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How to Export Emails from Zoho Mail to PDF Document ?

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Synopsis: Do you need to convert Zoho Emails to PDF document format ? Or do you have the desire to know the procedure to export Zoho Mail to PDF format ? If so, understand the procedure to print multiple messages of Zoho to Document PDF file. Convert Zoho Emails to PDF format is not a simple task. So, if you learn the process, keep reading this write-up.

Zoho is the best emailing platform in the world. It offers a clean, ad-free minimal interface, and powerful features that are ready for business and business use such as night mode, shortcuts of keyboard, email filters, templates, and many more.

However, Zoho webmail doesn’t allow you to export emails from Zoho to PDF files. Hence, there are large numbers of people who want to learn how to convert emails to PDF in batch from Zoho Mail account.

A PDF file is a document file format also known as a “portable document format”. If you want to save your email messages in non-modified format. Then you should use PDF format. Because PDF can be easily shared and printed with non-convertible document format. That’s the reasons why a person require to save Zoho Emails to PDF format.

Hi, now many years have passed using a Zoho mail account. I have received so many emails in this account. Now, I need to save some emails from Zoho to PDF file format. Because the manual procedure is taking much time. I want a reliable and fastest solution to export Zoho emails to PDF document format. Please suggest any solution for this.

Simplified Program: Zoho to PDF Converter

Using RecoveryTools Zoho Mail Backup Tool you can save Zoho Emails to PDF format without any data manipulation. The tool is one of the fastest solutions to export Zoho Mail to PDF format. There is no file size and number of email limitations during the conversion process. Follow this step-by-step process to backup Zoho email to PDF format. With this app, you can convert Zoho emails to other savings like EML, Yahoo, Gmail, Exchange, and more. First, download the Zoho to PDF Converter software with the below download button.

Download for Windows Download for Mac

Note: The tool can download as a demo edition, which exports few emails from Zoho to Document PDF file. For multiple numbers of messages, you want to export, buy the solution.

Process to Print Multiple Zoho Emails to PDF File

The given procedure explains the method to save Zoho to PDF File:

  1. Launch the utility on Mac or Windows.
  2. Put your Zoho Account credential details.
  3. Mark only the desired Zoho Mail folders.
  4. Set resultant path or choose PDF file option.
  5. Press next to start Zoho to PDF Conversion process.

Convert Zoho Mail to PDF Format – Complete Review with Screenshots

If you require to print emails from Zoho account to PDF file, then the below steps explain the process:

Important Note: To avoid authentication errors, while using the software. follow these important steps:

  • Step 1: Turn on IMAP access.
  • Step 2: Create an App Password

For Complete Steps: https://emailbackupwizard.com/settings/zoho.html

  • Get download and set up the solution on your Mac or Windows workstation.
  • Now a person needs to put their Zoho account credentials details.
  • The program offers another good option for its users to migrate multiple Zoho Mail accounts at once.
  • This solution now taking a few moments to analyze your Zoho Mailbox folders. After complete, the product process, choose folders which having your emails that need to print in PDF format.
  • Now this time, you require to select the saving option as PDF file document.
  • The program gives the freedom to choose any destination location to save resultant easily.
  • Now another option will show. This option allows its users to export only required emails to PDF files from the Zoho Mail account.
  • When the process and setup of this application are completed, press the next button to initialize the process.

Some Advantages of Zoho to PDF Converter Tool

  • Zoho to PDF exporter tool is an independent panel. It is not compulsory to install Adobe Reader or Acrobat Reader on your computer. Also, in the utility procedure, you don’t have to install third-party plugins.
  • Many users think that this solution only extracts messages in PDF from Zoho inbox folder only. But I will tell you the truth about this application. While the conversion procedure the tool has only converts selected folders from the given list.
  • It doesn’t require the technical specialization of this product. Because it developed with some algorithm techniques which make it easier than others.
  • Security is an issue on any online platform or email migration procedure. That’s why we make them with a 100% safe environment. Also, the great part of this utility is not saving your Zoho account credentials in panel caches.
  • Elements of emails such as attachments, internet header (date or time, subject, IP, Sender/ Receiver address), to, bcc, cc, from, subject, inline-images, text-links, etc. will maintain while the procedure.
  • One of the best features of this utility is – multiple user mailboxes migration. Yes, now is updated with all the latest technologies which offer us to convert multiple Zoho accounts emails to PDF in a single process.
  • A person has to install this application on Windows 11. That’s why they ask our technical team “Can I install this application on my future operating system?” I will tell you the answer to this problem. There are many individuals who have similar issues. But not everyone has the same workstation or server machine. So we developed two solutions. One for Windows and the other for Mac computers. That supports all the latest and earlier versions of operating systems.

Issues Faced by Users While the Procedure

I want to export only required email folders from Zoho Mail to PDF format. Does the tool allow me ?

Yes, using the advance settings options you can easily export selective Zoho Mail to PDF format without any problem.

I have a desktop computer that only supports Mac operating systems. Can I install your software on this desktop ?

Of course, but you need to download the Mac version of this tool.

How can I save Zoho Mail messages to PDF ?

In the given method we explained complete process:

  1. Pick the right version of this tool.
  2. Enter credentials of your Zoho account.
  3. After analysis mark desired folders.
  4. It offers many saving options – select PDF.
  5. Set location path and start Zoho Mail to PDF Conversion process.

I am using the Server 2016 operating system in my Office. Does it work on this machine ?

This product works on all your Windows or Mac computers. So, it also works on your Server computers. But it behaves like a client application.

Final Words

In this write-up post, we have explained the method to convert Zoho Mail to PDF document format. Using the recommended solution, you can extract multiple emails from Zoho Mail to PDF format at once. RecoveryTools Zoho to PDF Converter provides a simple platform to batch export Zoho Emails to PDF document format. Any other problem ? Contact us now. Thank you for reading.

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