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How to Manage Thunderbird Profiles Data?

Published By Jamie Kaler 
Rollins Duke
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Published On June 3rd, 2022
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Thunderbird is a very popular email client. That’s why Mozilla Thunderbird users, whether they are home users or administrators, are finding for the perfect way to manage their Thunderbird profiles.

Mozilla Thunderbird is an open-source, desktop-based email client. It is the most popular and usable email application used by users. It has a variety of features, such as multiple emails, news feeds, newsgroups, and so on. The entire mailbox data is saved in the MBOX file.

Users need to manage Thunderbird profile data for future purposes. We received several queries regarding the Thunderbird Profile Manager use. Hence, my team will provide you with a standalone solution to solve your query.

There are two methods that will provide you with a manual and a smart solution. Choose according to your needs.

Manually Access Thunderbird Profile Manager

  1. First, open the Mozilla Thunderbird application and click on the 3-line show in the upper right-hand corner.open Thunderbird profile manager
  2. Secondly, choose the help option >> More Troubleshooting Information.choose help option
  3. You will see the complete Thunderbird profile information appear on the screen.
    (To manage Thunderbird profile data, you need technical knowledge that might be useful when you’re trying to solve a problem.)manage thunderbird profiles

This page contains many settings for Thunderbird to manage multiple email accounts. So let’s understand each section one by one:

  • Application Basics: This section contains detailed information on managing Thunderbird profiles, such as the Name, Memory Consumption, Mozilla Location Service Key, Version, Remote Process, Update Folder, Build ID, Update History, etc.
  • Mail and News Account: Incoming servers, Outgoing servers, Account 1, Account 2.
  • Calendar Setup: Name, Username, Cache Enabled, Type, Refresh Interval, URI, Read-Only, Alarms, Attachments Supported, Events, Tasks, Local Time Supported, and so on.
  • Remote Processes: GPU, Extensions, Web Content.
  • Add-ons: DuckDuckGo, Google, Bing, Wikipedia, ImportExportTools NG
  • Security Software:Antispyware, Antivirus, Firewall
  • Graphics: Asynchronous Pan/Zoom, WebGL 1 Driver Renderer, Compositing, WebGL 2 Driver Extensions, Direct 2D, Description, Target Frame Rate, and so on.

Many Assets to Manage Thunderbird Profiles Data

  1. In the Application Basics section (Thunderbird default profile), hit on “about:profiles” from the Profiles row.dafault Thundedrbird location
  2. After that, Users can simply determine the location of their Mozilla Thunderbird profile. Click on the Open Folder option and your Thunderbird location will open.open Thunderbird location to manage profile
  3. Open the root directory: From a storage location, access Thunderbird profile data. The default storage location for Thunderbird profiles is: –C:\Users\HP\AppData\Roaming\Thunderbird\Profiles\ee3qayew.default-releaseopen root directory
  4. Open local directory: Acquire sufficient knowledge about cache data, secure browsing, and startup cache, among other things. Meanwhile, The default storage location for Thunderbird profiles is: – C:\Users\HP\AppData\Local\Thunderbird\Profiles\ee3qayew.default-releaselocal directory path to manage thunderbird profile
  5. By hitting the Rename button, a user may modify their Thunderbird profile’s default name.rename thunderbird profile
  6. If a user wants to delete any profile, the Thunderbird manager allows them to delete a profile by clicking the “remove” icon.delete thunderbird profile
  7. User has configured multiple profiles in Thunderbird, then they can set the default profile to their liking while still managing Thunderbird profile data.
  8. Mozilla Thunderbird also provides you with a open profile in the new browser.

Use Smart solution – Thunderbird Profile Manager Solution

RecoveryTools is one of the best solutions to help Thunderbird manage multiple email accounts. It gives you many Thunderbird solutions to backup your Thunderbird profile. This software comes with many advanced features. It maintains all your email components, attachments, and media during the process. You can choose any solution that best suits your needs and situation.

Drawbacks of Manual manage Thunderbird profile

  • There is no option to manage Thunderbird profile contacts in the default manager. But with the software, you can arrange contacts as well as a calendar.
  • Using the manual procedure gives users Thunderbird profile files of raw emails with no extensions. However, users may convert Thunderbird email to a variety of file extensions using the specified applications.
  • If your Thunderbird got cashed or is unable to start, then the manual method will not work. But with the utility, you can easily restore a corrupted Thunderbird profile to a new computer.

The Verge:

In conclusion, We’ve gone through the whole process of maintaining your Thunderbird profile, both manually and professionally. You are free to choose any approach that suits your needs to manage your Thunderbird profile manager. But frankly speaking, with the RecoveryTools solution, you can easily manage multiple Thunderbird email accounts.

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