How to Extract Attachments from Thunderbird – Free Way

Karen Chard | January 30th, 2021 | thunderbird

extract attachments from thunderbird

Know here how to extract attachments from Thunderbird email client in a simple manner. Only choose all or multiple Thunderbird mailbox folders & you will get attachments files in a separate folder.


I am using the latest Thunderbird v78 in my system for email management. After a sudden system crash, I only have a backup of the Thunderbird files at the default configured location. These emails are very crucial for me as it contains the receipt of many business transactions as embedded attachments of my company.

So, I want to extract all attachments from the Thunderbird emails. I know that Thunderbird stores all of its data at the configured path. Because, I am a little non-techie, I am still unable to locate my Thunderbird mailboxes.

Can you help me find my Thunderbird emails and extract the attachments from these emails?

Eddie Thwap, Lieu Harbor

Instant Solution to Extract Thunderbird Attachments:

You can extract attachments from the Thunderbird profile easily using the RecoveryTools Thunderbird Converter tool. Free download the trial edition of this software from the below button. A user can extract the attachments from the first 25 emails of Thunderbird during the trial edition.

Thunderbird Attachment Extractor for Windows Thunderbird Attachment Extractor for Mac

Extracts Attachments from Thunderbird emails in 5 simple steps:

  • Launch Application & load configured Thunderbird data.
  • Select all required Thunderbird mailbox folders.
  • Choose the HTML option from the list of Saving options.
  • Setup all the options & click on the Next button.
  • Finally, you will get all Extracted Attachments in a New Folder.

Extract Attachments Through Thunderbird Free Add-on

If you have Mozilla Thunderbird installed in your system and manage your emails with its help. Thunderbird enables the users to export all types of attachment files with help of an add-on.

Follow these steps to know about the whole process.

  1. Download Thunderbird Attachment Extractor Add-on extension from official Mozilla site.attachment extractor add-on
  2. Run Thunderbird and then choose Add-ons option from the listadd-on
  3. Click on Gear icon and select Install Add-on from File… from its options list.install add on
  4. Browse for the XPI file of Thunderbird Attachment Extractor & select it.browse xpi
  5. Click on Install Now button to continue to the resultant processprocess
  6. After successfully installation of Attachment Extractor, a message box will appear requiring Restart of Thunderbird to enable working of extension.restart thunderbird
  7. Select any of the email folders & then choose Extract all Attachments to… option and Browse for the destination location to save attachments.export attachments
  8. Choose any of the preferred locations according to your choice.resultant location
  9. The Addon panel will display the process of extraction of Attachments from the Thunderbird extraction process
  10. All the extracted Attachment files can be easily accessed through the resultant destination location.destination path

Professional Tool to Extract Attachments:

You can try a professional tool to extract attachments from Thunderbird program. The application will support extracting objects from multiple Thunderbird profiles simultaneously.

The USP of this software is its support for automatic detection of data from a configured Thunderbird profile. The user can also manually load Thunderbird mailboxes in two ways.

It is the best solution for all non-professional users. In case of any problems, the user can get 24/7 help with live chat support. The operation of this application is very easy and simple.

Step by step procedure of this application is listed below:

  • Install and run the Thunderbird Attachment Extractor software.
  • The software automatically retrieves Thunderbird mailbox entries from the configured profile path. Or manually upload mailbox items by selecting Select Files / Select Folders.
  • The application displays a list of all Thunderbird mailbox folders in the software bar. Select the desired by checking the boxes.
  • A list of more than 30 file storage options is displayed. Select HTML here.
  • Setup all required options here, such as destination folder location, file naming conventions, etc.
  • Click Next to start the extraction process.
  • Analyze the attachment extraction process in real-time directly in its panel.
  • The software eventually opens the destination folder directly. You get all the attached files in a separate folder. Order them according to your needs.

Why is it necessary to extract attachments from Thunderbird?

A Thunderbird profile can contain thousands of emails in its inbox. These emails contain many connected objects.

You can attach an attached file to e-mails at any time. It can be an image, document, picture, text file, Excel worksheet, presentation, PDF file, workbook, Rar, Zip, MSG file, EML file, PST file, OLM file, OST file, etc.

The attached files take up a lot of space in your mailbox. It will take a long time to load a large mailbox file into Thunderbird. Therefore, each time you restart Thunderbird, it will take a long time to load the mailboxes.

Final Words:

The above tutorial lists two methods to extract attachments from the Mozilla Thunderbird email client. User can do it for free using an advanced Add-on or can try professional software. We have discussed both of these methods in detail step-by-step.