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How to Print Hotmail Email in Bulk? Complete Guide

Published By Karen Chard 
Rollins Duke
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Published On January 10th, 2024
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Summary: This write-up is going to explain how to print Hotmail email with or without header details in bulk at once. We have received this query for a few days, so today here we will explain all the information with step by step guide to download multiple emails from the Hotmail account manually and automatically.

As we all know, Hotmail is one of the first webmail services, which allows users to access their mailboxes and other data from anywhere in the world. But after some time, Microsoft has discontinued the Hotmail service or we can say it renamed it from Hotmail.com to Outlook.com.

After this update, multiple users moved their data, and some of them are still using it as Outlook.com. But we are receiving continuous queries about how to print Hotmail emails, so don’t worry, here we will solve your queries in just a few clicks.

Why Do Users Print Multiple Emails from Hotmail?

  • After printing emails, users can easily access your messages offline.
  • Maybe users want to share emails with others, so printing is the best option.
  • Also, Hotmail webmail is a cloud-based email service, so taking backup Hotmail emails to hard drive is a good choice.
  • Or maybe users want to switch from Hotmail to another email client.

whatever the reason, here you will get the all information, so read the complete blog first and choose the right method for you.

How to Download Emails from Hotmail.com Manually?

  1. Go to Hotmail.com via login.live.com.
  2. Open the required email.
  3. Click on the More >> Print icon from the dropdown.
  4. Choose Save as PDF from the destination tab.
  5. After that, Set up the fields and hit the Print icon.
  6. Browse the location and choose the Save button.

Your email will be printed, but remember it has some limitations, which are mentioned here to print Hotmail email:

  • Users have to follow the same process again and again for each email.
  • Users can’t convert Hotmail to PDF in bulk at once.
  • Required working Hotmail.com account with proper account.
  • Not suitable for large amounts of data.

Print Hotmail Email in Bulk using Professional Tool

Download the RecoveryTools Hotmail Backup tool to download or print multiple Hotmail emails at once without having any file size limitations. automatic tools are better than manual methods because it has no drawbacks or limitations like manual ways.

So most experts prefer tools, also these solutions have a wide number of advanced features, which makes this tool more powerful and easy to use for all technical and non-technical users.

Also, this tool has a free demo version, so users can easily analyze the performance of the tool by printing only 25 emails from each folder.

Quick Steps to Print Hotmail Email

  • Step 1: Download the software.
  • Step 2: Put the Hotmail.com login details.
  • Step 3: Choose the required folders/subfolders.
  • Step 4: Select any needed saving format.
  • Step 5: Choose the location using the Browse icon.
  • Step 6: Hit the Backup button to print Hotmail email.

How to Download Multiple Emails from Hotmail? All Steps

  1. Download and install the software using the Download button.

    tool to print Hotmail email

  2. Put the login credentials of the Hotmail account including email address and app password and hit the Login button.

    login credentials of the Hotmail

  3. All the data will show on the panel, and choose the needed folders and subfolders as per your choice.

    data will show

  4. Hit on the Select Saving Option and choose a required saving option from the dropdown.

    required saving option

  5. Apply the advanced filter options to print required emails via Date Range, To, From, Subject, etc.

    print required emails

  6. Browse the saving location according to your choice using the Browse button.

    saving location

  7. Hit the Backup button to print Hotmail emails in bulk.

    print Hotmail emails in bulk

Why Users Should Use Expert Solution Over Manual Methods?

  • The software can easily load the complete Hotmail profile data automatically without doing any export/import process.
  • After uploading all the data, users can select the required folders and subfolders from the panel. Also, users can easily print emails from all default folders including Inbox, Sent, Draft, Spam, Trash, Bin, and other created folders.
  • This tool provides 30+ saving options including File formats (PDF, PST, MBOX, EML, EMLX, HTML, DOC, MHT, OST, OLM, etc.) and email clients (Gmail, G Suite, Yahoo Mail, Outlook.com, AOL Mail, Zimbra, Zoho Mail, Office 365, etc.)
  • The advanced filter option allows users to print Hotmail email selectively via Date Range, To, From, Subject, etc. Also, users can remove empty and unwanted folders as per their choice.
  • Also, this tool allows users to print multiple Hotmail emails in bulk at once without having any file size limitations.

Time to Say Goodbye

Here we have explained all the details with step-by-step procedure on how to print Hotmail email with or without header details. In this blog, we have used both manual and professional solutions to accomplish your task. Manual methods are suitable for limited emails, but if you have a large number of data then you should download the automatic tool. This tool can easily print multiple Hotmail emails in bulk.


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