How to Export Thunderbird Emails to PDF files – Learn Top Two Tricks

Karen Chard | June 22nd, 2021 | thunderbird

export thunderbird emails to pdf

In this article, you will know an easy process of how to export Thunderbird emails to PDF files. So, I explained here two best methods to batch print multiple Thunderbird emails to Adobe PDF documents. However, I like to recommend a professional Thunderbird to PDF Converter tool, which provides users a highly secured interface.

You probably have hundreds of reasons to convert Thunderbird emails to PDF files. However, you may not know the right way to do so.

If yes, walk through this guide. It helps you with the different approaches to export Thunderbird messages as PDF for Windows without hassle.

Thunderbird is a well-known desktop email client used to manage emails, contacts, calendars, and more. Millions of people all over the globe access Thunderbird as their personal or professional email account.

Since, Thunderbird users often need to convert messages and conversations as PDF files to save as backup, send to colleagues, print email information, and many other reasons.

This blog post will address the best solution available in 2021 to convert Thunderbird messages to PDF files with attachments. So, stay tuned!

Why export emails of Mozilla Thunderbird into PDF files?

Honestly, there can be thousands of sound reasons why Thunderbird mail client users export emails to PDF files without attachments or attachments. We are listing the most customer-asked queries on “how do I export Thunderbird emails to PDF?”

These are the scenarios of Mozilla Thunderbird users from different corner of the world who wants to convert emails as PDF files. So, check out the below queries:

I’m running Thunderbird and want to convert my emails to PDF with all email components. What is the best way I co do this? – Bruno, UK

Can I export emails of Mozilla Thunderbird Mozilla to PDF black and white without any information lost? – Marks, California

如何将 Mozilla Thunderbird Mozilla 的电子邮件导出为带有附件的 PDF?- 望舒

Kann ich Thunderbird-E-Mails im Stapel in eine PDF-Datei konvertieren, ohne dass der Prozess steckenbleibt? – Lorenzo

We can conclude the typical scenarios to export Mozilla Thunderbird emails as PDF files from the above scenarios. Now, let’s look at the top two tricks to export Thunderbird emails to PDF format without any further delay.

Two Workable Approaches to Export Thunderbird emails to PDF format

A user needs Advanced methods to successfully perform the task of converting Thunderbird messages to PDF files. We will learn the process in two ways, i.e., Free Method & Professional Method.

#Method1: Convert a few Thunderbird emails to PDF using the manual steps

  1. Open your Mozilla Thunderbird profile on the Windows system.
  2. Select required Thunderbird emails in the Mozilla Thunderbird Panel
  3. Click on the File menu and choose Save Selected Messages.
  4. The arrow button will display several file formats.
  5.  Select PDF to export Thunderbird email.manual method
  6. Choose Folder & Path to save Thunderbird emails as PDF.

Dos and Don’ts Thunderbird export to PDF manual method:

  • No doubt that this method is free to use. It also provides various limitations.
  • Users can only export single or a few numbers of Thunderbird Emails to PDF files.
  • It does not allow to convert the Attachments embedded with the Thunderbird emails to PDF files.

Another Free Way to Convert Thunderbird Emails to PDF Files with Attachments

From the above method, it is clear that to bulk export Thunderbird emails into PDF documents. Users need to take the help of a professional and trustworthy software application. RecoveryTools Thunderbird Migrator allows exporting all Thunderbird Mailbox items, i.e. Emails to PDF file format. Users will receive a separate PDF file for each Thunderbird Email.

Free Download Trial Version Setup from Here:

Download for Windows Download for Mac

This software also has a demo edition that allows users to export the first 30 Thunderbird emails to PDF format without pay. In this way, the user can test the application and learn about the software’s working and specialty in a simple way.

#Method 2: Export Thunderbird to PDF Files in Batch with Data Integrity 100% Original

  •  Install & Run the software in your Windows System & read pointers in the welcome window.converting Thunderbird messages to PDF files
  • Load Thunderbird Mailbox files in the application panel either by files or by choosing the whole Thunderbird Profile folder.export emails of Mozilla Thunderbird to PDF
  • Select the required Thunderbird mailbox files & then click on the Next button.convert Thunderbird emails to PDF file with attachments
  • Choose the PDF option from the list of File saving & also set up more options like Destination location, File Naming conventions etc.Thunderbird print to PDF
  • Start the export Thunderbird email to PDF by hitting the Convert tab.
  • Complete and Accurate Results are Here: After the successful conversion process is finished, access the resultant PDF files from the destination location.Convert Thunderbird Emails to PDF File in Batch

List of Benefits the Software Offers:

  • Batch export emails from Thunderbird to PDF format
  • Choose selective Thunderbird profile mailbox to PDF files.
  • The simplified and interactive interface of Thunderbird to PDF export tool.
  • Helpful to convert Thunderbird conversation to PDF with attachments.
  • No Thunderbird installation to export emails to PDF file type.
  • Auto-locate Thunderbird profile mailbox using the configured option.
  • Showcase the location of Thunderbird emails for the export process.
  • Provides 20+ file saving options for the Thunderbird mail conversion
  • Open the resultant PDF files at the user-defined location after the process is done.

Why choose PDF as the file type to export Thunderbird emails?

There are several reasons to prefer saving Thunderbird emails as PDF files. PDF files are the preferred way to store crucial information in a protected environment. The PDF files are portable, and hence users can easily share Thunderbird emails as PDF files in mobiles androids. PDF files can be easily accessed on any of these devices. So, Most people prefer to publish emails as PDF files along with attachments. The quality of images in the PDF files is improved, which you are using for printing.

The Conclusion

In the above blog, we tackle several users’ queries on exporting Thunderbird emails to PDF or converting bulk Thunderbird emails into PDF files. We have explained the three straightforward methods to export Thunderbird emails and save them as PDF files. The solutions are categorized as free and two professional ways to Convert Thunderbird Emails to PDF file format.