively easy to use interface that not only makes it easier for the users, but also makes it easier to share information through the cloud.
  • Dropbox has made it easier for the user to be able to sync their files or emails on multiple platforms, enabling them to access files from wherever they are.
  • Dropbox also makes it possible for users to selectively sync their Gmail Emails. This means that users can easily choose which emails they want to sync and which ones do not require syncing.

Method to Save Gmail Emails to Dropbox

Here’s how to move Gmail to Dropbox. In this tutorial, we’ll use RecoveryTools Gmail Backup Wizard to save Gmail emails to Computer – and then move all emails to Dropbox from Computer. To resolve the queries like how to transfer Gmail emails to Dropbox –

What You Need:

  1. A Gmail Account.
  2. Windows Computer.
  3. A Dropbox Account.

Process: – To backup Gmail emails to Dropbox, first of all, you need to download the Google Mail emails to computer format. The recommended solution allows its users to save Gmail emails to various email files, document files, and various formats. You can choose your suitable format from the file saving options. Thereafter, upload it to your Dropbox account and share it with all your devices.

How Do I Transfer Gmail Emails to Dropbox ?

Now is the time to learn about how to save Gmail emails to Dropbox with attachments. For this, you have to follow the following step-by-step procedure:

First, you need to download this application on your Windows Computer. You can install this application on any version of Microsoft Windows including Windows Server editions.

Note: – This is a trial edition of this application, which allows you to move only a few mail from Gmail to Dropbox. If you want to move all emails from Gmail to Dropbox, you need to purchase a license key to activate the software for lifetime use.

After that, launch the software on your computer or laptop.

Thereafter, enter your Gmail account details in the user interface pane.

After that, choose email folders that you want to move from Gmail to Dropbox.

Thereafter, select email saving options from the file saving list. Here, you can choose Zip or Documents formats (DOC, PDF, XPS, etc.), and Email formats, etc.

After that, choose the destination location path where you want to save your Gmail data.

Thereafter, click on the next button to save Gmail emails to your Computer.

How to Upload Resultant Emails to Dropbox Account ?

After the process, you will have the Gmail email downloaded Zip archive format. Now upload this Zip file to save Gmail emails to Dropbox account. Follow the step-by-step process to transfer Gmail archive files to Dropbox: –

First, you must have a Dropbox account. If you have, then you must log in with your Dropbox account using your account credentials.

After that, open Dropbox menus and choose the upload file option.

Thereafter, browse your Gmail archive files to upload on your Dropbox account.

After that, Dropbox starts uploading your Gmail emails in the Dropbox account. When the process is over, Dropbox provides you a share link to share your Gmail data with others.

Save Gmail Emails to Dropbox Tool – Benefits & Features

Save Gmail Emails to Computer: – Using this application, you can easily download your Google Mail emails to your Computer. Now, you can backup Gmail to Dropbox as well as your Computer at a single process.

Secure User Interface Platform: – The software provides a simple and consistent interface that everyone can use without any issues. The best part of this application doesn’t save your database in its interface caches.

Advance Settings Filters: – The software offers some advance filter options to save selective Gmail emails to Dropbox. This is one of the major benefits of this application. Because there are lots of users who only want to share selective Gmail emails to Dropbox. This option will help you download only necessary emails from Gmail to Dropbox.

Choose Destination Location Path: – One of the useful features of this application is to select a resultant location path. Now, you can choose any place where you want to store your Gmail data on your computer. This option is helpful when you will not use this data on another computer.

Maintain Email Folder Hierarchy: – During the process, the software provides facilities to keep your root folder hierarchy structure. Now, you can move Gmail to Dropbox without any folder hierarchy related issues.

Windows Supportable Application: – The software will work on all editions of Microsoft Windows operating system such as Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Server 2019, Windows Server 2016, Windows Server 2012, etc. It supports all Windows editions including x64 bits of operating systems.

Frequently Asked Queries

How to Move Gmail to Dropbox ?

Follow the below steps to move Gmail emails to Dropbox: –

  1. Run Save Gmail Emails to Dropbox tool on Windows.
  2. Enter Gmail account details and choose Gmail email folders.
  3. Select your required email saving options from the list.
  4. Set destination location to save resultant data in Computer.
  5. Now, upload Gmail Emails data to Dropbox account directly.

Can I install this application on Mac Computer or Laptop ?

No, currently there is no any Mac edition available at present time. If you want a Mac edition of this utility, please contact on Live Support Chat.

Does the software allows me to save emails from Gmail to Dropbox as Zip format ?

Yes, the software allows its users to transfer Gmail emails to Dropbox as Zip format.


In this article, we have explained all the possible ways to move Gmail to Dropbox. If you are one of those who want to save Gmail emails to Dropbox, then download the recommended solution. You can install this application on your Windows computer without any issues. The software gives you multi-choice file saving options to archive Gmail emails to Dropbox. If you have further queries about the software and its process, then contact us on live support chat.