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How do I Fix ‘Outlook Not Receiving Emails but Can Send’ Error ?

Karen Chard ~ Modified: 13-10-2022 ~ Outlook ~ 5 Minutes Reading

Are you an Outlook email client user & recently encountered “Outlook Not Receiving Emails But Can Send” errors? If yes, then here in this blog post I will simply provide you the methods & steps to fix it. Stay tuned.

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Many users who use an Outlook email clients to exchange emails often complain that they are having trouble receiving emails but have had no problems while sending emails. There are several reasons why Outlook cannot receive email but can send it. check below to find out and fix the root cause of this error. Some of the reported problems are listed below for solutions.

Possible Reasons for Outlook not Receiving Emails:

  • Sender was blocked
  • Wrong login credentials or server settings
  • Your Junk email filter level is too high, resulting to block even legitimate emails
  • Outlook profile or Outlook data file got corrupted
  • Disk running out of space
  • Internet connection interrupted
  • Your mail not synced
  • Ineffective email rules
  • Spam filter blocking legitimate emails
  • Devices affected with malware or virus

I will in detail explain to you how to fix all these issues in the upcoming sections.

Note: Before choosing any of this method make sure you have a proper backup of your current Outlook Profile data in case of any data loss. If you want to backup Outlook data, try the Outlook Migrator tool that will allow you to backup your data in 20+ file formats at your desired location. Free download it from the below button.

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How to Fix Outlook not Receiving Emails?

  1. Create a profile in Microsoft Outlook client. You can do it through Control Panel > User Accounts & choose Mail
  2. In the mail setup box, click on the Show Profiles button & then choose Add
  3. Provide a name to the new profile & then choose Manual Configure Server Settings.
  4. In choose service, click Internet email & then select Account Type & provide details of Incoming Server Settings and Outgoing Server Settings.
  5. After you complete the setup process, click on the Finish button to fix Outlook not Receiving Emails.

Solutions for Outlook Not Receiving Emails from Specific Sender:

Method 1: Check Emails Not Forwarded to Junk Folder

First of all, begin the troubleshooting process to check the basic details including the Junk Folder of your Outlook email client. Sometimes, the Outlook email client redirected the received emails to a Junk folder.

You can fix it by going to Actions & then choose Junk Emails. Mark here the required emails as non-junk emails. By this method, your emails will now start getting into the Inbox folder from any specific sender.

Method 2: Check Your Block Sender List:

Whenever we block any email address, the emails sent from the account will not reach your Inbox. Therefore, if you are not receiving the Outlook emails from any specific sender, then first check your Block Email Address list.

  • Choose View all Outlook Settings from Settings
  • Click on Mail & then choose Junk Email
  • Provide the email address of the sender in Add menu & then Save.
  • If you see the email address listed in the Blocked Sender section, choose the address, remove it from the list & then click on Save

Fix Outlook Not Receiving Emails from Other Domain:

It mainly happens when you configure the account with the wrong Mail Server settings. Below are the steps to fix it:

  • Go to the File menu of your Outlook program.Outlook not receiving emails
  • From the Info option, choose the Account Settings drop-down menu.
  • Again, choose Account Settings to update existing connection settings.outlook not receiving emails but can send
  • Reverify & set up all the options including Server type & email address.outlook not receiving emails automatically
  • Double click on the email address provided that will pop up a new window.
  • Select More Settings & choose Advancedoutlook not receiving emails from specific sender
  • Check & verify the Incoming Server as IMAP & Port Number as 993.
  • The Outgoing Server must be SMTP & port number as 465 or 587.
  • For the encryption, choose SSL or TLS. Finally, click on the OK button to save settings.how do i fix outlook not receiving emails

Fix Outlook Not Receiving Emails But Can Send Error:

The following issue generated when a user’s Outlook profile gets corrupted. The prime solution to fix corrupted Outlook Profile is by creating a new profile & then move data from the previous profile into it.

If the problem occurs due to corruption in your Outlook Data file, then you need to repair PST file. One such application, you can download from here.

Download for Windows


In the above article, I have discussed the solution of how can a user fix Outlook not Receiving emails but can Send related errors. I provided a step-by-step procedure for each of the issues that may cause the problem. I hope it will help you in finding the solution to your problem. Stay tuned with us to get more solutions.