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IncrediMail Repair Tool – Recover Corrupted IncrediMail IMM, IML, IMH & DB Files (v2.0, 2.5)

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Rollins Duke
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Published On May 29th, 2024
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IncrediMail Repair Tool best for the users to recover corrupted IncrediMail mailbox items. Repair IncrediMail files quickly & instantly as emails are stored in *.imh, *.imm, *.db, *.imd, & all other IncrediMail Mailboxes. IncrediMail Recovery Tool free Download to fast repair deleted or corrupted IncrediMail emails & files. IncrediMail proves to be a best program which offers amazing functionality, to manage personal information management. Get to know about the working of best IncrediMail Repair software in the Next section.

IncrediMail Repair Tool Free Download:

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One can repair corrupted or damaged IncrediMail mailbox files quickly without facing any problem. But before we will learn about more about the utility working, just analyze this query of a user:

IncrediMail Database Corrupt Need Utility to Repair: Message in Sent Folder cannot be open as some of the deleted items are missing from the fields. So, to deal with this issue, I decided to traditional uninstallation & Reinstallation of IncrediMail program. I use Import data option to load previously defined data folders & settings. But it causes some damages to my IncrediMail database items. The IncrediMail version I use is, XE Version Build 5864332 & Run on Windows PC.

The above described query cannot be solved directly using IncrediMail program. & the reason is quite simple: IncrediMail doesn’t comes up with any data repair functionality or data folder restoration policy. In case if you have not taken the backup of IncrediMail data before the corruption occurs else you will not be able to restore your precious data.

How to Recover IncrediMail Corrupted Files ?

There is no manual or free method available in present time which will enable the users to restore IncrediMail emails or repair mailbox items from corrupted IMM, IML or DB files. However, users can try to create a New folder & move all the emails & other items from Corrupted Folder to this new Folder. Then Exit & Reopen IncrediMail program & check the mailbox. Chances are very low that this works, but you can try to do so.

Read More Solutions:

The above described method will not be proved to be so much helpful among the users to accomplish IncrediMail Recovery Process. The IncrediMail recovery process is mostly needed after the Crash of IncrediMail Email Client Or if it failed to start.

Professional IncrediMail Repair Software:

Follow these steps to learn how to Repair IncrediMail Files:

  1. Run IncrediMail Repair Tool & Load the Corrupted IncrediMail Mailbox items in it automatically or manually.incredimail recovery tool
  2. The utility will automatically analyze all IncrediMail Files & list them in software panel.
  3. Select only the corrupted IncrediMail IMM, IML or DB Files displayed there.
  4. Choose the Desired File Saving Format from the list of 30+ options list. Users can also directly restore IncrediMail to various Mail Server & webmail services.incredimail recovery software free download
  5. Setup all IncrediMail Recovery options in software panel & Analyze whole conversion process
  6. Click on OK button confirm the process & access the resultant mailbox items as the software will directly open destination folder.
  7. You will get completely fresh & healthy IncrediMail mailbox items into a New File Format.
  8. The process for repairing IncrediMail files completed successfully & it’s all information will be concluded in a SavingLog report.

Highlighted Features of IncrediMail Recovery Utility:

There is no doubt this IncrediMail Repair utility will help & benefit the users seamlessly. It enables the users to deal with the following problems:

  • Fix IncrediMail Error 4320, 550
  • IncrediMail Crashed or Issue while Running it & loading data.
  • Unable to Load IncrediMail Mailbox Data from Default Profile Location
  • Attachments from the Emails Missing
  • Some emails missing from Deleted Items Folder
  • IncrediMail Crashed while Launching it on Windows
  • Corruption of Files due to Insufficient Storage in HDD
  • Damaged Windows Registry Files or Incompatible BIOS

These errors cannot be solved manually as IncrediMail does not offers to restore corrupted IMM or IML mailbox data. But, using RecoveryTools IncrediMail Migrator software one can quickly repair all Damaged or corrupted IncrediMail IMM, IML, DB etc. files. Some Highlighted Features of IncrediMail Recovery Software are listed below:

  1. Repair Multiple IncrediMail Mailbox Files in Batch
  2. Automatically Load Corrupted IncrediMail Mailbox Items from Configured Profile Location.
  3. Supportable with all IncrediMail Versions & provides Separate option to use IncrediMail v2.0 or 2.5 mode.
  4. Completely standalone IncrediMail Repair application without requiring IncrediMail Email Client installation.
  5. Compatible with all Windows Editions i.e. Win 10, 8, 8.1, 7, XP, Vista etc.

The Verge: We all know that a large number of users wants to repair IncrediMail mailbox items including IMM, IMB, or IMH files. RecoveryTools IncrediMail Repair software can recover your IncrediMail emails with inserted attachments. It is an efficient solution to repair corrupted or damaged IncrediMail files. The trial version of this utility will only repair first 25 items from its each folder.