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Simple Steps to Check Broken Links on Website?

Published By Jamie Kaler 
Rollins Duke
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Published On March 25th, 2023
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If you have a website where you add content frequently, there is a possibility that over time, some of the website’s images will go missing. This blog will help you to check broken images on the website.

A large number of broken images may your site’s authority rating will be negatively affected, and the lower your site will sink in search rankings.

So, quickly find the broken image link on the website to solve the problem and get your website ranked on the Google search engine.

So don’t miss the chance, we will provide you with complete information to find the source of broken images on the website. First, we understand the possible reasons of images are not showing on pages.

What is a Broken Image on a Website?

When users use a direct link to an image that is not present on the location, the image links on their website will be broken. When the user clicks on the link, it displays a 404 error, indicating that it is broken.


Why do users Check Broken Links on Website?

“Hello, I am working in an IT company. My seniors gave me a site that was created three years ago. Many employees have worked on this site. But now my senior has asked me to find all the website errors and assigned a project to fix them. After analyzing the site, I found several broken feature images, but now I realize that it is impossible for me to manually identify all the broken links. So, can anyone suggest to me how to find all images with broken links on the WordPress site?

How to Find Broken Images on a Website?

The most preferable RecoveryTools Quick Indexer tool is a simple solution to detect broken images on JavaScript. It is able to find all the broken image sources on websites that have created WordPress, Blogger, Wix, Statamic, etc.  You also call it a “broken image checker on WordPress.

The software interface is totally simple to use for both technical and non-technical users to easily understand the software GUI. Broken image finder has come up with an enticing feature to find 301 redirect links on website without any data modification.

Unique Feature of Broken Image Link Checker

  1. The Quick Website Indexer will allow you to index your website on any search engine like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. Also capable to find broken images on websites.
  2. After auditing all the broken image links on a website, it shows you all the detected link information on the software panel like, status code, resource link, and source links.
  3. The broken image link checker permits the option of exporting the report into CSV and TXT format.
  4. It is also capable to find External links on website with status codes. Users need to be aware of the error codes of broken images, i.e. 400, 403, 404, etc.

Step to Check Broken Images in WordPress?


  1. Firstly, download and run the broken image finder on your machine.
  2. Secondly, provide your domain address in the specific field and hit the start button to begin the process of find broken images on the website.check broken links on website
  3. After that, the software checks the broken image links on the website. Wait a while…find broken image in website
  4. Lastly, the tool shows you a pop up message when you complete the process. The free broken image checker will allow you to check the first 100 broken image URLs in the trial pack.broken image link checker find broken images
  5. Click on the broken link tab to see the broken image URLs.show broken image in separate tab

Major Reasons for Broken Image on Page?

  1. Incorrect image format – If you upload an image in .jpg format but the code detects it as a .png format, an error occurs when the image is shown.
  2. Invalid image path – The HTML code link could be referring to a file that is either wrongly spelled in the code or no longer exists on the server.
  3. Change src Path – If you change an src path name or wrong typo, it will show you 404 error.
  4. Use Extra Space in Image URL – You save your image with extra space and upload it to the server by mistake. It will show you an error or automatically add an extra number to the image URL.


1. Does this broken image link checker work offline?

No, this tool works with internet connectivity, because it scans your website online.

2. I have a 5.9 version of WordPress. Does this tool work on it?

Yes, this broken link finder supports all the latest and previous versions of WordPress.

Final Word

Now, with the Chrome broken image checker, users can easily find broken images on websites. If you type an incorrect image path, server downtime, site transfer, or incorrect extension, it will cause a broken image on the website.

To improve the project range, it is necessary to routinely check and repair broken links, including pictures. If not, search bots will deem the resource non-functional and lower its rankings.