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How to Import Contacts to Salesforce from Excel Workbook?

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Published On June 24th, 2024
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Are you struggling to find a better solution to import contacts to Salesforce from Excel? Then read this article as we have explained the simple procedure to easily transfer Excel contacts to Salesforce CRM account to manage your customer data efficiently, improve workflow, and keep your CRM up-to-date.

Salesforce is among top most popular cloud-based CRM solutions that enable businesses to interact with their customers. It has capabilities for managing sales, marketing as well and customer relations.

According to Gartner in 2020, Salesforce will be the number one CRM solution for marketing, sales, and service. Salesforce is used by businesses to enter customer details including names, websites, email addresses, phone and social media. This assists them in categorizing and customizing their customer relations. In this article, you are going to learn how to import contacts to Salesforce from Excel worksheet.

Necessity to Import Contacts to Salesforce from Excel

Improved Efficiency: Repetitive operations such as lead or contact management are also handled by Salesforce CRM, which saves time for the staff who would otherwise be engaged in continuous data entry.

Better Customer Understanding: It compiles and processes information about customers, which provides companies with a wealth of information to help them make better decisions.

Improved Customer Interaction: Salesforce provides solutions for businesses to engage their customers using email, social media, and mobile.

Boosted Productivity: In effect, Salesforce CRM optimizes processes, which in turn increases productivity in business organizations while at the same time enhancing customer relations.

Transfer Excel Contacts to Salesforce Manually

Luckily, Salesforce supports an import option through which users can seamlessly import contacts to Salesforce from Excel spreadsheet. However, this method may not help you transfer large volumes of data with specific folders.

  1. First of all, you have to go to the Excel sheet click File, and then select Save As.
  2. In this case, choose CSV as the file format, choose the location to save it, and click on the save button.
  3. Now, enter your Salesforce account and click on the Settings button.
  4. In the Quick Find box, type Import and then navigate to Data Import Wizard under Integrations.
  5. After that, you have to scroll down and click on the Launch Wizard option.
  6. Under the Standard Objects tab, select Accounts and Contacts, then choose New Record.
  7. You can drag the CSV file into the wizard or click on the Choose File option to open the file you want to upload manually.
  8. Click on Next, map the contact fields, and then view the import report.
  9. If necessary, make any modifications to the record, and then click Start Import and OK.
  10. When done, there will be a Bulk Data Load Jobs page indicating success and failure data in terms of numbers.
  11. Go to the Accounts tab to examine your new contacts by using the New This Week list view.

Seems lengthy! But That’s all you need to do to transfer Excel contacts to Salesforce manually.

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Advanced Approach to Import Contacts to Salesforce from Excel Worksheet

In case you have orphan Excel files in XLS to XLSX formats, then importing them into Excel and converting them into CSV will be a tedious task. However, in this case, you should use RecoveryTools Excel to CSV converter, a trained software that provides an advanced way to transfer Excel contacts to Salesforce CRM with a large volume of Excel data in one go.

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If you use the tool to import contacts to Salesforce from Excel workbook, you can enjoy features like bulk conversion, importing only the specific Excel folders, and creating a separate CSV file for multiple Excel files.
easily import contacts to Salesforce from Excel


Efficiently import contacts to Salesforce from Excel worksheet to enhance customer data management and improve workflow. Both the manual method and advanced solution CSV Converter for Salesforce CRM help you to transfer Excel contacts to Salesforce, but if you want to get more satisfying results, then we prefer you to use the tool.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q 1: How do I import contacts from Excel into Salesforce?

Salesforce itself provides a wizard to transfer Excel contacts to Salesforce CRM. Just save your contacts in CSV format and use Data Import Wizard to import them.

Q 2: How to bulk add contacts to Salesforce CRM?

RecoveryTools Excel to Salesforce migrator software allows users to smoothly import contacts to Salesforce from Excel workbook with bulk data along with using the advanced features.

3. How to import CSV into Salesforce?

Open Salesforce > Launch Data Import Wizard > Click Accounts and Contacts > New Records > Select the CSV file > Hit Import button.

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