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How to Check Website Broken Links – Step-by-Step Guide

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Published On June 3rd, 2022
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Everyone agrees that broken links are bad for the user experience. Did you know that broken links can significantly hurt your site’s ranking? There is no need to take the stress. If you want to check website broken links, then continue reading this blog to detect broken links on a website.

It’s true that broken links on your website negatively impact your SEO ranking. After detecting all broken links and fixing all pages not found errors, there is a high chance of their website performing well in search engines. Broken links can harm SEO by affecting bounce rate, time on site, and how you pass link juice.

In this article, we will dive into a deeper explanation of how to check website broken links created with WordPress, Shopify, WooCommerce, Joomla, and all CMS (Content Management Systems).

Download WordPress Broken Link Checker Tool

RecoveryTool has released Quick Indexer Software for Windows users. This tool is helpful for detect 404 dead links on websites. Also, the software is able to check 301 and 302 redirect links on a website.

After Google broken link checker crawls your whole website, It will show you all the dead and broken links. You can easily resolve all the broken links with complete guidelines.

Steps to Check the Website Broken Links on Website

  1. Firstly, install and download the best 404 link checker on your system and read the instructions carefully to fix dead links.find broken links in website
  2. Secondly, the software will find 404 pages on websites as well as other errors.detect 404 page not found error
  3. After that, enter your website URL into the specific space and click “Start” to detect broken links on website.enter website URL
  4. You can see the live progress report of finding 404 page not found errors.find broken links on website
  5. The free broken link checker is permitted to find a maximum of 100 dead links. To detect unlimited 404 page not found, you can grab its professional edition.free broken link checker to detect links
  6. The 404 link finder is capable of locating different types of problems in individual tabs. Now you click on the “Broken Links” tab to find broken links.show all dead links

How to Find 404 Errors for Correction?

In the above section, you can find all the broken links. Broken and unnecessary links may quickly affect your ranking, degrade visitor experiences, and undermine all of your hard work in creating content.

But now that time has come to fix the error that is showing on the software panel, As a result, the Google spider can easily crawl your website.

Here, you can see that only two columns are showing under the Broken Links tab. First, the Link column and the Source URL option. However, you need to understand both of them.

find 404 pages on website

Link Column – You can see the multiple broken links, right-click on the link and select the Open in browser option. After opening a selective link in the default web browser, all 400, 403, and, 404 dead links are now connected to the source URL.

Source URL – A 404 error has been found, and it’s linked to the specified URL. When you use the browser’s Open-Source URL feature, you may right-click on any URL and choose it. Thereafter, the source URL will be open in the web browser. Then, click Ctrl + U to access the web page’s source code and locate the broken link. You may modify individual pages and use the right working links instead of the old broken links to fix broken links on your website. In this manner, you may fix any broken links one by one in order to enhance the overall health of your website.

Eyes catching points of 404 dead link checker

  1. Find broken links on the website and know the actual problem with code status like 402, 403, or 404 page not found.
  2. All professional and SEO users use this tool to detect all the dead links.
  3. It is capable of finding broken links in WordPress websites as well as all CMS.
  4. designed in such a way that the 404 link finder can easily monitor all errors like external links, redirect links, and internal links, and the user can easily understand the errors.
  5. After finding broken links, the link checker gives you the option to export the broken details report in CSV or TXT file format.

Reasons for Broken Links

Broken links can happen for many reasons. Let’s have a look:

  1. When a page is either deleted or moved to a different location, it causes the server to show a 404 page not found error.
  2. If a post or a page is deleted without proper redirection.
  3. Broken connections can also occur as a result of a typo, and they can go unchecked for months, if not years.

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Time to Say Bye

In conclusion, we have explained the complete process to find broken links on the website. Also, we guide you to fix all 404 dead links on your website. Without losing your website ranking, download the website broken link checker to correct all 404, 403, and 400 errors.