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How to Import Google Takeout to Another Google Account?

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Published On April 10th, 2024
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Summary: In today’s digital age, where our lives are intricately woven into Google’s services, knowing how to “import Google Takeout to another Google account” is crucial. Whether you’re upgrading your account or consolidating your online presence, this article is your definitive guide to transferring Google Takeout to another Google account.

Discover the knowledge and tools you need for a seamless transition, whether you’re an individual seeking to switch accounts or a business looking to streamline operations. Join us on this journey to unlock the full potential of Gmail Takeout move and ensure a smooth move to your Google account.

We know that Google Takeout downloads all the data in a file that the user can download anytime.

But what if someone wants to import Google Takeout to another Google account?

How to do this at once?

All these questions will be addressed in today’s user guide. By reading this blog, you can easily transfer Google Takeout to another Google account using the best possible method. So, here we go.

We must first understand the common reasons behind this everyday question to learn about the import Google Takeout to another Google account process.

The Google Takeout process is the fastest way to extract Google data from Google accounts; however, Google does not offer any way to restore data to Google accounts.

Due to this, many times, users end up landing in a situation where they have to upload Google Takeout files to other Google mailboxes.

Let’s understand this through some user queries received by our technical support team.

Reasons to Upload Google Takeout Files to Another Account

Please help! I want to import Google Takeout to another Google account for some official work. Now, I’m looking for a solution that easily imports Takeout to another Google account without any compromise. Can anybody help me? –  Charles Mitroff 
Please get me a solution to directly transfer Google Takeout to another Google account. I want to do this without any compromise or loss of information. Please mention the detailed process. –  Adam Smith

Import Google Takeout to Another Google Account: Expert Tool

Users can download the tool called RecoveryTools MBOX Converter which simply uploads Google archive data to another Google account. It is capable of importing multiple Google Takeout Archive files to another account directly. It is the most reliable and powerful solution to move Google Takeout data with total precision.

Steps to Import Google Takeout to Another Account

  • Step 1: Run the application on the PC.
  • Step 2: Import files/folders using dual options.
  • Step 3: Pick the folders/subfolders as needed.
  • Step 4: Select Gmail/ G Suite as the saving option.
  • Step 5: Apply the filter and enter login details.
  • Step 6: Next import Google Takeout to another Google account.

Complete Steps to Upload Google Takeout Files to Another Account

Great news for all those who want to import Google Takeout data into Another Google Account—they can try the software without any charges! This means a demo version of the tool is available.

It lets you move 25 Google Takeout emails to any other Google account with attachments. Later, you can switch to the Pro edition to upload a complete Google archive to a another email account.

Now, let’s try to understand the working of the software with the help of related screenshots:

  1. Start by launching the Google Takeout Converter tool on your Windows computer.

    tool to import Google Takeout data into Another Google Account

  2. Choose Select Files or Select Folders to upload Google archive in the software interface. Then, hit the Next button.

    upload Google archive

  3. Select the required folder that you wish to transfer Google Takeout to another Google account and tap Next.

    required folder

  4. Choose Gmail in the saving list as your new account.

    saving list

  5. Go to Filter Options and apply the advanced filters to import Google Takeout selectively.

    Filter Options

  6. Provide the credentials of the new Google account i.e., email address and app password.

    credentials of new Google

  7. Finally, click on the Convert button and analyze the live conversion in the software interface.

    live conversion

  8. After the complete process, a confirmation message will appear, and click on the OK button.

Steps to Download Data using Google Takeout Service

  1. Open Google Takeout
  2. Click the “Data & Privacy” >> “Download your Data” option.

    Download your data

  3. Click on “Deselect All” and enable the required information you want to download from your Google account such as Mail, YouTube, and more. Then, click on Next.

    required information

  4. Here, select Google Archive download format, size, and delivery method as shown in the image.

    import google takeout to another google account

  5. Google is downloading Google Takeout files. Please wait.

Google notifies you by email when your Google Takeout files are ready to download. Open the email link and download the files from Google Archive.

You are good to go.

Great Advantages of Using the Professional Tool

  • 100% Accuracy: The application maintains the original Google Takeout email folder hierarchy. It also keeps the internal folder structure and elements intact during the process. Moreover, it allows you to convert Google Takeout data into other saving platforms like Thunderbird, etc.
  • Simplified GUI: The software interface is intuitive and completely secure. Anyone can use it even without knowing any technical skills.
  • Easily Google Archive to Another: With this program, you can import Google Takeout to another Google in a direct way. Moreover, all your personal information is protected by the solution.
  • Upload Bulk Google Takeout Files: Using the Select Folder option, the user can easily perform the bulk conversion of Takeout to another account without any compromise.
  • Provide Exact Results in the least time: As you can see from the saving option list, the tool provides many other options to move Google Takeout to another Google Mail. If you want, you can choose any other option than Gmail or G Suite.
  • Windows OS Compatibility: This tool works with all the editions of Microsoft such as Windows 11, and Windows Server 2022, and all previous versions.

Why Import Google Takeout to Another Google Account?

Transferring Google Takeout data to another Google account can be necessary for various reasons:

  • Account Migration: Individuals may want to switch to another Google account for personal or professional reasons, such as rebranding or separating work and personal data.
  • Data Backup: Creating a backup of your Google data provides an extra layer of security in case the original account experiences issues or gets compromised.
  • Data Sharing: Users may want to share specific data or files with others through a new account, without granting access to their primary Google account.
  • Changing Email Addresses: If you change your email address, you might want to transfer your existing Google Takeout data to the new address to maintain access to important information.

Import Google Takeout to Another Google Account Manually

If you are looking for a manual method to accomplish this task. So follow the given information. As we all know Google Takeout exports their data into MBOX format. And Thunderbird supports MBOX format and also allows users to connect Gmail to it. Firstly, import Google Takeout data to Thunderbird account, and then configure new Gmail into Thunderbird account. And lastly, move the uploaded file to the Google account.

Commonly Asked Questions

  • Ques 1: What is the limitation of Google Takeout?

    Ans: The main limitation of Google Takeout takes a long time to download data from 10 days to 40, depending on the size of the data.

  • Ques 2: What is better than Google Takeout?

    Ans: Depends on your need, so you can also use VaultMe etc.

  • Ques 3: Is Google Takeout owned by Google?

    Ans: Yes, Google Takeout was created and developed by Google.

  • Ques 4: Does Google Takeout work with Gmail?

    Ans: Yes, Google Takeout only works with Gmail account. Because it is an inbuilt feature by Google for Gmail users to export Gmail profile data.

Closing Thoughts

This article post explores a straightforward method to import Google Takeout to another Google account. We’ve employed a reliable solution to seamlessly execute the Google Archive upload process to another Google account. Additionally, this method facilitates downloading data from Google through the Google Takeout service.

Therefore, we encourage you to peruse this informative guide to simplify your task. Should you require further assistance or have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us via our live chat support.