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How to Import ProtonMail to Apple Mail Client?

Published By Jamie Kaler 
Rollins Duke
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Published On December 3rd, 2022
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ProtonMail is an email service that was developed in 2013. This email service uses client-side encryption to secure email content and data before they head to ProtonMail servers. Users can access this service using iOS, Android apps, or a webmail client. Although e-mail service has to offer a lot, are many users who are moving their data from this email client to Apple Mail.

Apple mail is known to be a very good and stable email client, having the power to support almost every email service. The best part is that it is very simple to access and you not needed to be a technical expert for accessing the same. It integrates perfectly with Apple devices, as well as services.

So, due to its extraordinary offerings and features, people are getting diverted towards this Email application. If you are wondering what are the prominent ways to export ProtonMail to Apple mail, congratulations you have reached your destination. We are about to discuss the benefits of using Apple mail as well as how can we import our data effectively:

Reasons for Migrating ProtonMail to Apple Mail

If you have any kind of Apple device, you must be using an Apple email client. If we about this email client, it is one of the most popular services available around the globe. Look at some reasons why people move Protonmail emails to Apple Mail:

  • Apple mail helps you draft, send, receive, organize, and manage your data effectively.
  • You can use any Apple device to access your Apple mail
  • It allows you to customize your e-mail messages with various fonts formatting and different attachments.
  • With the help of this email client, becomes easier for users to conveniently manage and organize their bank of contacts.
  • The best part about the Apple mail is that it has enabled 3D touch, which helps you call up a preview of a particular mail
  • Apple mail has a very strong reputation when it comes to security and it relies on end-to-end encryption.

These were some features of the Apple name which are influencing more users to convert ProtonMail to Apple mail to get more advantages.

How to export ProtonMail to Apple mail?

Exporting from one email service to the other is a very hectic process and one should know the correct procedure to complete it without any errors. With regards to ProtonMail conversion, we have offered a reliable tool named as RecoveryTools Protonmail Backup Wizard.

The only things it requires from you are a stable internet connection and the correct procedure to complete the process. Here is a look at the entire process of migrating proton mail to Apple mail:

Enabling IMAP access and generating app password is the important steps for safe configuration of Protonmail account. Complete steps: https://emailbackupwizard.com/settings/protonmail.html

  1. The initial phase begins with downloading the software on your Windows operating system.

Download for Windows

  1. Open the tool to go ahead with the process.
  2. After you open the tool, you will be required to enter your ProtonMail email id and password. You need to create an app password for accessing the account.
  3. Choose whether you want to backup in batch mode or proxy mode. Once done, enter your IMAP port number and IMAP host. Hit ‘Login.’
  4. Once you’re done without logging in, all your emails will be visible on your screen. You need to select them all and then hit ‘Backup‘.
  5. Then you will have to select the desired output file format from the select saving option. For Apple mail, you need to choose EMLX. Thereafter enter the destination path and finally click on backup.protonmail to apple mail converter
  6. If you want to migrate data selectively, an advanced filter settings option is also available.filter settings
  7. Click on the Backup button to start ProtonMail to Apple mail migration.analyze process

Proper implementation of all the steps will be enough to help you with the process of conversion. Now, let us get to know some amazing perks of using RecoveryTools Protonmail Backup software

Perks of using RecoveryTools Protonmail Backup software

  • The tool helps users by providing accurate results and it preserves data fidelity while data backup is going on.
  • For the conversion process, it only needs a little knowledge of computers.
  • It enables automatic workflow
  • You have an option of Advanced filter settings to perform selective Migration
  • Batch migration is also possible

Execute all the steps carefully to move Protonmail to Apple Mail without any glitches. Make sure you do not make any mistakes while executing the steps as one mistake can ruin the entire process.


Being one of the most user-friendly tools, the ProtonMail to Apple Mail software helps users to understand everything without many technicalities. No matter if you just gained a little knowledge of computers, RecoveryTools Protonmail to Apple Mail Converter software is still going to work for you.