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How to Backup Hotmail to Hard Drive in Various Formats?

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Published On June 3rd, 2022
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Many users are using the Hotmail account across the world. For many users, one of the most important queries is how to backup Hotmail to hard drive? Because as we know that data is not secure in today’s time, similarly anyone can hack the email account and that can misuse your data and you lose the data. You should save your data on the external hard disk; thereafter, you can easily access / check the data anytime anywhere. Don’t worry, I will solve the query in this blog, I will provide the manual and automated solution. So, you can read both solutions and download your data on a HDD. Continue read this blog post for solving these queries.

How to save Hotmail folders to hard drive?

How to store Hotmail emails on hard drive?

Hotmail is a free client service by Microsoft corporation that allows to users to send and receive their emails. Hotmail stores its data in online mode, if the user’s account got hacked due to virus attack and ID, then the data can be lost. 85% of people don’t export email from Hotmail to hard drive. But, agreeing to a specialist, you should always have the backup of your crucial email files that can store your emails on system’s internal and external hard drive.

Reason from Why Export Email from Hotmail to Hard Drive?

  1. If the users accidentally deleted their email, but they don’t have backup then your data cannot be recovered.
  2. A Hotmail account can be easily hacked and hackers can misuse your data.
  3. If you do not have a backup of your data and your account got suspended. Then, you cannot access your data forever.
  4. If you export Hotmail to PDF, you can read your emails using any digital device.

These are some reasons why users want to backup Hotmail to hard drive. Now I am sure that after reading these reasons, users must have come to know that how much backup is important for them. Also, there are many solutions to download the data on an external hard disk. Users can choose any solution mentioned below.

How to Save Hotmail Folders to Hard Drive?

There are two different solutions of backup Hotmail to hard drive. Users can choose any solution mentioned below.

Free or manual solution
Automated or specialist recommended solution

Manual Method of Backup Hotmail to Hard Drive

  1. Firstly, you need to sign in to your Hotmail account.
  2. After that, you select the particular file for which you make the backup
  3. Choose the drop-down icon and select the print option
  4. Lastly, hit the save button and get stored email in Adobe document.

Limitation of Manual Method

  1. It is a time-consuming process
  2. Users cannot save the email in a different format
  3. The repeated task, you choose one by one emails to save them
  4. Data is not secure
  5. You may or may not back up your data in manual method

Here, you have seen hoe to backup Hotmail to hard drive in the above steps. If you are facing this problem user can choose another solution. We mention it below.

Export Email from Hotmail to Hard Drive with Automated Solution

The specially recommended software is RecoveryTools Hotmail Backup Wizard software that helps to convert Hotmail emails into different emails client and document file formats. Also, the demo version of this software helps to understand how to save Hotmail emails to an external hard drive with attachments. This application maintains the data integrity when the conversion process ends.
Download for Windows Download for Mac

Instruction to Backup Hotmail to Hard Drive

  1. You need to download the software of backup Hotmail to HDD, go ahead and click on the download now button.download software
  2. After that, open the software and enter your Hotmail email id and password, click on the login button.login
  3. Therefore, select the folder which you need the backup.select folder
  4. And, select the saving option which you prefer to save emails, you can save them in multiple file formats.file format
  5. Choose the destination path according to your choice.destination path
  6. Eventually, hit the backup option to start the backup process.start backup

That’s all about how to download emails from Hotmail to hard drive. We 100% guarantee that you will be able to store Hotmail files on HDD if you follow the instructions above.

Why You Should Use this Utility?

  1. You can back up all your files completely securely whether it is inbox folder, sent folder or any other folder as well.
  2. This tool is capable of backup files in bulk without imposing any size limitation.
  3. If you have a large number of data files or you want to back up only selective files or want to back up a specific date range. Then this tool also gives you the option of advanced filters, in which you can apply all these filters.
  4. The tool has been designed by industry experts by understanding the people of all mindsets. With this tool, you can back up your Hotmail to hard drive in few clicks.
  5. Multiple output formats are available in it. In this, whether you migrate Hotmail to Office 365 or in any other file format.

Author Suggestion

Many users are looking for a solution for their question – How to backup Hotmail to hard drive? To do this, we provide various reasons why users need to store Hotmail emails to HDD. Just download free demo edition of mentioned software and check its working process. If it is useful to you then you can grab its license keys.