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Simple Tips to Export Zoho Mail to PST Format – Guide

Published By Jamie Kaler 
Rollins Duke
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Published On January 8th, 2024
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Are you looking for a solution to export Zoho Mail to PST? If yes, then here is the simplified solution of it. A user can easily perform the migration to a PST file. Because Zoho Mail has no option to export the data directly to the Outlook account.

The process to migrate Zoho Mail data and other mailbox items is not an easy task. The reason is very obvious. Zoho Mail runs on the cloud platform, while Microsoft Outlook is a Windows-dedicated email client.

Many organizations prefer Outlook as their default email client for managing their emails & mailboxes. So, they just plan to migrate to Outlook for better functionalities. One forum query is described below:

“Hi, I have been using the Zoho Mail email account for the last 2 years. For some personal reasons, I need to migrate Zoho Mail to Outlook. But Outlook will only allow the users to import data as PST files. Does anyone know how to export Zoho Mail to PST format? If yes, then kindly share it with me.”

There are several applications right now, that will help you solve the issue. In the next section, I am sharing details of one such program.

How to Migrate Emails from Zoho to Outlook Manually?

Firstly, we are going to explain two manual methods to accomplish your task. Firstly, we will use EML format and then we will directly connect both accounts. Also, both methods have some drawbacks, so first read the complete article and then choose the required method, which suits your needs best.

Method 1: Add Zoho Mail to Outlook as EML

This method is divided into two steps to export Zoho Mail to PST format. Both steps are mentioned below in detail.

Step 1: Export Zoho Emails

  1. Open your Zoho Mail account.
  2. Choose Import/Export emails from the Gear icon.
  3. Apply the advanced filter for selective emails.
  4. Hit the Export button to export Zoho Mail to PST.
  5. Now extract the exported file in .eml format.

Step 2: Import Exported File to Outlook

  1. Go to the location, where your all files are located.
  2. Right-click on it >> Open With >> Outlook option.
  3. Or you can open it by drag and drop process.

And your emails will open in your Outlook account. But this method has some drawbacks are given below:

  • Users have to follow the same process again and again for each email.
  • There is no option to import multiple exported files to Outlook.
  • This method will not retain email formatting in Outlook.

If you don’t want to face any problems while connecting Zoho Mail to your Outlook account.

Method 2: Export Zoho Mail to PST by Connecting

  1. Open your Outlook account.
  2. Choose File >> Add Account option.
  3. Select Manual setup >> Next icon.
  4. Now choose “POP or IMAP” from the list.
  5. Enter the required details of Zoho Mail.
  6. Also, put the IMAP server details like:
    • Incoming Server: imappro.zoho.in
    • Outgoing Server: smtp.zoho.in
  7. Lastly, hit the Next and Finish icon to export Zoho Mail to PST.

After connecting both accounts, now we will export emails in PST format. All the steps are given below:

  1. Open your Outlook account.
  2. Choose Open & Export >> Import/Export option from File.

    Import / Export

  3. Choose Export to a File from the list.

    Export to a File

  4. Select the Outlook Data File (.pst) option.

    Outlook Data File

  5. Check the required folders (Zoho Mail mailbox).

    required folders

  6. Browse the location to save your resultant PST file.

    Import / Export

  7. Hit the Finish button to export Zoho Mail to PST.

Your Zoho emails will be saved in PST format. Now we will see what are the drawbacks of this manual method.

Drawbacks of this Manual Method

  • Users will face multiple errors while connecting both accounts.
  • Outlook must be installed properly on your system.
  • Users can export limited data in PST files depending on the Outlook version.

Zoho Mail to Outlook Migration: Expert Solution

A user can easily export Zoho Mail to PST formats for Outlook and its multiple versions such as Outlook 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, etc. Using RecoveryTools Zoho Mail Backup tool, users can easily export all emails to a PST file.

This tool will create a UNICODE PST file which is supportable in all the latest editions of the Outlook program. It is also made up of advanced technological algorithms to carry out the instant migration with 100% desired results.

This mentioned utility can migrate entire mailbox data items without any kind of loss of data and without facing any kind of disruptions.

Users can get the setup of this Zoho Mail to Outlook migration tool from the below button:

Free Demo Limitation: A user will get the free trial edition of this software from the above button. The demo version of this program will allow the users to migrate only the first 25 emails to a PST file. However, if a user wants to export Zoho Mail to PST, then they need to first activate this program by getting the product activation keys.

Quick Steps to Export Zoho Mail to PST

  • Step 1: Launch Zoho to PST migration tool.
  • Step 2: Enter Zoho Mail account details >> Login.
  • Step 3: Select the required email folder.
  • Step 4: Choose the PST option as a saving option.
  • Step 5: Select the path to save results.
  • Step 6: Click on the Next to migrate Zoho to Outlook.

How to Export Emails from Zoho Mail to Outlook? Step by Step

Please Read Me: It is better for you to use of app password rather than a normal password and enable IMAP in Zoho mail to avoid errors.

  • App Password: Zoho Account >> Security » App Passwords>> Generate New Password >> enter the app name and use it.
  • IMAP Access: Zoho account>> settings >> IMAP access >> and check the box of IMAP.
  1. Launch the mentioned Migration tool in your existing system. (You can run this utility on both Windows as well as Mac OS).

    tool to export Zoho Mail to pst

  2. Now it will ask the users to enter their Zoho Mail account login details in the required place and hit the Login button.

    Zoho Mail account login

  3. Enable the required advanced modes like Use Batch Mode and Proxy Server as per choice.

    required advanced modes

  4. The software will list all the Zoho Mail mailbox folders in its panel. Users can select the desired email folder from the list that they want to migrate.

    Zoho Mail mailbox folders

  5. Now set up Zoho Mail to PST migration options in the software panel. Choose the PST format from the saving options list.

    saving options

  6. Go to the Filter Options tab and apply the advanced filter option to export Zoho Mail to PST selectively.

    export Zoho Mail to PST selectively

  7. Select the PST file location to save the resultant data and also choose other needed options.

    PST file location

  8. Finally, click on the Backup button to quickly start the process and get the resultant file to migrate to Outlook.

    Zoho Mail to Outlook migration process

Hence, using the mentioned steps, users can easily export Zoho Mail to PST format. If you want to migrate the data to Outlook, then follow the below-mentioned steps:

  1. Run Outlook in your system.
  2. File Menu >> Import / Export.

    Import / Export

  3. Import from another program or file.

    Import from another program

  4. Choose the resultant PST file from there.


  5. Hence, you can easily migrate the data.

    easily migrate the data

Amazing Features of Zoho Mail to PST Export Tool

  • This tool supports all types of Zoho Mail accounts like Zoho Mail, Zoho Business accounts, etc. to export Zoho Mail to PST.
  • This mentioned tool has a batch mode to export multiple Zoho Mail account data instantly without any kind of size restrictions.
  • It helps the users to migrate entire Zoho Mailbox items including emails, attachments, notes, etc. directly to the Outlook account.
  • This software will offer multiple storage settings for exporting Zoho Mail data to Outlook & other applications through a centralized platform.
  • It also maintains the hierarchical structure of the mail folders while migrating the data to Outlook.
  • In addition, this program never stores your data in the software caches and your data will always be secure.
  • It retains all meta properties of emails along with inserted attachment files during the migration process.
  • Offers users the option to export only selected items from Zoho Mail to PST file with advanced filtering options.
  • However, it is also compatible with all the versions of Windows OS such as Windows 7, 8, 10, 11, and all other 32-bit and 64-bit Windows OS. Also, supports all the versions of the Mac OS system.

End Results

This article will guide the complete process of how can a user export Zoho Mail to PST format to migrate into Outlook and its multiple versions including Outlook 2021, 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, etc. It will allow the users to create a UNICODE PST file. Users can get multiple other solutions while surfing the Internet but it is difficult to find one of the most convenient and cost-effective solutions. So, we have brought up this solution to solve all of your queries and needs without having any kind of issues.