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How to Export HEIC to HTML File Format on Windows?

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Published On June 6th, 2022
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Introduction: In this informative guide, you will learn the easiest method to export HEIC to HTML file format.

Beginning with iOS 11 and continuing through iOS 12, Apple changed the default camera formats for photographs and movies to “high efficiency” standards. This means utilizing HEIC files instead of JPEG for images, and HEVC files instead of H264 for films.

You may save more photos and movies on your iPhone due to the fact that these new standards permit reduced file sizes while preserving the same quality. However, HEIC files are not yet universally supported, despite not being Apple-exclusive. Therefore, if you capture a HEIC photo with your iPhone and want to transmit it to a buddy with an older Windows PC, Android phone, or even Mac, they will not be able to see it properly.

To accomplish this, you must first convert your HEIC files to a Windows-compatible format. OS support is one of the format’s primary concerns. We have also observed people need HEIC file browser support. So, this will be represented in this guide.

How to Export HEIC to HTML File Format?

When it comes to converting HEIC files to HTML, you may utilize the accessible web tools. However, they fail when attempting to convert thousands of HEIC files to HTML. Not only are manual procedures inconvenient and time-consuming, but there is also no assurance that they will result in a perfect conversion. Therefore, if you need to convert HEIC files in bulk to HTML, you will want the assistance of a specialized piece of software.

The RecoveryTools HEIC Migrator Tool is an example of such software. If you need to convert multiple HEIC files into HTML format, this is the solution that comes highly recommended. You are certain that the tool will offer you with a result that is both 100 percent accurate and risk-free. This program preserves all of the attributes of the HEIC file even after it has been converted to HTML format. There will be no alterations made to the initial photograph in any way.

Additionally, the program offers a highly intuitive and straightforward user interface. Users with technical knowledge as well as those without such knowledge are not going to have any problems operating this program. In order to do this work, all you need to do is follow a few straightforward procedures. So, download the software and starts converting HEIC images. (Free edition of the software allows you to test the working and features before investing anything. So, take a trial first.)

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Complete Steps to Export HEIC Files to HTML Format

One the app is downloaded, install and run it properly on your Windows computer.


After that, choose Select Files or Select Folders option to load your HEIC files.


This application will instantly load them on the left panel. Check the required folders and click on the Next button.


Now, from list, choose HTML as the file saving option.


Finally, choose the destination path and click on Convert button to begin the conversion process.

The software starts converting your HEIC files to HTML format. It will take only a few seconds.

Advance Functionalities of HEIC to HTML Converter Software

Convert HEIC Files in Batch: This software is capable of converting a number of HEIC files all at once without a hitch. In order to carry out the conversion, it is no longer necessary to repeatedly pick HEIC files as the source file type.

Supports Multiple Savings: It is the best tool to export HEIC to HTML file format. You can also use this app to convert HEIC images to another savings like PNG, BMP, GIF, JPG, PDF, TIFF, and other file savings.

Maintains HEIC Metadata Properties: Utilizing the HEIC Converter Tool is the most straightforward approach to transferring HEIC files that have all of their constituent bits. Following transfer, HEIF photographs maintain their inherent features as well as the metadata from the associated EXIF file.

All Windows Supportive: This amazing HEIC to HTML Converter supports all the editions of Windows OS. You can download and run it on Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8.1, and other editions.

Completely Independent App: In order to export HEIC to HTML format, there is no need for download supportive app. You can easily perform the conversion without external application.

Choose Output Location: The software allows you to select the required destination path. You can save this output at the required place for easy access and management. Also, the app allow you to choose the language as per your requirement.

Time to Wrap Up the Post

In today’s guide, we have captured the query how to export HEIC to HTML file format. When converting photographs saved in HEIC format to HTML, our program makes it simple and accurate for you to do so. The application that was proposed is useful for getting around all of the drawbacks of the manual technique. Downloading the free trial version of the program in order to evaluate the application is thus strongly recommended. If you believe that it will be beneficial to you, then by all means, engage in it.

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