How to Export Mail from Thunderbird to EML Step-by-step?

Karen Chard | October 15th, 2018 | How To

Step-by-step Tutorial to Export emails and messages from Thunderbird to EML Files with the help of RecoveryTools Thunderbird to EML Converter software Free Download Now.

Know How to Export Mail from Thunderbird to EML using step-by-step Procedure:

  1. Free Download Thunderbird to EML Converter software from below
  2. Install & Run the software and read all the important instructions at home screen.Thunderbird to eml converter
  3. Load Thunderbird Mailbox file manually by Files or by Folders from desired location or from the configured profile location.thunderbird export to eml
  4. The software allows the preview of all Thunderbird Mailbox folders including Inbox, Drafts, Trash, Deleted Folders, etc. Select all required items to export Thunderbird folders to EML.thunderbird save to eml
  5. Choose EML option from the list of 20+ File Saving options.export-thunderbird-messages-to-eml
  6. Setup Thunderbird Export to EML files options like Destination location, or File Naming options available to manage resultant emails.convert-thunderbird-mail-to-eml
  7. Once you successfully able to setup all Thunderbird to EML file conversion options click on Convert button.
  8. Analyze the live Thunderbird Export to EML process in the application panel.thunderbird-save-to-eml
  9. Once the conversion process finished successfully click on OK.step-4
  10. Access the resultant EML files as the software directly opens destination folder.step-5
  11. Import the EML files into your desired email client.

Thunderbird to EML Converter – Major Features & Benefits

As we can see from above that the working of the software is very easy and simplified to export Thunderbird messages to EML files. One of the major advantages and benefits which are provided by this application are listed below:

  • The software comes up with dual options for choosing EML files by click on Select Files or Select Folders
  • The utility allows the users to export messages from Configured Thunderbird Profile Path
  • The software preserves all the Thunderbird email properties and its components like Attachments, Email Components, Signature, To, Cc, Subject, while transferring emails from Thunderbird Email to EML files.
  • The software maintains on-disk System Folder Hierarchy while importing Thunderbird to EML files.
  • Users can save the resultant EML files at their own desired location.

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