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How to Export Messages from Gmail to HTML Format?

Karen Chard ~ Modified: 03-06-2022 ~ How To ~ 6 Minutes Reading

Are you looking for a solution to convert Gmail to HTML format? If yes, then read this article to know how to export Gmail email to HTML format. Here, we are using RecoveryTools Gmail to HTML Converter that allows to complete the process in batch with 100% data security. So, let’s begin.

Developing a website or webpage is not an easier task. If you are one of those who want to export Gmail message to Webpage format for offline use. Then, let us clear one thing for you there is no any direct option available to batch save Gmail email as HTML. So, let us give you a quick brief about HTML files, and later on will check out the solution to get HTML from Gmail account.

The HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) is a text document file that can be read by any web browser. Additionally, this language is based on codes, tags, keywords, etc. which provides instructions to format a document. Also, the manual procedure allows to export a single email at one time, and it might disturb HTML attributes.

In this article, we have explained a direct way to convert Gmail to HTML format using the precise RecoveryTools Email Backup Tool. This solution is capable to convert Gmail emails to HTML format without any issues. Moreover, users can install this application on all editions of Windows and Mac OS. Also, the automated solution maintains the email properties throughout the process. In the following section, we will explain the procedure to save Gmail email as HTML format.

How to Save Gmail Email as HTML Format? Let’s Find

Some Reasons Why We Need to Convert Gmail to HTML

HTML is a markup language so it uses simple tags to markup and format the content. To view your message from Gmail, then you have to save your file. html or .htm extension and then run it by choosing to open it with any browser. Here are some of the reasons why users want to export Gmail emails to HTML format.

  • One of the biggest advantages of performing this conversion is that it is free to use file extension. You can easily open HTML files with a web browser without the need to purchase specific software.
  • Almost all the browsers around the globe are supported by HTML. So, you can open Gmail exported HTML file with any machine without any issues.
  • The HTML file is lightweight, and by saving Gmail as HTML format you can save your Gmail account storage.
  • When users convert Gmail emails to HTML format using the automated approach it allows to save it’s attachments along with it.

Gmail to HTML Converter Process with Screenshots

First, download the Gmail Backup software with the below green button. After that, follow the below step-by-step process to export Gmail emails to HTML format: –

Download for Windows  Download for Mac

Note: – This is a trial edition of this application that allows you to export only few messages from Gmail emails to HTML format. If you want to export entire mailbox data, then purchase the licensed key to activate the software for lifetime use.

1) After that, launch the software on your Windows or Mac Machine.

2) Thereafter, enter details of your Gmail account in the user interface panel.

3) After that, choose only the required email folders from the list that you wish to convert Gmail to HTML format.

4) Thereafter, select HTML format from the list of file saving options.

5) After that, choose advance settings option, if you want to export selected Gmail emails to HTML.

6) Thereafter, set the location path to save resultant data at user desired location path.

7) After that, click on the next button to start conversion process.

That’s all about the automated solution to convert Gmail to HTML format. Also, if you are unable to login to software panel, then try enabling IMAP option, and create app password:

Enable IMAP settings
Video Solution for App Password:

Benefits and Features of Gmail to HTML Converter

  1. Selectively convert Gmail to HTML: The software facilitates to select folders and labels from every mailbox like inbox, draft, All Mail, Sent Mail, Trash, Important, etc. This option helps to export only useful Gmail mailbox folders to HTML format at the desired system location.
  2. Preserves email properties: While you change Gmail emails to HTML, the tool makes sure to maintain all the key email elements such as Subject, attachments, From, Cc, Bcc, Layout, inline images of emails. It gives you assurance to maintain the data conversion in the same format as of the original one. Hence, there will be no data alterations during the entire process.
  3. Batch Convert Gmail to HTML: This tool permits to export Gmail emails to HTML in bulk. The users have the option to choose multiple email files or folders from Google mail for conversion.
  4. Advance email filter option: This feature is very important for the users who want to migrate some specific email content from Gmail account to HTML format. It provides email filter options such as Date Range, To, Subject, From for selective conversion of emails. This saves a lot of user’s time and effort.
  5. Convert multiple Gmail accounts to HTML: There are many users who have more than one Gmail accounts. Hence, with this utility, you can convert multiple Gmail email account data to HTML format in a single shot. For this, the users need to enter the credentials of all Gmail account into a CSV file and thereafter upload it into the software panel.


In the above article, we have explained the ways to convert Gmail to HTML format. If you read the entire guide, then you know how effortlessly you can perform this task using the Gmail to HTML converter. The software allows its users to batch export emails from Gmail to webpage format. Using this application, you can export multiple Gmail accounts data to HTML format in a single shot. The company offers a trial of this application to convert a few emails from Google Mail to HTML format. If you have any further queries, then contact us on support.

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