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#1 SEO toolkit and website indexing software to index website on all search engines and detect all problems.

  • Index a website on Google, Bing, Yahoo, and all quickly.
  • Find internal links on website and export them.
  • Find external links in website and recheck them for SEO benefits.
  • detect broken links on website and fix them for better crawling.
  • Check 301 redirects (permanent) and normal htaccess redirection.
  • Index websites created with Word Press, WooCommerce, Shopify, and all.
  • Separate tabs for previewing internal, external, broken, and redirected links.
  • Allows to export required detected links in CSV and TXT files.

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Why Website Indexer Tool?

RecoveryTools Quick Indexer Software offers a complete SEO solution for increasing website visibility in SERP. If you are a professional individual and corporate and you create web pages to reach the audience. But your pages are not caching timely then no need to suffer. Just download this open-source website indexer tool that will surely help you to index website to all search engines i.e., Google, Bing, Yahoo, and all.

This Website Indexing Software is capable to crawl your whole website and find out complete links for SEO analysis. The tool separately crawls and detects all internal links, external links, broken links, and redirected links. Thereafter, completing the crawling process, users can export details in CSV and TXT formats.

After scanning the website and download the reports in CSV and TXT formats. Users can check all harmful links and correct them for better performance of your websites in Google search results. Using this utility, users can find 404 errors / 301 redirection errors and fix them forever.

Know Internal Links on Website

Google Site Indexer Software performs to find all internal links website and preview them in the software panel. After completing the crawling process, it permits to export of internal links in CSV and TXT files. It creates four different columns to manage links i.e., Serial Number (1, 2, 3…), Status Code (200), Link, and Source URL. After extracting the report, you can understand the behavior of internal links and correct them to get SEO benefits for your website.

Analyse External Links in A Website

If your website health is down because of wrong external links then you should use this Google Indexing Software. First, use this software for crawling on your website and exporting the links. Thereafter, check all external outgoing links, here this is advisable to prevent the passing of link juice to unnecessary websites. You can check rel=”nofollow” tag is applied or not when an outgoing link is going from the website.

Check Broken Links on Website

If your website has broken links then you can understand them as poison for your website. Because when search engine crawlers come to your website for indexing and crawling process and found endpoint is dead or broken this is bad. If users find 404 errors on any website, they feel a bad experience. Therefore, you need to correct all broken links for a better user and search engine experience.

Find (301 & 302) Redirect Links

RecoveryTools Quick Indexer is capable to find redirect links from your website. After extracting redirected links, you need to correct them. If your website has redirected links then spiders take extra time when crawling your website. Therefore, your website performance will be down slowly-slowly. This tool is authorized to check 301 redirects (permanent) and 302 redirects (temporary) successfully.

Rated As Best Google Indexer Software

RecoveryTools Quick Indexer uses API (Application Programming Interface) to index a website on Google. Therefore, in most cases, it works 100% perfectly. Just enter your website URL in the software’s specific field and click on Submit button to index website on all search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, Baidu, AOL,, etc.

This website indexer tool creates complete report of total indexes found. It also shows a website link report graph with detailed information of Internal Links, External Links, Broken Links, and Redirected Links. If you are continuously publishing content on your website but search engine spiders are unable to crawl your website then it should be an excellent tool for you.

Quick Indexer Features & Benefits

Index Website on All Search Engines

This website indexing software is specially designed to index website on all search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yandex, DuckDuckGo, Search Encrypt, Ask, and all. Nowadays, search engines are taking much time to index websites (such websites). If you are facing same problem then you can use Google Indexer software for better indexing of your websites.

Find Errors and Export in CSV & TXT

This open source website indexer is able to find out all crucial errors of website and preview them in the software panel. It finds out errors i.e., 200 (Ok), 301 (Permanent Redirect), 302(Temporary Redirect), 403 (Forbidden), and 404 (Not Found). Even if users want to export the error details, then software allows to export error details in CSV and TXT formats according to choice.

Easy Knowledge Graph for All Errors

RecoveryTools Quick Indexer Software shows an easy to understand live knowledge graph about websites errors. It previews detailed information about Total Indexes Found, Internal Links Found, External Links Found, Broken Links Found and Redirected Links Found. Even you can also see a round knowledge graph which has different colors for better understanding.

Professional SEO Toolkit for Websites

All website owner can improve their websites ranking in search engines, after correcting the issues in intelligent way. This is a professionally designed SEO software for all types of websites i.e., Static, WordPress, Wix, Weebly, Squarespace, Joomla, Shopify, Webflow, etc. It is a proficient tool to find 404 page not found and find 301 redirects pages.

Demo Limitations

Free Quick Indexer Software is able to crawl, find 100 errors, and show them in the software interface so that you can see them. But it only lets you export the first five error details in CSV and TXT file formats, not all of them.

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Meet following minimum System Requirement for the working of RecoveryTools Quick Indexer.

How to Index Website on Google?
Frequently Asked Questions
How to find 404 pages on website?

Follow the given steps to detect broken links on website.

  • Step 1: Run Google Indexer Software and read instructions.
  • Step 2: Enter Website address and click on Start button.
  • Step 3: Now it is crawling on your website to find 404 errors.
  • Step 4: Crawling process is completed successfully, press Ok.
  • Step 5: Select Broken Link Tab and click on Export to CSV.

Yes, of course, this Google indexer software is authorized to index a website on Google as well as other search engine programs.

Yes, you need to start scanning of your website to find outgoing links on a website. Even after finishing of the task, you can export all external link details in CSV and TXT formats.

Yes, this Google Indexing Software has the capability to find 301 redirects as well as 302 redirection errors. After that you can fix all redirection related errors.

Yes, this open source website indexer can be installed and able to work on all latest as well as old Windows OS.

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