How to Publish or Export MailEnable to ICS files as iCalendar – A Popular Case Study

Karen Chard | November 16th, 2018 | How To

In this article we get to know about how can a user publish MailEnable Calendars to ICS files which allows a mail user to automatically migrate the calendars from the MailEnable MAI files to the iCalendar supported applications. It is very easy to move MailEnable Calendars to Outlook Calendars, MailEnable Calendars to Thunderbird Calendars, or MailEnable Calendars to Apple Mail Calendars extension. Any mailbox owner can convert unlimited MailEnable calendars to ICS file and then these calendars are able to be accessed as hosted ICS files by large number of E-mail clients.

How to Export MailEnable to ICS Calendars?

A large number of users are looking for a way to transfer calendars of MailEnable CalDAV to ICS files. ICS files are supported in large number of email clients & applications including Outlook, Thunderbird, Apple Mail, Entourage, Outlook for Mac, Office 365, etc. User asked various queries on different forums & platforms regarding the transfer of MailEnable Calendars to iCalendar format.

I have been working with MailEnable to manage my important events & procedures. Now, I needed to share my future plans & events with my secretary. The only problem is that she uses Outlook to manage and organize the events. When I contacted with MailEnable support team they told me to export MailEnable Calendars as ICS files & then import ICS file into Outlook mail client. As I have very low information so please suggest me a perfect MailEnable Calendars to ICS Converter software.

  • Mia Vladivostok, Munich

In the above query, the MailEnable Support team they provided a reference link as given below:

When the user read the information written in the article, all things got messed up & the user decided to try a professional toolkit. One such application is RecoveryTools MailEnable Migrator which provides a direct option to export MailEnable Calendars to ICS files. Users can batch convert multiple MailEnable user’s data into iCalendar format.

MailEnable to ICS Converter Tool Free Download:

The working of this amazing utility is very easy & simplified. One can do it just by following these simple steps:

  1. Install & Run the application in your Windows PC & Read all important instructions.
  2. The software offers dual methods to load MailEnable MAI files by clicking on Select Files or Select Folders To load multiple users’ items, click on I am Converting Multiple Users option in Select Folder option.
  3. The software will fetch all the MailEnable users’ items & calendars. Choose all the required Calendars folder from the list of folders.
  4. Choose ICS option from the list of 20+ Select Saving options.mailenable to ics converter
  5. Setup MailEnable to ICS Conversion options like Destination Path.mailenable calendars to icalendars
  6. The software will also provide Advanced Filters Settings for selective conversion of items. One can apply filters on the basis of Date Range, To, From or Subject. One can also exclude the unnecessary folders from the MailEnable MAI files during the conversion.
  7. Click on Next button to initialize & analyze the MailEnable to ICS conversion process.mailenable export to ics
  8. After the conversion process finished successfully click on OK button to confirm.
  9. The software will generate a SavingLog report which includes the information regarding the MailEnable to ICS conversion like Start Date & Time, Saving Type, Path, Items Converted, Destination Path as well Status of the conversion.

As we can analyze from above that any non-technical user can export MailEnable Calendars as ICS file in batch. There is no need of any advanced knowledge to use this software.

MailEnable Calendars to iCalendar Converter – Major Features & Benefits:

This software is designed with advanced algorithms to print MailEnable Calendars & events as ICS files. It proves to be one of the best solution available in present time allowing to export Calendars details of multiple users in batch. The resultant ICS file can be easily imported into large number of email clients & webmail services enabling Calendaring extensions. Some major features provided by this utility are listed below:

  • Migrate Multiple Users Calendars & Events: One of the best advantages of using this software is that it enables multiple users’ calendars information to export as ICS files. It supports batch selection of multiple user’s data. When a user browses for source files by clicking on Select Folders option, the utility will provide I am Converting Multiple Users
  • Transfer MailEnable Calendars from MAI Files: This application allows the users to transfer MailEnable Calendars & Events from MailEnable MAI files to the ICS files. The software displays all the selected folders & their subfolders containing within it with MailEnable files then whole folder hierarchy will be displayed from where user can select Calendars folder.
  • Direct Option to Export MailEnable Calendars: The MailEnable to iCalendar Migrator tool provides direct option to transfer Calendars from MailEnable mailbox files to ICS files. One only needed to select ICS option from the list of 20+ Select Saving options & then setup MailEnable to ICS file conversion options like destination path etc.
  • Apply Advanced Filters for Selective Conversion: One of the best features which makes this software incredible is its ability to perform selective conversion. Any user can apply advanced Filters on the basis of To, From, Subject or between Date Range. In case if a user wants to exclude any unwanted folder then this application also provides option for it too.
  • Windows Compatible Utility: This software is fully compatible with all latest versions of Microsoft Windows. One can run this MailEnable to iCalendar Converter tool on Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista, for both 32 & 64-bit OS

The Verge: In this article we get to know about how to transfer calendars from MailEnable to ICS file format. A large number of users are looking for a way to export MailEnable Calendars to Outlook Calendars, Apple Mail Calendars, Office 365 Calendars, IBM Notes Calendars, Thunderbird Calendars etc. Free Download this application from above & then perform the MailEnable to ICS file conversion instantly & quickly.