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How to Export ProtonMail Emails to PDF File & Print Them ?

Published By Jamie Kaler 
Rollins Duke
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Published On May 28th, 2024
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In this article, learn how to export emails of ProtonMail to a PDF file & then print the email documents with original formatting. PDF format is the recommended format by most of the government & legal agencies to submit pieces of evidence in raw format. So, if you want to print your ProtonMail emails, then you are advised to first convert ProtonMail emails to PDF files.

You cannot challenge the supremacy of PDF files. From Academics to Medicals, & from Service-based industry to manufacturing section, documents, manuals, diagrams, memos are created with PDF files.

But are PDF files overrated?

The Answer is No. PDF files play a very crucial role when they need to be shared from one device to another via Email. They do not lose their internal formatting. One can easily Password-protect the PDF files to hide them from unauthorized access.

The information stored in the PDF file can also be prevented from being copied by free software. So, many law enforcement agencies prefer to use the PDF format for the submission of digital evidence in hard copy format.

I also faced the same issue, & hence searched for a solution that will allow me to export ProtonMail emails to PDF files. The total number of emails in my ProtonMail webmail account is almost 32k+, out of them, I only need to download the emails received between January 2018 to December 2020.

If I manually try to print ProtonMail emails to PDF files, the number of selected emails is very high. I need to choose all these emails one by one & then save them as PDF files.

Effortless Solution to Print ProtonMail Emails to PDF File

You can successfully convert ProtonMail Emails to PDF files using the best ProtonMail Backup Tool. This application will provide users advanced option to change the naming conventions to better manage output files. In a survey, 98% of people are satisfied with our product to export ProtonMail emails to PDF files.

You can free download the setup of this software from the below button:

Download for Windows

There are many filter settings available at the present time. You can apply these filters on the basis of various parameters like:

Date Range Filter: Apply Filter Settings on the basis of Date Range i.e., Start Date & End Date to select Emails (In my case, I choose January 2018 & December 2020).

To Filter: The To filter is very useful when you want to export only the ProtonMail emails to PDF that you sent to any specific user.

From Filter: The From filter is the primary choice for the users to export the ProtonMail email to PDF file which you received from any specific email address.

Subject Filter: Provide a keyword to search in the Subject of ProtonMail email.

Only Export Sent Folder: This advanced filter is used to save the emails from the ProtonMail Sent Folder to PDF file.

Exclude Email Body Content & Attachments: It is used to Exclude the Email Body Content & Attachments to Save as PDF file.

How to Export ProtonMail Emails to PDF File?

You can successfully export ProtonMail emails to PDF files. The overall working of this software is very easy & simple. You can understand the complete process just by following these simple steps:

  • Launch ProtonMail Bridge & then click on the Add Account button.
  • Now, the user needs to enter a regular email id & password.
  • In the next section, click on the Mailbox Configuration & then copy the username & app password from here to the clipboard.
  • Launch ProtonMail to Yahoo Backup tool & then paste copied username & password in desired labels. Click on the Login button to load data.
  • The application will list all the ProtonMail mailbox folders in its panel. Users can now choose only the required mailbox items as per choice.mailbox folders
  • Choose the PDF option from the list of saving options.export protonmail to pdf
  • Setup ProtonMail to PDF Conversion options in the application panel. You can click on the Folder Icon to save the output files at the desired location.print protonmail emails to pdf file
  • One can apply advanced filter settings from Use Advanced Settings for Selective Backup.
  • In the end, click on the Backup button to start the ProtonMail to PDF conversion process. Analyze the live conversion process directly from application panel.migrate protonmail data to pdf file
  • This software will create the SavingLog report┬áso that you can analyze the summary of the complete process.create a savinglog file

Qualitative Features of ProtonMail to PDF Converter Software:

The ProtonMail to PDF Converter software is one of the best solutions available at present time to export documents as PDF files. It provides users many advanced features:

  • The application preserved the original metadata & properties of ProtonMail emails while saving them to PDF format.
  • It will provide many file naming conventions to save ProtonMail emails to PDF files. You can apply the naming formats on the basis of Subject, Date, From, Auto Increment, etc.
  • A user can also apply multiple filter settings to save ProtonMail emails to PDF files. You can apply these settings on the basis of various parameters i.e., To, From, Date Range, Subject, Export Sent Folder, etc.
  • The utility will save a separate PDF file for each ProtonMail email.
  • It is an efficient solution to save ProtonMail emails to PDF files.
  • The overall graphical user interface of very easy & simple to perform the migration smoothly & flawlessly.
  • Using its Batch Mode option, a user can save emails to PDF files from multiple ProtonMail accounts.
  • It will allow the users to convert ProtonMail emails to PDF files along with all types of inserted attachment files.
  • The toolkit can append the attachment files to the existing PDF file embedded within the emails.
  • ProtonMail to PDF Converter software will preserve the hyperlinks & inline images to the PDF file.
  • One can run this software on all the latest versions & editions of Microsoft Windows i.e., Win 10, 8.1, 8, 7, XP, Vista, etc.


It is an urgent requirement for many users to save their ProtonMail emails to PDF files. Saving a backup of ProtonMail emails to PDF will provide the highest security to the original content of the email. You do not need any advanced technical knowledge to export ProtonMail email to a PDF file.