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How to Perform Zoho Mail to G Suite Migration? Problem Fixed

Karen Chard ~ Modified: 04-01-2020 ~ Data Backup ~ 5 Minutes Reading


The user eagerly in search of a solution to migrate Zoho mail to G Suite but, unable to track a suitable one? Now not to worry too much! Because you are now at the correct place. Yes in today’s post, we are going to tell you about a workable method to transfer emails from Zoho to G Suite.

“It is really a nightmare for me to move emails from Zoho to my Google Suite business tenant. Till now I had tested 5 different solutions for the same but, none of them worked. Sometimes solutions are not meeting my basic requirements, some are leading to data manipulation. I had been putting lots of effort into searching for a method to migrate from Zoho to G Suite tenant. But even after such efforts, nothing worked. Can anyone please recommend me a professional solution to perform Zoho Mail to G Suite migration?”

Alike above, there are several customers who raised the query in search of Zoho to Google Suite migration. Our support team helped them a lot by providing a third-party solution – Email Backup software.

It is a dedicated and secure platform where you can export emails from Zoho to the G Suite account. Problems like data breaches, data loss, content manipulation, etc., do not take place when an individual uses it.

Now let’s have a look at how to transfer emails from Zoho to G Suite tenant in an uncomplicated manner. Later we will be troubleshooting some common customer-based queries related to this approach.


How to Migrate Zoho Mail to G Suite? – An Easy Way

Zoho Mail to G Suite migration program enables customers to effortlessly export messages from Zoho Mail to Google Suite. Following steps will make you realize how simple it is to migrate messages from Zoho account to G Suite :

1. Download, install and run the program on your computer screen.

2. Select ‘Zoho Mail’ from the menu of Email Source to continue further.

3. Enter the email id and password of source account whose messages you wish to import in G Suite.

4. Click on the Login button to permit the solution for entering into the Zoho tenant and fetch email folders from it.

migrate zoho mail to G Suite

5. Wait for a while and then you will see all folders listed on the left-hand side of the screen. You can preview your email folders of the Zoho Mail account and select the checkboxes of Zoho mail folders.

6. Now move the mouse cursor towards the ‘Select Saving Option’ field. Expand the menu and choose G Suite option from the list.

7. Mention the email address and password of the target Google Suite business account. Click on the Backup button to continue.

migrate zoho mail to G Suite

Now the software begins the process to migrate Zoho Mail to G Suite. You can view the process status through the live report, which got generates on the software’s screen. When the data migration gets completed, it automatically flashes a window. Now you can simply click on the OK button and then check Zoho mail folders in Google Suite account.

Prominent Features of Zoho Mail to G Suite Migration Tool

  • Export Zoho Messages With Attachments – The recommended approach to transfer emails from Zoho to G Suite is coded in a way that it exports emails with attachments. It simply means that even if Zoho messages comprises of attachments then, a solution will export them in Google Suite.
  • Folder Structure is Kept Intact Throughout – Folder hierarchy of mail folders is consistent throughout the procedure. Folders and sub-folders structure remains the same till the end of the process. You can migrate Zoho Mail to G Suite without any tension of data loss and data breach.
  • Smoothly Supports Moving of Emails in Bulk – There is no limitation on the number of messages to be exported via this approach. Any number of emails from Zoho to G Suite can be transferred at a time. Software guarantees that it will not harm the email content, even in case of bulk transfers.
  • Does Not Demand Technical Configurations – In order to transfer emails from Zoho to G Suite, our suggested method does not demand any technical configurations in it. The only IMAP should be enabled in both accounts. And check that less secure app access is allowed.

Some Common Queries Raised by Clients

1. I want to switch Zoho Mail to G Suite tenant. Is your solution suitable?

Yes, you can use our solution to switch your email platform from Zoho to Google Suite business account.

2. Can I export my email folders from Zoho to Google Suite business tenant?

Yes, of course, you can export all email folders collectively from Zoho to G Suite account.

3. Does this application demands any supportive application to run?

No, there is no need for any supportive program to run the application. The user only requires an internet connection to login to two online accounts i.e., source and target. You can perform independently the entire functionality to transfer emails from Zoho to G Suite.

We Hope, We Helped You The Way You Wished

This post explains one of the simplest techniques to migrate Zoho Mail to G Suite. You can test the solution on your own by using its trial version. This version is available for free on the product’s official website. Zoho Mail to G Suite migration tool’s free edition is embedded with all business standards in it. The only limitation in it is that it exports only 25 emails from each Zoho folder because it is for testing purposes. You can remove this limitation simply by activating the solution by its full version.