What is Exchange Server ?

An Exchange Server is developed by Microsoft that helps small and medium scale companies to achieve improved performance, it is a mail server and calendar server. It runs on Windows server operating systems.

Developer: Microsoft
Operating System: Windows Server
Platform: x64
Type: Collaborative Software

The first version of Microsoft Exchange Server was called Exchange Server 4.0. Until version 5.0 it came with an email client called Microsoft Exchange Client. But this was discontinued in favor of Microsoft Outlook.

Exchange server is licensed as On-premises software and software as a service (SaaS). Exchange Users can collaborate through document sharing.

How does Microsoft Exchange Server Work ?

Microsoft Exchange Server is an enterprise-class collaboration product that focuses on sending email messages, receiving email messages, and storing email messages. To managing messaging traffic, the Microsoft Exchange server provides several other collaboration features, like calendaring, and tight integration with other Microsoft Office applications.

Microsoft Exchange Server is known for its high availability (HA) features that ensure continued service in different scenarios.

Microsoft Exchange Server 2019 Features

The 2019 release provides faster and more reliable failover between servers. It was designed to improve the overall performance and take advantage of the latest storage hardware.

Additional features in Microsoft Exchange Server 2019 include the following:

Exchange Server 2019 requirements

The requirements must be met to install Exchange 2019 given below:

Exchange Server high availability

Microsoft Exchange Server has many important features to maintain HA. The mailbox server components of Exchange on DAGs (Database Availability Groups).

Exchange Server clients

Microsoft Exchange users access and interact with messages through an email client. Microsoft Outlook is a common client. Microsoft Exchange Server 2016 also supports the following:

Microsoft Outlook is also available as a web-based application, called Outlook on the web

Exchange Server versions

The given list shows the progression of the versions of Exchange Server with release date:

How to Move ?

The Internet Mail Service is the Microsoft Exchange Server service for exchanging e-mail with hosts over the Internet. RecoveryTools Exchange Migrator Wizard is an On-Premise or Exchange Online Archives to various email clients or file formats migrator.

Exchange Server – Related Solution

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