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How to Convert Hotmail to PDF Printable Documents?

Karen Chard ~ Modified: 03-06-2022 ~ How To ~ 4 Minutes Reading

There are so many users using the Hotmail application to manage the email for personal use and professional use. Many professional users see some issues to manage the email, thereafter users want to convert Hotmail to PDF format. But one is a serious problem is they don’t know how to convert Hotmail to PDF Adobe documents.

In this blog, you will discover the process to change Hotmail to PDF. You have to follow few simple steps as mentioned in the post. After that, you will get the answer to your query using the safest solution. Before the explanation, let’s see the user’s query are mention below.

Users Query,

“I have lots of emails in my Hotmail account. Many of these are crucial, and I need that they to be preserved in PDF format. To export Hotmail emails to PDF, I typically used the email printing technique. Is there a way to convert Hotmail emails to PDF files in any other way? If there is any, please assist me.”
– Oliver, California
“In addition, all of my emails are stored in my Hotmail cloud account. I have around 20,000 emails in my Hotmail account that I need to convert into Adobe PDF. One of my friends advised me to go with a professional option since it comes with a safe guide. However, there are many software options accessible in the industry, and I am hesitant to trust any solution since it may damage my data. Can someone help me transfer the Hotmail to PDF file?”
– Evelyn, Los Angeles

How to Convert Hotmail Emails to PDF Online?

There are two solutions for saving Hotmail emails to PDF format, the first is a manual solution and the second is an automated solution.

Manual Method of Convert Hotmail to PDF Format

  1. Open the Hotmail application and enter your email id and password
  2. Click the inbox folder and choose the email
  3. Click on the print option
  4. Therefore, browse the location to save the PDF
  5. Click on the save option

This will create a PDF file from a single email. This procedure may be repeated for every email in the Hotmail account, and the email can be transferred to a variety of operating systems. When previously said, as the quantity of emails increases, the procedure gets tedious. Furthermore, completing the job will require a significant amount of time.

Automated Method of Hotmail to PDF Convert

RecoveryTools Hotmail Backup Wizard is a useful tool that transforms emails into PDF format with only a few clicks. The Hotmail to PDF is extremely simple to use and may operate in a variety of languages. It also enables users to export emails from Hotmail to PDF.
Download for Windows Download for Mac

Steps to Convert Hotmail to PDF Format

  1. Firstly download the software of export Hotmail emails to PDF format, so click on the download now button to download the software
    download software
  2. Thereafter, enter the Email ID and Password of your Hotmail account and press the login button
    login the hotmail account
  3. Select the Hotmail folder on the left side of your screen
    select folder
  4. Choose the PDF as saving the file of your emails in the dropdown menu
    pdf format
  5. Select the destination path to save the PDF file.
  6. Hit the backup button to start the process of convert Hotmail to PDF

Finally, the convert Hotmail emails to PDF process will be completed. The process will be easy to use and simply the steps as shown in the upper paragraph and the images.

Why You Use the Utility for Extraction?

Here, we will discuss some advanced features of this automated solution that will help out in choosing the automated utility. You will read the feature of the utility, I will describe below,

  1. The software is 100% safe and secure so anyone can easily convert Hotmail to PDF format.
  2. The tool is one of the software of the convert multiple email format, doc format, email client format, and email services.
  3. You can convert the bulk of emails to only one round and store them in Adobe PDF documents.
  4. Multiple filters are available for selected Hotmail to PDF conversion by date range, email addresses, and subject.

Author Suggestion

You can discover the best methods to convert Hotmail to PDF format in this post. PDF stands for Portable Document Format, which is widely used and recognized throughout the globe. As a consequence, the vast majority of users choose to convert Hotmail emails to PDF with attachments over the internet. As a consequence, we’ve included instructions on how to use this program to convert Hotmail emails to PDF.