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How to Export Thunderbird Archive Folder – Quick Solution

Published By Jamie Kaler 
Rollins Duke
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Published On July 7th, 2022
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Learn how to export Thunderbird Archive Folder in an easy & simple way. Thunderbird offers users the option to archive emails locally from IMAP. Finding the location of Thunderbird Archive files is a tricky task.

Hence, in the next sections of this blog, you will quickly understand about:

  • How Thunderbird Creates Archive Files?
  • Where does Thunderbird Archive Emails?
  • How did Thunderbird Archive Emails in Local Folder?
  • How to Export Thunderbird Archive Emails in Easy Steps?

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As a Mozilla Thunderbird user, I have a chunk of emails in my mailboxes. I have the option to delete some of my emails & then reduce the space.

But, the major problem at this stance is that what if I need those emails later. So, my seniors recommended I archive Thunderbird emails date wise. I can store Thunderbird archive emails older than a specific date to keep these files as a backup copy.

What is Email Archiving in Thunderbird?

The archive allows us to have emails that are older than a specific number of days, months, or years (as per choice), & have it sent to another so that it would not take up a lot of space in our mailbox but also put it in a completely different location.

Email Archiving means moving emails from the default folder to the Archive folder without deleting them to make them organized easily.

Emails, a critical component to increase the productivity of a business, if faces any issues like corruption of data, they can also dangerous for the organizations.

With time, the data got increased rapidly. So, it will be a great headache for admins to manage that data as:

  • Large mailbox files have a great chance of data corruption.
  • It becomes hard to recover emails (time-consuming or often tends to fail),
  • It becomes impossible to manage them as required,
  • Or create legal compliances
  • Also, can drain resource & further harm productivity
  • As data increased mailboxes on Exchange Server, it will become slow & downtime increases which leads the users to have users frustrated
  • Also, searching emails in a large unmanaged database can be painfully slow.

How to Archive Emails in Thunderbird?

First Method:

Select all Messages which you want to Archive -> From Message menu choose Archive option -> Emails will be stored in Archive Folder Categorized by Year.

Second Method:

Tools -> Account Settings -> Copies & Folders -> Message Archives -> Single/Monthly/Yearly


  • Messages Can only be Archived Manually
  • It has a limit to Archive only 2000 Emails

Solution: So better alternative is to choose Email Archiving Solution, one such is NetForChoice Email Archival Service.

It is a completely standalone archiving software which automatically organizes all your emails sent/received & store everything centrally at one place.

Also, it enables you to search & go through your data easily without requiring hours & weeks to backup that data. This service is very economical with space as emails can be compressed & can be deduplicated.

If you want to know more about it, drop a mail here: [email protected].

How to Export Thunderbird Archive Folders?

The process to export Thunderbird Archive Folders becomes simple with Thunderbird Converter software. Users do not need to specify the Thunderbird Archive folder path as the software will automatically detect it from the default configured path.

The working of this application is very easy & simplified. Just follow these steps:

  1. Launch the software & read all the instructions.
  2. Load Thunderbird archive folders automatically from the configured path.
  3. Select all the required Thunderbird archive mailbox folders for conversion.
  4. Now, choose the MBOX option from the list of saving options.
  5. Setup all the required options for the conversion.
  6. Now, click the Next button to start the Thunderbird Archive export process.
  7. Initialize Thunderbird Archive export process & analyze it.
  8. After the process finished, the application will open the destination folder.

Check the resultant Thunderbird Archive folders exported to your desired location. No need to worry.

Final Words:

The article above fully explains the process of how to export Thunderbird Archive folders. You only need to provide start the application & choose the saving format. Also, the rest of the task will be handled by the application automatically without any problem.