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How to Check External Links on Website? – Prevent Link Juice

Published By Jamie Kaler 
Rollins Duke
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Published On March 25th, 2023
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A lot of site owners want to check external links on website to improve Website ranking on the Google search engine.

As we all know everything is going digital. Many businessmen promote their businesses online through websites. As the years passed, they became concerned about the degradation of their website’s performance. They don’t want to take any risk regarding their website’s health and performance.

In fact, from time to time, the website owner should find outgoing links on the website. If your website is giving multiple do-follow backlinks to another website, then the link juice is being passed. This is not good for the health of your website.

Why does User need to Find External Links on Website?

One person cannot handle the entire website. Many people operate websites to boost their website rankings. Many times, website owners are not aware of how many external links are going from their website to other websites. Several employees take money from the owners of other sites for greed, then they provide a do-follow link from their own site.

So website owners need to find outgoing links on their website for better control. It is mandatory to block outbound links to other websites. They need to stop passing link juice from our websites.

Simple Way to Download Website External links Checker

A highly recommended and trustworthy tool is RecoveryTools Quick Indexer, which finds all external links on a website. It is capable of checking all external do-follow links on your website. The advanced feature of the tool is that it can easily find all 301 redirect links and export them into CSV and TXT format with broken website link details.

Complete Steps to Check Outbound Links Website

  1. Firstly, run and install the outbound link checker on your Windows system and read the instructions carefully.check external link on website
  2. Secondly, the software finds outbound links, which you can understand via graph chat.check all website errors
  3. Enter your website URL in a given space and click on the start button to check external links on the website.enter your domain name
  4. Wait a while, the software will start analyzing your website.find outbound links from website
  5. Thereafter, the free outgoing link checker is to find a maximum of 100 outbound links on your website. For unlimited links, you need to purchase the pro version of the software.try demo version to check external links
  6. Now, the software shows you all the errors on separate tabs. Click on the External Links tab and check all the external links with status code, source URL, and do-follow and no-follow information.show all outbound links

Correct All External links to my Website

In the above section, we will show you how to check outgoing links in a website by using the best website external link checker. But what will you do after checking? We will explain how to fix and stop external links.

Now you can see all external links in the software window. It’s time to understand all the tabs separately.

check outgoing links website

Links — This tab contains all external links to your website.

Source URL – The software will show pages on your website that contain external links.

NoFollow Link – If your external link displays NoFollow, it is not delivering link juice to that external link. However, if a link does not display any information, it is a DoFollow external link. To stop other links from getting link juice, add a rel=”nofollow” tag to the source URL.

Fix– First, you need to copy both the URL external link and the source URL. Then select the specific external link and open it in your default web browser. and open-source URL in the primary browser. If you need to export link information, then the software will offer you two file formats: CSV and TXT.

Outbound Link Checker Features

  1. The software will be able to check the website errors with a status code, i.e. 200, 301, 302, 400, 403, 404, etc.
  2. This checker tool deeply analyses your website and finds external, internal, broken, and redirect links as well.
  3. Website owners can keep track of the external links on their site and find out which links are do-follow and which aren’t.


RecoveryTool has launched a useful software to check external links on websites. The website owner needs to find and fix all the website errors on time if they don’t analyze your website, which results in your website being down day by day.

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