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How to Import Excel to Hubspot CRM Account? Get Steps

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Published On June 24th, 2024
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Are you looking for an easy way to import Excel to HubSpot including important contacts? Thai guide will walk you through the steps to smoothly transfer your organized spreadsheet to one of the most powerful CRM platforms. Whether you want to ease your contact management, enhance marking efforts, or improve the sales process, this article is your go-to resource. Start reading to discover a detailed, step-by-step guide on how to import contacts from Excel to HubSpot CRM account.

Common Reasons to Import Excel to HubSpot:

Excel is a worksheet that allows storage and organize data in tabular form, hence HubSpot is a CRM platform that offers comprehensive tools for marketing, sales, and customer service. HubSpot helps businesses to manage customer relationships and gain business growth. Importing contacts into HubSpot from Excel can be beneficial in several ways, such as;

  • Makes it easier to access and manage contacts on one platform.
  • Use the contact list to create targeted marketing campaigns.
  • Import Excel to HubSpot to gain valuable insights and generate reports from data.
  • Save time by eliminating manual entry and reducing errors.
  • Enhance collaboration and interaction with the team.

How to Import Contacts from Excel to HubSpot CRM Manually?

HubSpot directly supports Excel files. To manually import Excel to HubSpot you need to divide the process into 2 separate steps. First of all, we have to save the Excel files locally and then import them to the HubSpot CRM account. Follow these 2 steps to import contacts into HubSpot from Excel:

Step 1: Save the Excel File Locally

  1. First, you need to open your Excel sheet to begin the process of saving it.
  2. Go to the “File” tab on the top of the page and click on “Save As. ”
  3. When in the dialog box, you should click on the desired file location.
  4. From the Save as type option, choose any format from .xls, xlsx, or .csv as per your preference.
  5. Click “Save” to move to the next step to import Excel to HubSpot.
  6. A prompt will appear, click “OK” and then “Yes” to proceed and finalize it.
  7. In a few moments, your Excel file will be successfully saved on your computer.

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Step 2: How to Import Contacts into HubSpot from Excel

  1. Navigate through your HubSpot account and select “Contacts” in the top browser menu.
  2. Select Import from the drop-down to import Excel to HubSpot.
  3. In this case, click on “Start an import” and choose “File from the computer. ”
  4. Determine if you are importing one file or multiple files and press “Next”.
  5. Choose what type of record you want to import, for example, contacts or companies, and click on “Next”.
  6. To upload the Excel file you need to click the ‘Choose a file’ link.
  7. Align the column in your Excel sheet to HubSpot’s field.
  8. When importing several files, use a column with a unique value to connect the records.
  9. Click on the “Review” button and when ready, click on “Finish import” to begin importing.

Expert’s Suggestion to Import Excel to HubSpot in Batch Easily

XLS or XLSX formats are not the standard formats for contacts. However, in case you have an orphan Excel file saved on your computer, importing it directly to your HubSpot account would be an appropriate decision and you may also lose all the formatting.

There is a wonderful software known as RecoveryTools Excel to CSV converter, which can easily import contacts from Excel to HubSpot by changing XLS and XLSX files in HubSpot contact format in bulk. It effectively automates process how to import contacts into HubSpot from Excel format while maintaining the format. Due to the simple use of the Excel Worksheet to HubSpot CSV converter tool, one can map the fields of Excel and fields of CSV.

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Here, you can find out how to import Excel to HubSpot in bulk effortlessly, save time, and avoid errors. It is suitable for any business organization that seeks to improve its operations in CRM and manage its data in a better way. Moreover, you are allows to import only the slected contacts as per your choice.
import Excel to HubSpot


Excel Worksheet and HubSpot CRM, both are distinct platforms. One allows to manage data and contacts in an organized table format and another is for customer relationship management. However, in several cases, users need to import Excel to HubSpot to enhance their business workflow. In the above article, we described how to import contacts from Excel to HubSpot for all the users who want to do it manually, and those who have an orphan Excel file.

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