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#1 Excel to CSV Converter software to export XLS, XLSX to CSV Comma Delimited without Excel

  • Convert XLS, XLSX to CSV without Excel Installation in Windows System
  • Enable the users to Save Excel to CSV UTF-8 Encoding in Quickest Way
  • Export all Sheets in Excel to CSV & Import Excel into Address Book Contacts
  • Single Panel Interface application to Convert Excel Spreadsheets to CSV Files
  • Easily Convert Single or Multiple Excel to CSV Files in Bulk or GroupWise
  • Excel to CSV Conversion tool is Compatible with Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, XP
  • Enable to Transfer Contacts from Excel XLSX, XLS to CSV (Comma Delimited)
  • Import Empty Email Address from Excel file to CSV Without Errors
  • Multiple Language Installation Setup to Use it in Your Local Language
  • Prevent Loss of Your Crucial Contact Information During XLS to CSV Conversion

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RecoveryTools Excel to CSV Software is an ideal application to export Microsoft Excel XLS, XLSX, XLT, XLTX, XLSB, XLSM, etc. files to CSV file. The best XLSX to CSV conversion tool to convert your Excel file to comma separated files, supported by many applications, including LinkedIn CSV merger, Hotmail CSV, Yahoo CSV, MS Excel, Google CSV, Outlook CSV, Zoho CSV, Apple Numbers, etc.

Convert with Original Quality

Convert Excel to CSV keeping original values. The tool will prevent any data loss during XLS to CSV transfer. The output CSV files have a universal encoding that can be used in any application including Outlook, Google Sheets, Zoho Sheets, Apple Numbers, Microsoft Excel, Yahoo Mail, Hotmail or LinkedIn, etc.

Protect Users Data Privacy

Excel to CSV Converter protects your privacy while converting. No information will be saved in any of our databases when converting XLSX to CSV files (comma separated). The tool works completely in a self-contained environment, so no information will be transmitted to our servers when using this application.

Export All Fields to CSV

Export all fields of an Excel file to CSV, including first name, middle name, last name, gender, title, birthday, suffix, language, initials, anniversary, notes, location, employment, website, main phone, home phone, home phone 2. Free Internet, Cell Phone, Home Fax, Pager, Email Display Name, Email Address, 2 Email Addresses, 3 Email Addresses, etc.

Check Free Demo Version

The online Excel to CSV converter software includes a free trial. Free demo of XLSX to CSV tool will allow users to convert only first 10 items from Excel to CSV file. If you want to export all Excel workbooks to CSV file, you need to activate the tool by purchasing the appropriate license.


The importance of the format can be explained by its simplicity, although it does not support separate functions such as VBA macro storage. Until the advent of XMLSS, Excel used the Biff extension for formatting, which was built on the basis of the IFF container format. Therefore, changes were made to the book templates and their content. After the introduction of the new format in 2007, the program has not lost its backwards compatibility, which guarantees a wide spread of XLS in the future. The XLS extension was then replaced by the XLSM, XLSB and XLSX formats.

On PC, the CSV extension contains many values which are displayed as ASCII tables. In this case, the text strings are clearly organized so that all values are separated by commas or quotation marks (if there are any reserved symbols). Using different separators allows for non-uniform coding. CSV files can be used in many applications including Microsoft Excel, Corel Quattro Pro, Microsoft Works, Apache OpenOffice, Microsoft Notepad, LibreOffice, MobiSystems OfficeSuite Pro 7, etc.

With this best Excel to CSV converter from RecoveryTools, users can easily export all details from Excel workbook or template file in CSV (comma separated) format. There are so many online tools available for XLS to CSV conversion, but the best quality is one of the factors that has not been achieved. However, it is an ideal tool for all business users to convert contacts from XLSX files to high quality CSV files. It is rated as the best Excel to CSV converter by experts for the following reasons:


Convert Excel to CSV with All Details

Convert Excel to a CSV file with all the details. All fields in the Excel file, including first name (full name), title, middle name, suffix, first name, last name (surname), e-mail display name, birthday, gender, nickname, position name, department, company, mobile phone A -Mail, business fax, business phone, etc.

Unlimited Convert Excel to CSV File

With the free trial of Excel to CSV Converter, only the first 10 contacts can be exported from an XLS file to a CSV file. However, once the tool is activated, users can convert an unlimited number of Excel workbooks. Users can easily convert any Excel workbook, such as XLS to CSV, XLSX to CSV, or Excel templates to CSV.

Convert Excel to CSV Without Excel Installation

This Excel to CSV Converter software will enable the users to successfully export XLS, XLSX files to CSV files. Excel XLS, XLSX format is used to refer to the documents of the program. All document data distributed & stored in the cells & hence has a unique address. Quickly Convert Excel to CSV files to save for representing tabular data.

Batch Export Multiple XLS to CSV Files

This is a simple 3-step toolkit to convert all your contact details in Excel / Spreadsheet to CSV files. One can successfully converting my *.xlsx & .xls file into a .csv files. It will convert a MS Excel file to CSV as the same name in the same directory. The program can read both old XLS files & new XLSX files in its panel & then export these files into CSV Comma Delimited Values.

Single Panel Excel to CSV Converter Software

RecoveryTools Excel to CSV Wizard comes up as a single panel utility to export XLS, XLSX files to CSV files. The software does not require MS Excel or any database drivers to read Excel files. It can run with necessary parameters in a batch mode without requiring any large-scale human intervention. The conversion will start instantly within few seconds according to size of your database.

Convert Excel XLS to CSV Comma Delimited Files

The software will enable the users to export Excel XLS files to CSV files. CSV Files are Comma Delimited files which stores all of its data to a separate line in the table. The values of these columns are separated by a delimiter, most often a comma. The Excel to CSV Converter software is self-capable to export all the items from Excel XLS, XLSX to CSV files.

Export Excel to CSV Files with UTF-8 Encoded Files

The software will create CSV files with UTF-8 encoding. However, converting encoding of CSV files can be changed very easily by using Notepad. CSV files with UTF-8 encoding are one of the very common CSV file encoding as any user can successfully import resultant CSV files into Outlook Address Book, Google Contacts, Apple Mail, Outlook for Mac Address Book etc.

Fully Windows Compatible Excel to CSV Converter

The Excel to CSV Wizard software is a fully Window Compatible application designed to export contacts from XLS, XLSX to CSV files. It is a completely standalone application to export Excel Spreadsheets to CSV file format. This tool can be run on all latest versions of Microsoft Windows i.e. Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista for both 32-bit & 64-bit OS editions.

Demo Limitations & Pre-requisites

Demo Edition will allows you to only export 10 items from every folder.

Free Download 100% Secure

Meet following minimum System Requirement for the working of Excel to CSV Converter.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Excel to CSV Converter software will enable the users to export first 10 items from each Excel file. Its working is very easy as any non-technical user can better understand it just by following these simple steps:

  • Step 1: Install & Run XLS to CSV Converter tool & load Excel (*.XLS, *.XLSX) by clicking on Add Excel File, & Add Folder having Excel file.
  • Step 2: The software will load Excel file & then users need to choose Output Folder Location as per requirement.
  • Step 3: Once the conversion process finished successfully click on OK button to confirm & exit.
  • Step 4: Access the resultant CSV files from destination folder & access it in various applications.

The Excel to CSV Converter software will generate a UTF-8 encoded CSV file. This file can be imported into all latest Address Book applications as Outlook Address Book, Google Contacts, Apple Mail, Outlook for Mac Contacts etc.

No, the Excel to CSV Converter tool is a completely standalone application. One can quickly convert XLSX, XLS to CSV files without Excel to be installed in your system.

During the trial version, the Excel to CSV Wizard will export only first 10 entries from Excel Spreadsheet to CSV file. To unlimited export Excel Spreadsheet files to CSV it is necessary for the users to first purchase the Excel to CSV Converter software.

Yes, this tool helps users to create universally supported CSV files including OpenOffice Suite, Outlook, Google Sheets, Zoho Sheets, Apple Numbers, Microsoft Excel, Yahoo Mail, Hotmail or LinkedIn, etc.

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