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Excel to CSV Converter

Best Rated XLSX to CSV Converter to batch export multiple excel sheets to single CSV file with all XLS tabs, and table data.

  • Convert XLS, XLSX to CSV without Excel installation in Windows system
  • Enable users to convert Excel to CSV UTF-8 Encoding in the precise way
  • Convert multiple Excel Sheets to CSV with all data fields, and attributes
  • Multiple Language Installation Setup to operate the software with ease
  • Convert XLSX to CSV with all Excel Tabs, Table Fields, Rows & Columns
  • Import Empty Email Addresses from Excel files to CSV Without Errors
  • Allows to Transfer Contacts from XLSX & XLS to CSV Comma Delimited
  • Easily Export Single or Multiple Excel ( XLS & XLSX) Data Files to CSV Files
  • Excel to CSV Converter Software ensures 100% safe and secure conversion
  • Separate option to Create Single CSV File for all Sheets with all information
  • XLS to CSV converter tool is Compatible with all editions of Windows 11, 10 & below

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Why Prefer RecoveryTools XLS to CSV Converter Software?

Excel to CSV Converter is an ideal application to batch convert XLS to CSV format with all data fields. The toolkit is compatible with all extension of Microsoft Excel including XLS, XLSX, XLSB, XLSM, etc.

The best thing about the XLSX to CSV conversion tool is that it allows users to export multiple excel sheets to single CSV file. Users are free to convert Excel file to standard comma separated file that can be accessible on multiple platforms.

data privacy

Protect Users Data Privacy

XLS to CSV converter protects the data privacy during the conversion process. No information will be saved in any of our databases while converting converting multiple Excel sheets to CSV files. The tool works completely in a self-contained environment, so no information will be transmitted to our servers during the procedure.

excel workbook fields

Export All Fields to CSV

The Excel to CSV Converter keep the formatting intact, and deliver data with same fields including first name, middle name, last name, gender, title, birthday, suffix, language, initials, anniversary, notes, location, etc. User can easily convert XLS to CSV with all mapping fields without any worry

excel to csv with original data

Convert with Original Quality

Easily save multiple excel sheets as CSV file keeping original values. The Excel to CSV Converter will prevent your data from all type of loss during the conversion process. The output CSV files have a universal encoding that can be used at numerous application including Google Sheets, Zoho Sheets, etc.

create single csv for all sheets

Create Single CSV File for All Sheet

RecoveryTools XLSX to CSV Converter has multiple advanced features, the automated solution allows to combine multiple Excel tabs to a single CSV file. The software holds the data integrity intact, and doesn't over lap the data fields. Users can easily convert Excel to CSV without any limitation of number of tabs.

What Makes XLSX to CSV Converter Different from Others?

With this best Excel to CSV Converter, users can easily export all details from Excel workbook or template to CSV (comma separated) format. There are so many online tools available to convert multiple excel sheets to CSV format, but the best quality is one of the factors that has not been achieved. However, it is an ideal tool for all business users to convert XLS to CSV format with high quality. It is rated as the best automated solution by experts for the following reasons:

  • Bulk conversion of multiple Excel files to CSV
  • Create individual CSV file for each Excel Workbook
  • Works on all editions of latest versions of Windows 11
  • Single pane interface to convert Excel to CSV in batch
  • Ensure mapping of Excel multi-tab data fields
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Excel to CSV Converter – Prime Features

excel to csv with attributes

Convert XLSX to CSV with all Details

The XLSX to CSV Converter allows users to export multiple excel sheets to single CSV file with all the details. All fields in the Excel file, including first name (full name), title, middle name, suffix, first name, last name (surname), e-mail display name, birthday, gender, department, etc. remain intact throughout the process.

independent program

Export Excel Data without Dependency

Also, the XLS to CSV converter enables the users to successfully export Excel data files to CSV format without installing Microsoft Excel or any other application. The software is deigned to work indepentry, and does't require any external support to convert Excel to CSV format.

bulk export xls file to csv

Batch Export Multiple XLS to CSV Files

The Excel to CSV converter is simple toolkit to batch convert excel to CSV format with a lot of advance features. The toolkit offers an individual option to combine and convert XLS to CSV format with all deatails. The program can read both old XLS files & new XLSX files in its panel & then export these files into CSV Comma Delimited Values.

XLSX to Comma Delimited

Export XLS to Comma Delimited Files

The software enable the users to convert XLSX to CSV file. The CSV file keeps the data in Comma Delimited files which stores all of its data to a separate line in the table. The values of these columns are separated by a delimiter, most often a comma. The software is self-capable to convert multiple excel sheets to CSV without any error.

Compatible with Windows

Works on Windows Operating System

The Excel to CSV Wizard software is a fully Window Compatible application designed to export contacts from XLS, XLSX to CSV files. It is a completely standalone application to convert multiple excel sheets to CSV format. This tool can be run on all latest versions of Microsoft Windows i.e. Windows 11, 10, 8 32-bit & 64-bit OS editions.

create utf-8 CSV file

Convert Excel to CSV UTF-8 Encoded File

The Excel to CSV Converter software will create CSV files with UTF-8 encoding. However, converting encoding of CSV files can be changed very easily by using Notepad. CSV files with UTF-8 encoding are one of the very common CSV file encoding as any user can successfully import resultant CSV file at multiple platforms.

Excel to CSV Converter Software - Specifications

The demo version of the tool will convert XLSX to CSV with limited numner of files.

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The following minimum System Requirement to run automated solution.

XLS to CSV Converter - Online Video

Frequently Asked Questions

How to export multiple Excel sheets to single CSV file?

Follow the steps mentioned below to Convert Excel to CSV

  • Step 1: Install & Run Excel to CSV Converter tool & load Excel (*.XLS, *.XLSX) files by clicking on Add Excel File or Folder button.
  • Step 2: Now, browse to local system, and upload the folder containing Excel files.
  • Step 3: Once you upload the file the software will list all the files in the preview panel.
  • Step 4: Next users have to select the "Output Folder Location" and click on "Convert" button.
  • Step 5: Once the conversion process finished successfully click on OK button to confirm & exit.
  • Step 6: Access the resultant CSV files from destination folder & access it in various applications.

The XLS to CSV Converter software will generate a UTF-8 encoded CSV file. This file can be imported into all latest Address Book applications.

No, the XLSX to CSV Converter is a completely a standalone application, and does not require any external supportive application to execute the conversion process.

Yes, the demo edition of toolkit works similar to the pro edition of toolkit. In trail version you can check software functionality, and can export 10 enties for free.

XLS is the default file format from Excel 97 to Excel 2003, while XLSX is the default file format for Excel 2007 and later.

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