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How to Import MBOX into Gmail / Google Mail Account?

Karen Chard ~ Modified: 23-06-2021 ~ Google ~ 6 Minutes Reading

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Overview: In this article, learn how to import MBOX to Gmail account easily. You only need to provide login credentials of your Gmail account to successfully migrate MBOX files to your Google Mail account. It is the best software to do MBOX to Gmail migration.

Now the popular email service providers like Google does not have a native file import support for MBOX file. Most of the users want to know that can Gmail import MBOX files?

I obtain some MBOX files from the Pocomail program & looking to export these MBOX files into my personal Google Mail account. Is there any solution available to import MBOX to Gmail account? – Ratnajesh Nagar

It is not an easy task to migrate a large amount of MBOX files to a Gmail account. I have 7GB of MBOX files in my local system & now want to move them to my Gmail account. Kindly suggest me a solution that will help me to do so. – Sam Wilson

In this blog, we have covered “How to migrate MBOX files to Gmail” which will solve the queries of users. By using this users can easily import their MBOX files into Gmail email account.

Best Tool to Import MBOX Files to Gmail Account

RecoveryTools MBOX Migrator Tool will help users – who are looking to migrate MBOX files into Gmail account. This tool will import multiple MBOX files to Gmail accounts at once. It will restore MBOX files to Gmail with all attachments. The utility will migrate the MBOX mailbox to Gmail account along with the original folder structure. It can also batch migrate MBOX files to Gmail according to the need of the users.

Download for Windows Download for Mac

Trial Limitation: The free trial demo of the software will enable the users to export only the first 25 emails from the MBOX file to their Gmail account. To remove this restriction, you need to first activate the software by purchasing its license.

Simple Steps to Import MBOX to Gmail Account:

  1. Install & Run MBOX to Gmail Converter tool.
  2. Load MBOX Files in the application panel in dual ways.
  3. Choose the Gmail option from the list of saving options.
  4. Enter credentials to set up MBOX to Gmail migration options.
  5. Click the Convert button to start MBOX to Gmail Migration.

Key Features of MBOX Mailbox to Gmail Migration Utility

  • Transfer MBOX Mails to Gmail directly

This tool is designed to perform the email migration process from MBOX files to Gmail directly so users can save their time and efforts to migrate MBOX to Google account. In fact, it does not require any import/export process during importing MBOX files to Gmail.

  • Retain Folder Structure

The tool will keep folders and sub-folders structure at the time of performing the process so all MBOX files or folders can be imported to Gmail without changing the structure. Suppose a folder contains multiple MBOX files, it will maintain a complete structure.

  • Upload MBOX Email Attachments to Gmail

This tool will maintain all attachments during transferring emails from MBOX file to Gmail i.e. JPG, GIF, Image, PDF, DOC, XLS, PPT, XPS, etc. so that the user does not need to worry about their attachments as their attachments are safe.

  • Multiple Language Support

This software gives the facility to install this application in multiple languages. After installation English will be the default language to perform the conversion. Many people have different requirements for conversion. This option is helpful for a lot of users because it will help to import according to their needs. It is a great feature of this tool because now users can use it in their language.

  • Import MBOX to Gmail in Bulk

This software is capable to upload unlimited MBOX files or folders to Gmail at once so users can save their valuable time and efforts by avoiding the same process again and again. Users can select n number of files at a time for migrating into Gmail.

How Do I Migrate MBOX File to Gmail Account?

To migrate MBOX files into Gmail user have to follow some simple instructions:

  • Install this software on your Windows operating system.

  • Select MBOX files or folder which you have to import into Gmail.

  • After loading MBOX files, you get a smart “Preview “option. With this option, you can view selected files/folders.

  • Now choose the files which you want to migrate, and click on the Export button to continue the process.

  • Press on the tab to begin to import MBOX files into Gmail.

  • Then the software will complete the migrating procedure within a few moments, after the entire procedure is completed, a window will display with a “Successfully Conversion” message as well.

  • Login to your Gmail account to read your imported MBOX files.

Universally Supported MBOX to Gmail Migration Tool

This tool supports all MBOX-related file formats successfully created and exported from Mozilla Thunderbird, Sea Monkey, Eudora Mail, Mac Mail, Google Takeout, Horde Mail, Entourage, Mulberry, Sparrow Mail, Sylpheed, The BAT, Netscape Mail, etc.

This software offers dual options to load MBOX files in software panels like “Select Files” or “Select Folders” so users can easily choose single or multiple MBOX files for transferring them into Gmail without any hassle. These options are very helpful in choosing MBOX files or folders effortlessly with the tool to import MBOX into Gmail.

The trial version of this software is also available. The trial version of this software to import MBOX to Gmail is helpful in understanding the working process. It migrates 25 emails from each MBOX file to Google Mail account. After complete satisfaction, users can grab their license keys to migrate MBOX to Gmail without any limitation.

Similarly, the application can also be used to import MBOX files to G Suite account also.

Bottom lines

In the above blog, a proper way to import MBOX files into a Gmail account has been explained. A professional tool has been used here. This tool allows user to import MBOX files to Google Mail account easily. Through this tool, user can import their attachments as well. This tool can be used with ease and no technical knowledge is required to operate this tool.