How to Do Kerio Connect to Gmail / G Suite Migration – 10 Steps

Karen Chard | September 11th, 2018 | Kerio

Free Download Kerio to Gmail Migration Tool:


This article explains the users how to perform Kerio to Gmail Migration. There are dual ways to do Kerio to Gmail with IMAP as well direct option to import Kerio Connect emails, contacts, calendars to Gmail Account. Kerio itself provides Kerio to IMAP Migration Tool, which is a free application for migrating user accounts, email messages, and folders from your Kerio to Gmail using IMAP Migration.

Why We Need to Migrate Kerio to Gmail / G Suite Account

Kerio Connect: Kerio is a Mail Server by Kerio Technology. Kerio Connect makes emails, calendars, contacts, and task management very easy and affordable. With the help of Kerio Connect, you have immediate, secure access to your communication anytime, anywhere on any device. Kerio technology provides Kerio Cloud to enjoy full-featured enterprise class email and more.

Limits of Kerio Connect:

I have used Kerio as my Mail Server since 2000, and the company was called Tiny Software (and the software was mysteriously called “Mail server”)

I have had my ups and downs with the software but overall, I like the software very much. (Quick bottom line: buy a Barracuda to handle the Spam / viruses!)

BUT I cannot get a definitive answer from Kerio or my reseller as to the expected limitations of the product. I currently have just shy of 250 users. I know there are many Kerio admins with more users than that, but my mail store is currently over 2250 GB (2.25 TB)! and I have not heard of any others this large (and would love to hear from you!). About 25 of my users have mailboxes over 20 GB and some go almost up to 40GB. I have flatly told my users that there is a hard limit of 40 GB in Kerio (which is completely false), but without this, users, including bosses, would go hog wild and never delete anything. ever. (It also prevents the begging and pleading “Oh please just make it a little bigger until I have a chance to go through it?”)

Overall it performs well, especially considering that it is running in Windows, and on an “ok” server that was only supposed to be used temporarily.

I want to upgrade to new server hardware with nice speedy drives on RAID 10, lots of fast RAM and a beefy processor. But I don’t want to do that if I am approaching some sort of inherent (but poorly documented) limit of what the software is expected to handle.

Perhaps here on Experts Exchange I can get some word from any other Kerio admins with experience with exceptionally large mail stores, and any word as to how it performs as the store grows. I know it would run a bit better on Linux, but I need the ability to administer it in an environment I am comfortable in (which unfortunately is Windows).

I am not looking for advice about, or a list of reasons to switch to Exchange.

I also know about the ability to span Kerio to multiple locations, but unfortunately it requires the mail user accounts be derived from AD, and they are not (nor will they be)


Does anyone know the alleged limits (users / size of mail store) of Kerio Connect?

Are there any admins out there currently running Kerio Connect with stores as large or larger than 2 1/2 TB?

A vulnerability in Linux glib system library has been found. This problem affects all Linux servers and applications running in a Linux environment.

Update your operating system to address this vulnerability. Instructions for updating your operating system and more information can be found here.”

Gmail: Gmail or Google Mail is a popular and free Cloud-based email service with a storage of Gigabytes for messages and provides the ability to search for specific messages. The Gmail comes up with various advantages and benefits in comparison to others. The whole idea of inventing Gmail comes in mind of Larry Page, Co-Founder & Chairmen of Gmail tells that he received a complaint from someone. He receives a letter complaining about problems with existing Web e-mail services, such as constant need to delete messages to stay within storage limits, and the lack of searching ability.

Advantages of Gmail:

Gmail is a secure, private, ad-free email for your business. It keeps the users updated with real-time email notifications. It safely stores all important emails & data. All the data can be easily centrally organized for all the devices. Users can access emails anytime, anywhere on any device. The Gmail account can be easily connected with Thunderbird, Outlook & other legacy services through IMAP or POP.

How to Migrate Kerio to Gmail / G Suite Account?

Though users can transfer Kerio Connect to Gmail Account with the help of IMAP Migration. But, the whole process is very long, time-consuming, tricky, and is not suitable for the non-technical users. Therefore, here is another expert’s recommended Kerio to Gmail Migration solution. The utility is one of the preferred choice due to support for work in independent environment.

Use this application to perform Migration of Kerio Connect to Gmail Account in simplified steps. Just follow the given steps to perform the migration process.

  1. Download Kerio Connect to G Suite Migration Tool from given below.
  2. Install the setup in your system & then read all the major instructions.step-1
  3. The utility will provide dual methods to load Kerio Mailbox items. Click on Add Files or Add Folders option as per requirements.step-2
  4. For conversion of Multiple Files, enable checkbox for I am converting Multiple Users. Then click on Select Folder option.step-3
  5. Browse for the source location of Kerio Mailbox emails to load them into software panel.step-4
  6. Reverify the source location of Kerio Mailbox items & then clicks on Next button.step-5
  7. Choose the Kerio Mailbox items like Calendars, Contacts, Deleted Items, DRAFTS, INBOX, JUNK E-Mail, Notes, Sent Items, tasks etc. and then click on Next button.step-6
  8. Choose Gmail / G Suite option from the list of file saving
  9. Enter Gmail/G Suite Account Credentials as per user’s credentials
  10. Choose Filter Option to use Advanced Settings for Filter Saving options.advanced filters
  11. After your setup properly, click on Convert button to initialize the process.step-1
  12. After Kerio to Gmail conversion process finished successfully & accurately, click on OK button.step-11
  13. A Log file will also be generated having the report of complete conversion log file

Advantage of Kerio Connect to Gmail Migration Tool:

This Kerio to Gmail Migration Software offers various advantages to the users including batch conversion of multiple items.

  • Batch Import Multiple Kerio Mailbox items to Gmail or G Suite Account.
  • Allows to Export Kerio Emails, Contacts, Calendars, Tasks, Notes etc. to Gmail Account.
  • Requires only Gmail Account Credentials to Import Kerio Mailbox items into it.
  • Save time and efforts as the utility provides direct option to upload Kerio Mailbox items to Gmail.
  • Maintain Kerio Emails or Kerio Mailbox Meta Properties while migrating to Gmail.
  • Perform Kerio to Gmail Migration without Modification with 100% safe & security.

The Verge: This article explains the users how to import Kerio to Gmail Migration very easily. Apart from this, there is no file size limitation. There is no technical knowledge required for the migration. This article provides dual ways to perform Kerio Connect to Gmail Account. It is recommended to choose RecoveryTools Kerio to Gmail Migration software, which is a third-party application.