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Fixed “Emails Disappearing from Outlook Inbox After Reading” Error

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Published On July 8th, 2024
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Summary: Do you often encounter the issue of emails disappearing from Outlook inbox (after receiving or after reading)? There are numerous reasons for this problem. In this post, we have addressed all your concerns and helped you to recover missing emails in Outlook and fix this issue by citing various manual methods and instant professional solutions.

Microsoft Outlook is a great personal information manager available to users as part of Microsoft 365 Office Suite. It is one of the most popular email clients, and it helps perform some other crucial functions as well.

For example, we use this email client for various purposes, such as calendaring, task management, contact management, note-taking, etc. However, when users use this email client application, they often need help with technical issues, such as emails disappearing from Outlook inbox.

However, just like some other email clients, the users face some troubling issues with this email client. Some users don’t find their emails appearing in the inbox. This lands them in big trouble, especially when executing a business deal.

How to Find & Recover Missing Emails in Outlook? Manually

If you often feel that you are continuously facing issues regarding emails disappearing from your Outlook inbox after reading, don’t worry. This write-up will give you an idea of how to recover these emails. There are a couple of manual tricks that can help you to resolve these issues.

However, these manual tricks may seem cumbersome and time-consuming to you. So, it is the best way to migrate to the professional method. So, let’s start with the manual tricks first and then move further to the next steps. These tricks will help you recover missing emails in Outlook.

#1: Check the Deleted Emails in the Folder

Sometimes, users accidentally delete emails from their inbox and put them in deleted items folders. Don’t worry; if you are also experiencing such a dilemma, you should cross-check the deleted items folder.

If you find the emails in the deleted items folder, you can select them and transfer them to whatever folder you want. However, if you don’t find these emails in the deleted items folder, it is possible to recover them.

  1. Go to the Home menu, then recover these deleted items from the server.
  2. Select the email messages you want to restore, then click OK.
  3. You restore selected items option is open whenever you transfer these email messages.

#2: Check Filter Option to Fix Outlook Emails Disappeared from Inbox

The solution that can work well in case Outlook automatically deleting emails from inbox is to check the filter options. Sometimes, any changes in the filter option lead to missing emails from your inbox. For your convenience, we are mentioning the filter option process.

  1. Go and open your Microsoft Outlook account.
  2. Now, select the View-Settings option.
  3. Click on the Advanced View-Setting Wizard.
  4. You will find the option to filter in it.
  5. Select the filter and click on it.
  6. Further, click on OK, and then press Clear All Button.

Once you have completed the above process, restart your Outlook application and see whether the changes have been accurately applied. This will solve your problem to find missing emails in Outlook inbox.

#3: Search Emails with the help of the Advanced Find Option

The following solution can help users solve issues related to emails disappearing from Outlook inbox: using the advanced find option. This is a great option that allows users to search for and find emails that are not present in their Outlook account’s inbox folder. If you also encounter such troubling issues, you can search emails using the advanced find option.

  1. Open MS Outlook, and then go to your Inbox folder.
  2. In the topmost section, click on the Search tab to activate the search tools tab.
  3. Now, click on the Search Tools drop-down menu and choose the Advanced Find Option afterward.
  4. Once you have completed this process, you must enter all the required details of the emails that you want to search and retrieve.
  5. Now, enter all the prerequisites for the emails you want to search.
  6. You will have three categories for performing the task of finding emails. You are free to search for the category that suits you the most.
  7. In this way, you can find Emails Disappearing from Outlook inbox after reading.

#4: Verify Rule Settings

Sometimes, your MS Outlook inbox may need help finding emails due to several problems in the rule settings. In such a case, every user facing this issue should verify their rule settings.

For this purpose, you should access your rule settings, and if you detect any faulty rule settings, you must take some preventive actions accordingly. Here are some steps that you must follow at the time of verifying rule settings.

  1. Open your MS Outlook account and explore its rule section.
  2. Now, click on the Rules. You will see three options, from which you must select “Manage Rules and Alert.”
  3. Verify whether the rules are correct or not.
  4. Double-tap on a specific rule to find more details.
  5. If you see any faulty rule present in your Outlook account, you should alter varied conditions to make any modifications to the rules.

#5: Enable Outlook Option to Fix “Emails Disappearing from Outlook”

If you are still facing this problem about how to find missing emails in Outlook account, you can move to the next solution, which is to enable the Outlook option. We have mentioned some innovative steps related to it.

  1. Go to the Mailbox and click on the Gear icon.
  2. Now, go to More Mail settings.
  3. Explore managing your account, select POP, and then delete downloaded messages.
  4. Now, click on the Save option.

#6: Create a New Outlook Profile

You can quickly resolve the issues related to Emails disappearing from Outlook inbox after reading by creating a new MS Outlook profile.

  1. Go to the Control Panel and search for the Mail icon.
  2. Once you find the Mail icon, click on it.
  3. Now, you will see a mail-setting dialogue box.
  4. Highlight the profile, click Add, and then click on OK.
  5. Now, add the email account to your newly created Outlook profile.
  6. Once your profile is formed, your MS Outlook account will start synchronization.

#7: Import your Email History

The following solution can help you solve the concerns related to emails disappearing from Outlook inbox: Import your email history. You should follow the steps below.

  1. Click on the file menu.
  2. Then, click on Open and Export Wizard from the given options.

    Import Mailboxes to open MBOX File

  3. Select the Import and Export option and Export to a File option.

    Import Mailboxes to open MBOX File

  4. Click on Next.
  5. Now, select the Outlook data file .PST, and click on the option Next.

    Import Mailboxes to open MBOX File

  6. Select the email account to which you want to make changes.
  7. Ensure that the include subfolder option is also correctly ticked.

    Import Mailboxes to open MBOX File

  8. Click on Next.
  9. Now, browse a particular location to export the file, and then select replace the duplicates with the items exported option.

    particular location

  10. Click on Finish button to emails disappearing from Outlook inbox after reading.

You can see all the showing emails as soon as you complete the process.

These manual tricks can help you solve the issues related to recover missing emails in Outlook. There are a lot of manual tricks that can help users find missing emails in Outlook. But these manual issues are also not free from faults. Hence, you should migrate to a professional solution that can solve your problems quickly, and you can explore the emails you miss from Outlook very easily.

How Can You Recover Missing Emails from Outlook?

If manual methods are time-consuming and tedious, professional solutions are easily available. Experts also recommend the Recovery Tools PST Repair tool for users who want to repair their corrupted PST files.

emails disappearing from Outlook

How to Fix Emails Disappearing from Outlook?

  • Step 1: Firstly, Install the solution on PC.
  • Step 2: Upload your Outlook data files/folders.
  • Step 3: Choose the required folders/subfolders.
  • Step 4: Select the desired saving type like PST.
  • Step 5: Select the location and apply filters.
  • Step 6: Lastly, Repair icon to fix this error.

Why Have My Outlook Emails Disappeared from My Inbox?

  • Issues in Configuration: Sometimes, Outlook Not Connecting to Server, and therefore, users need help receiving emails properly. For example, users sometimes need help with their Outlook account’s POP and IMAP settings. In such a case, Outlook emails not showing up in my inbox, and you may look for alternate solutions.
  • Accidental Deletion of Emails: Outlook emails are not accessible; this issue often arises because of accidental deletion of emails.  For example, if you have synchronized your email account with your mobile email, in this case, if you delete emails from your mobile, they will also get deleted from your Outlook inbox. So, you should take care of the accidental deletion of emails.
  • Due to Inactivity: You may face Outlook emails not showing up in my inbox error because you have been inactive for a long time.
  • Faulty Filters:  If we apply faulty filters, emails start disappearing from our Outlook inbox. They become very hard for us to read. In this case, we also face issues with email showing after some time.
  • Hacked Outlook Account: If your email account is hacked, you may encounter issues related to emails disappearing from Outlook inbox after reading.

Commonly Asked Questions

  • Q 1: Why is Outlook randomly deleting emails?

    Ans: May your Outlook Auto Archive feature be enabled, which moves your old emails to the archive folder or deletes them for a certain period.

  • Q 2: Does Outlook keep deleted emails?

    Ans: Yes, after deleting your emails from your Outlook inbox, your emails will move to the Trash folder for 14 days, after that it will be deleted automatically.

  • Q 3: Are the manual solutions for email disappearing from Outlook suitable?

    Ans: There are various manual solutions for Outlook emails not showing up in my inbox, but these take time and effort. Therefore, the best solution is to migrate to a professional solution.

  • Q 5: Why do emails disappear from your Outlook inbox without being deleted?

    Ans: Technically, we can cite diverse reasons for it; it sometimes happens due to inactivity, issues your Outlook data file cannot be configured, accidental deletion, and more.


So, we have mentioned manual solutions to find emails disappearing from Outlook inbox after reading. Manual solutions involve many complications; therefore, migrating to a professional solution is a great way to find and recover missing emails in Outlook. In this article, we have also cited different reasons that are accountable for this issue. However, if the problem is related to the corruption of PST files, you can utilize a professional solution.