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How to Divide PDF Pages into Two Parts? Complete Guide

Published By Jamie Kaler 
Rollins Duke
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Published On May 1st, 2024
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This article guides to divide PDF pages into two parts. If you are having lengthy PDF files and willing to separate them into two parts then here is the complete guide to help you how to break PDF files into two parts.

PDF, or Portable Document Format, is one of the most popular formats for saving documents, books, files, and other digital documents. The importance of PDF has escalated in this digital era as one of the most convenient saving and print formats. However, users face some glitches while handling these PDF pages.

Let’s take a cue: Sometimes, the users want to access specific sections from the PDF, and in such a case, they will require particular help to achieve their goals. That’s why users require some exclusive tools to help them divide PDF Pages into two parts.

If you encounter such issues frequently, you must learn to break PDF files into two parts, which will help you overcome these hassles. Read this article thoroughly to discover exciting aspects of breaking PDF pages into separate parts. We will also highlight some use cases that will help the readers comprehend the requirements of the tool smartly.

When Users Need to Divide PDF Pages into Two Parts?

Following are some exclusive case studies that compel the users to break PDF files into two parts:

  1. James had unwanted margins and White Space around the content of the PDF pages. Cropping these pages is an appropriate way to isolate that particular area. Therefore, he keeps searching for tools to help him solve these concerns. He keeps surfing tools that allow him to crop an isolated area when working with documents containing multiple columns, tables, or images when he needs a particular part.
  2. Mark frequently needs to reuse or repurpose content from a PDF document in another application or format. Cropping can help him isolate the content of desired PDF pages and prepare it for further processing and integration.
  3. Mary often wants to print and scan PDF documents, but she usually avoids some specific areas in the scanned or printed documents. In such a case, she also wants page-cropping tools to help her optimize the output by removing unnecessary regions.
  4. Also, she frequently needs some specific tools that can aid her to break PDF files into two parts. These professional tools should also ensure that the desired content helps her fit within the desired dimension or aspect ratio.
  5. Denny wants to focus on some exclusive parts of the content, so she constantly searches for exclusive tools that can help her divide PDF pages into two parts.
  6. Dazy is in the profession of generating thumbnails or previews of PDF documents. Therefore, she continuously searches for cropping tools to help her focus on the most relevant content and discard unnecessary content areas, resulting in a more concise document representation.

All these use cases compel the users to surf the tools related to dividing PDF pages into two parts.

How to Break PDF Files Into Two Parts?

The above case studies have helped you understand why it is essential to divide PDF pages into two parts. You can divide these PDF pages using various PDF crop tools, like Briss. Briss is a free, open-source service that helps users to bifurcate PDF pages into two parts.

Additional Utilities and Solutions Specially Built for PDFs

Accessing PDF files quickly has become essential in this digital world. Therefore, users seek utilities and practical solutions to help them manage these PDF files easily. These additional utilities often make users’ lives extremely easy. For users’ convenience, we will summarize some additional utilities that make it easy for them to access these PDF files.

Get All-in-One PDF Solution

Do you often need help managing your PDF in your day-to-day life? To safeguard PDF content, users sometimes desire exclusive operations such as locking PDF content, erasing images, deleting pages, restricting copying, etc. To accomplish all these operations, they often look for an all-exclusive solution that can easily handle their requirements. RecoveryTools PDF Manager Software is an exclusive tool that helps you easily manage all the PDF requirements and effortlessly divide PDF pages into two parts.

break PDF files into two parts

Key Features of this Solution:

Instant Solution to Divide PDF Pages into Two Parts

One more tool that is known as the one-stop solution for PDF files and can instantly break PDF files into two parts in bulk is RecoveryTools PDF Splitter Software. It is one of the most convenient software which ensures a guaranteed division of PDF files while keeping security of sensitive information available in it. If you use the software, you can enjoy the following features to split large PDF into multiple files and make it easy and quick.

Divide PDF Pages into Two Parts

Exclusive Features of the Software:

  • The software offers the dual option to add multiple files or folders.
  • The exclusive software has multiple options for breaking PDF files into odd and even pages or single pages.
  • It allows the users to save the resultant file at the desired location.
  • At the time of splitting a single PDF into multiple files, the software maintains the Page quality.
  • You can easily download the software for any version of Windows, including Windows 11. It even works perfectly with Windows 10.
  • The software can quickly complete the task within a few minutes.
  • It allows the users to divide PDF pages into two parts by page range.
  • The software is potent, so it can easily preserve all the formatting and attachments.
  • The ultimate software offers its users three advanced options.
  • Helps users extract specific information whenever required.

Therefore, apart from breaking PDF Pages into two parts, the tool offers a lot more. Go to it’s official page to know everything about this tool.

Tool to Divide PDF Files by Changing in Image

Another software that can aid you to divide PDF pages into two parts is PDF to Image Wizard is a high-utility software that can help you to break your PDF files by changing them into pictures. This is an excellent tool for graphic designers, students, or even professionals.

Features of the tool:

  • It helps to divide PDF files by saving them in multiple image file extensions.
  • The software has a fantastic ability to produce high-quality photo frames.
  • It helps to divide PDF pages into two parts in bulk without any size limitations.
  • It supports multiple-page PDFs and hence creates separate images for each page.
  • Automatically counts the selected PDFs and creates separate images for each page.
  • Helps to break PDF pages into two parts by saving them as images.
  • The experts highly appreciate this fantastic tool to divide PDF pages into two parts.

Questions Asked by Users:

1. What are the Perks to Divide PDF Pages into Two Parts?

Ans: Dividing PDF pages into two parts can help you enjoy multiple perks. For example, you often require specialized tools to isolate unwanted PDF areas. Sometimes, users are required to generate thumbnails and previews of specific documents, and therefore, they must use particular tools to break PDF files into two parts. All these issues and troubles will be wiped away as you select to divide PDF files into two parts.

2. How do I break a PDF page into two pages?

And: There are several tools available which can help you to divide PDF pages into two parts. RecoveryTools provides all-in-one solutions for your PDF files using which anyone can break PDF files into two or multiple parts.


In the above comprehensive article, we got to learn different strategies to divide PDF pages into two parts. However, there are several benefits of separating PDF documents. It helps you to divide the PDF content section into different parts. It makes it easy for users to separate the undesired section from the entire PDF. Apart from that, some other utility tools regarding PDF are handy and appreciated by the users which can easily break PDF files into two parts in a batch.