How to Export Emails from IncrediMail to Outlook 2021, 2019, 2016, 2013 ?

Karen Chard | August 7th, 2021 | IncrediMail

Analysis: Are you interested in a procedure to convert IncrediMail to Outlook format ? Or want to know how to import IncrediMail Emails, Address Book, Contacts to Outlook editions. Then, at that point, you are on the right stage. In this blog, we will explain how to export email from IncrediMail to Outlook email client in detail. Here, we use a professional IncrediMail to Outlook Converter. So, learn the process with us.

Each conversion or data transfer begins with the definition of the source data location. In some cases, this is a simple and straightforward task. That is either the data is stored in the program installation folder or in a database that is easy to identify and open while exporting from IncrediMail data to Outlook.

But things do not always happen as we want. Sometimes the software developers for email clients create complex or intentional data structures, decentralization of data stores. That may create difficulty in the collection of source files. However, IncrediMail now stops working. A lot of users are worried about their data being stuck in the IncrediMail email client.

Default IncrediMail Mailbox Location

We recommended going with the manual method to add the email folders only when the auto mailbox pitching function fails. However, before starting to export IncrediMail to Outlook, it is important for the users to know where the IncrediMail mailbox items are stored.

The Default Folder for IncrediMail 2.0 Data Files is:

C:\Users\ [Username]\AppData\Local\IM\Identities\ [Identity_ID]\Message Store\

Attachments are stored in a Subfolder:

C:\Users\ [Username]\AppData\Local\IM\Identities\ [Identity_ID]\Message Store\Attachments\

In this write-up, you will learn the procedure to import IncrediMail emails to Outlook client easily. Here, we also explain the IncrediMail DB, IML, or IMM to Outlook conversion process. So keep reading the post.

Best IncrediMail to Outlook Converter Utility

One can choose professional RecoveryTools IncrediMail Migrator software which will enable the users to convert IncrediMail to Outlook files format. It also permits the user to import IncrediMail Files to Outlook 2021, Outlook 2019, Outlook 2016, Outlook 2013, Outlook 2010, Outlook 2007, Outlook 2003, etc. for both 32-bit & 64-bit OS editions.

The IncrediMail to Outlook Converter software can also load the mailbox items from the Configured IncrediMail Profile location. The best thing about the tool is it doesn’t need the installation of an Outlook email client on your system to export IncrediMail to Outlook file. 

Download the Best Solution:

Download for Windows

Note: The trial version of IncrediMail to Outlook PST Converter will permit the users to export only the first 25 emails from every folder.

Steps to Convert IncrediMail to Outlook Client

Follow the simple steps to transfer IncrediMail mailbox to Outlook:

  1. Open IncrediMail migrator on Windows PC.
  2. Autoload or manually add IncrediMail mailbox to the software.
  3. Check the required email folders from the list.
  4. Choose PST option & enter the destination system location.
  5. Click on the Convert button to export from IncrediMail to Outlook.

How to Export Email from IncrediMail to Outlook ?

After going through the below given step-by-step procedure you can understand how to export IncrediMail to PST file format in simple. The overall working of the software is very easy & simplified as any non-technical user can easily understand just by following these simple steps:

1. Install & Run IncrediMail to Outlook Converter software & Read all Important Instructions.

export email from IncrediMail to Outlook

2. Then, load IncrediMail mailbox items in software panel by dual ways i.e. Select Files or Select Folders. There is no need to having knowledge of your IncrediMail mailboxes as the software will automatically detect IncrediMail Profile location.

add IncrediMail mailbox to export IncrediMail email to Outlook

3. After that, from the listed IncrediMail mailbox items & choose only the required IncrediMail IMM or IML files to export IncrediMail to Outlook.

incredimail to PST free

4. Then, choose PST from the list of Saving options. Then, Setup Destination location according to user choice & can also check for the language Mapping folder.

export emails from incredimail to outlook

5. After completing the Setup process, click on Next button to export emails from IncrediMail to Outlook.

how to convert incredimail data to outlook 2007

6. Then, Analyze whole process of converting IncrediMail to Outlook through the software panel.

transfer emails from incredimail to PST

7. Once the IncrediMail to Outlook Converter process completed successfully click on OK button to confirm & exit from here.

incredimail data to pst

8. After that, The IncrediMail to Outlook exporter software will generate a SavingLog report which will include all the important information regarding the IncrediMail to Outlook migration.

incredimail to pst free

After going through the above procedure. You will clearly understand that it is the best possible solution available in the present time to move IncrediMail emails to Outlook account.

Powerful Features of IncrediMail to Outlook Converter Software :

  • The tool supports all editions of IncrediMail e-mail clients such as IncrediMail 2.0, 2.5 without any errors.
  • Offers a very simple graphical interface that enables the user to easily export IncrediMail to Outlook
  • After selecting the IncrediMail profile data, the IMM converter in Outlook displays all e-mail folders in the software user interface so that users can select specific e-mail folders for conversion.
  • Ability to export email from IncrediMail to Outlook file with all attachments.
  • This utility allows users to create individual Outlook files for all IMM, IML, and IncrediMail CAB files.
  • The tool can view all e-mails, including attachments, date, date, content, etc. before switching.
  • The software displays the live status conversion report while exporting emails from IncrediMail to MS Outlook.
  • IncrediMail to Outlook exporter successfully supports all editions of the Outlook application, including Outlook 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, and 2003.
  • Run the IncrediMail to Outlook Migration software easily on all latest versions of Microsoft Windows i.e. Windows 10, Win 8.1, Win 8, Win 7, Win XP, Win Vista, etc. for both 32-bit & 64-bit OS editions.

The Verge

In this article, you will learn about a perfect solution of how to export email from IncrediMail to Outlook in easy & simplified manner. Once the user has understood and considered the problems, you can convert IncrediMail data to Outlook file. We have provided the best and most reliable solution. With this application, users can easily export IncrediMail to Outlook 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007 and other versions. Use this app to get unlimited migration seamlessly.

With the free demo version of IncrediMail to Microsoft Outlook tool one can convert 25 IncrediMail emails (*.imm, *.iml,). So users can export 25 emails from IncrediMail mailbox to Outlook with all attachments. When they are fully satisfied, users can spend money to purchase license keys to export IncrediMail to Outlook format without restrictions.