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How to Extract Embedded Font from PDF Documents?

Published By Jamie Kaler 
Rollins Duke
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Published On October 5th, 2023
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Have you also liked the font style used in the PDF file and do you want to extract embedded font from PDF? If yes, then you are on the right page. in this write-up, we are going to explain one of the best and most direct methods to extract font from PDF documents without having any problems.

We all use PDF format for various works, and many times happened when we like PDF files just because of the font style.

It happens especially when you are a content writer, web designer, etc where you have a reaction to words and font styles. But we mostly don’t know the actual style and font name.

Don’t worry, now you can easily extract embedded font from PDF documents and folders. Here we will use the amazing and easiest methods to download fonts from PDF files.

Why Do Users Want to Extract Font from PDF Documents?

“Hello, I am a manager in an IT company, and I am creating a PDF presentation for our big project. And I like font style, which I have found in previous clients’ PDF files, selected for the projects. But I don’t know the font style or name, and this project is so important to our company. So, I am looking for a solution, which allows me to extract embedded font from PDF files, please someone suggest me the right solution. – Anni from LA” 
“Hey, I am a book writer and I am going to publish a book in just a few days, and I like a font style, which will make my E-book easy to read for users. but I don’t know the exact name of the font. Could anyone suggest to me the right solution to extract font from PDF documents? – Moshiq from Dubai

How to Extract Font from PDF Professionally?

Here we are going to use one of the best and highly suggested software the RecoveryTools PDF Manager Software. the software has multiple powers to manage your PDF file including you can easily:

The software is developed with highly advanced algorithms, that make the software more powerful and easy to use for all technical and non-technical users. many users use this tool because they know the software performing amazingly. You can download the software in all Windows OS including Windows 11, 10, 8, 7, and all previous versions.

It takes only a few minutes to extract font from PDF format and documents. Also, if you have any problems then we provide 24*7 chat support.

Prime Features and Filters of the Software

  • The software can easily extract all font types from all types of documents including OFT, TTF, FNT, PFA, WOFF, etc.
  • It can extract font from multiple PDF files in bulk without having file size limitations.
  • The PDF font extractor allows users to add PDF files and folders using Select Files and Select Folders options.
  • It can extract the complete information of Font style in a TXT format in just a few seconds.

Steps to Extract Embedded Font from PDF

  1. Download the software using the Download button.

    Download the software

  2. Now upload the PDF files/folders using the Select Files and Select Folders options.

    upload the PDF files

  3. All the documents will appear on the software panel and check the required data.

    All the documents will appear

  4. Select the location and enable the “Extract Font from PDF File” option.

    Select the location

  5. And hit the Start button to extract embedded font from PDF documents.

    extract embedded font from PDF documents

  6. Lastly, the selected location will open automatically with the resultant data.

    selected location will open

Important Note: The software has a free demo version, that allows users to extract font from PDF format but only the first PDF file with the Brand’s watermark.

Download Font from PDF File with Adobe Acrobat

  1. Open Adobe Acrobat on your computer.
  2. Click on Tools >> Advance Editing >> Touch Up Text Tool.
  3. Select the PDF file that you want to extract font from PDF.
  4. Choose and highlight the text and right-click on it.
  5. Select Open Properties and here you will get the information about font style.

Important Note: If you have a pro version of Adobe Acrobat, then you can use this method. But if you don’t, then you should waste your money. Because Adobe Acrobat is not pocket friendly. It is better to use an expert PDF font extractor over Adobe Acrobat.

Online PDF Font Extractor Tools

I know that several types of online PDF font extractor tools extract embedded font from PDF files and folders. But do you know that these tools are not safe for your data? Because it is not verified and authorized to download and extract font from PDF files.

Maybe they will provide you with better results, but we don’t know whether they will save our confidential information or not. So don’t use these tools for your safety.

Time to Say Goodbye

Above you will get the complete information about how to extract embedded font from PDF documents in bulk using manual methods and expert tools. Manual methods are not free, because they use Adobe Acrobat which is so costly. So, it is better to use the expert tool, which comes in low cost than Adobe. And also, it comes with advanced features and filters, that make the software the first choice of users. Hope you find the article beneficial for you.