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How to Fix “Outlook Showing Unread Emails When There are None”?

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Published On June 26th, 2024
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Summary: Are you also one of those users who encounter issues like Outlook showing unread emails when there are none? Don’t worry, in this writeup, we have addressed the issues related to Outlook showing unread emails but all are read.

Microsoft Outlook has become one of the top-notch email clients that is preferred by several individuals. This email client offers us extensive features such as note-taking, journal logging, contact management, and more.

Users experience many troubling issues with this popular email client despite its extensive popularity. One such worrisome error is Outlook showing unread emails when there are none.

So, if you are also facing a similar dilemma, don’t worry, we are jotting down this post that will describe all about Outlook showing unread emails that aren’t there.

If you are curious to solve this enigma, then walk through this post to understand the problem and know their respective solutions. So, let’s begin with the key insights.

What are the Causes of Outlook Showing Unread Emails?

Many of us often wonder why MS Outlook showing unread emails when there are none. Well, let’s decode this enigma by taking a look at the following causes.

  • Lots of Junk Emails are Received: Sometimes Outlook users observe that they receive a lot of spam emails in their inbox. If users face such troubling situations often, they observe the error Outlook showing unread emails.
  • Check Email Notification Settings: Sometimes, Outlook users enable new notification settings, in such a case, it can cause the email client to show you unread messages even after reading them. To correct this folly, you have to take the required action to disable the email notification settings.
  • Deleted Email Messages: Another cause of Outlook is that unread emails that are not there are deleted email messages. Whenever we delete an email message, it does not get deleted immediately. Therefore, Outlook showing unread email but all are read.
  • Server Synchronization Issues: An unstable internet connection can cause server-connection issues that can lead to the problem of causing your server-connection issues. This can untimely lead to your Outlook inbox showing unread messages but all are read.

How to Solve “Outlook Showing Unread Emails When None Exist”?

Solving this problem of Outlook shows unread emails that aren’t there is easy with some troubleshooting techniques. Here are some quick fixes that you must check out in this regard as follows.

#1: Check out the Server Availability

If your emails are showing unread in Outlook, then it is an outright indication that you must check out their connection with the server. You can easily do so by heading to the bottom-right corner of your Outlook account.

#2: Check If your Internet Connection is Stable

Another way to fix the problem regarding Outlook showing unread emails when there are none is to examine your internet connection. You should know that internet stability plays a great role in the timely delivery of your inbox.

You can solve this problem by disconnecting and then reconnecting to the internet connection. So, it is your accountability to check and verify if the Outlook shows Unread emails when there are none.

#3: Turn off Auto-Archive Settings

  1. Run Microsoft Outlook on your local machine.
  2. Right-click the Inbox folder, and choose the Option of properties.
  3. Now, select Do not archive items in the folder option in the inbox properties window.
  4. Click on the OK button to save the required changes.

#4: Change the Mail to Hold Offline Settings

Follow the below-mentioned steps to change the email to hold offline settings.

  1. Open the MS Outlook on your local screen.
  2. Navigate to the File tab, and then visit Account Settings, and then, choose the Account Settings
  3. Visit the email tab, and then double-click the Microsoft Exchange Account
  4. Drag the slider of the mail button to hold offline to the chosen number of months in the change account dialogue box.
  5. Click on the Next
  6. Click on the OK button and rerun Microsoft Outlook.
  7. Now, click on Finish, and restart the Microsoft Outlook

So, these are some of the manual solutions to fix the error related to Outlook shows unread emails that aren’t there.

#5: Reset the View to Fix “Outlook Shows Unread Messages”

If Outlook email shows unread messages but none exist, don’t worry, you can reset the email client view. The following steps will help you overcome this scenario.

  1. Launch Outlook.
  2. Go to the View tab, and then, click on Reset the View
  3. Now, you will see a pop-up appearing that asks for confirmation if you want to reset the view.
  4. Click on the option “Yes” to confirm the settings change.
  5. Now, you will observe that the view settings have been changed.
  6. Proceed to the inbox folder and begin a send or receive operation to verify if you have received your emails as expected or not.

You have reset the view option in your email client view by following the above-mentioned steps.

#6: Repair Outlook Profile

Some other measures to rectify this issue related to Outlook shows unread emails that are not there is to repair the Outlook profile. To pursue this task, follow the below-mentioned steps.

  1. First, launch the MS Outlook.
  2. Visit the File tab, then go to the Account Settings >> Account Settings
  3. Now, choose the Email
  4. Choose your account, and select the Repair
  5. Open the Outlook application once again to resolve this error.

Here are six manual ways to fix Outlook showing unread emails when there are none, which we have collected from the internet and compiled for you. Unfortunately, these tricks can prove to be risky and unsafe for your data. Not only that, a single mistake on your part can lead to data loss, file corruption, and any unexpected errors.

If you think your data file is corrupted, you can use alternative solutions to fix your problem easily and without losing information.

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Outlook showing unread emails when there are none

Over to You:

So, in this post, we have analyzed both manual as well as professional software to solve Outlook showing unread emails when there are none. The manual solutions mentioned in the write-up sometimes are not effective.

Because these manual ways contain certain limitations. Therefore, using automated software is an excellent choice in this regard. If you still have any concerns, you can ask from us in the comment section. We will feel great to rectify these issues.