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How to Convert HEIC to BMP Images in Bulk on Windows?

Published By Jamie Kaler 
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Published On June 6th, 2022
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Introduction: In this post, you will learn the most effective and reliable way to convert HEIC to BMP Images.

It is a new file format for the iPhone, known as HEIC, and it is designed to compress images while keeping their original quality. However, when you need to read HEIC files on a Windows computer, the HEIC format is incompatible with Windows, Android, and a number of other devices. Consequently, you must convert HEIC images into Windows-compatible files such as BMP, JPG, PNG, and other types of images.

As a result, in this post, we will explain how to convert HEIC images to BMP images without losing any information. Take a few moments to consider the differences between the HEIC and BMP picture formats before proceeding.


HEIC is the default picture format for iPhone Photos and Apple Live Photos. On the other hand, BMP is Windows image format, accessible on all Windows-compatible computers.

The JPEG format has been replaced by the HEIC format, which has a better compression algorithm that makes images smaller in terms of data while keeping their high quality. BMP is a raster image that has not been compressed and is made up of a rectangular grid of pixels. Every pixel in the file has its own colors.

BMP file contains the bitmap identifier, the file size, the file width, and the file height of the file.

How to Convert HEIC to BMP Image Format?

The solution can be found online, and there are several online applications that can be used to do this work while searching for it. However, there are several limitations to using such online techniques. Due to the fact that they only enable you to convert HEIC images one at a time. In addition, after you begin converting your files, they will request payment once one or two file conversions have been completed.

So, what should we do? How do we convert a lot of HEIC files to BMP at once? The only way to fix it is to use the best third-party app.

Introducing the Perfect HEIC to BMP Converter

We developed an incredible tool, referred as as the RecoveryTools HEIC Migrator Software, that can overcome all of the restrictions of existing solutions. A large number of HEIC images can be converted entirely to BMP format with this program. In a matter of seconds, you can convert HEIC files to BMP files. HEIC to BMP Converter ensures a successful yet simple picture conversion process while maintaining the authenticity of your HEIC images and converting them to BMP format.

There are several advanced features in this program. It enables you to convert HEIC photos to BMP without having to make any modifications. Furthermore, all you have to do to complete this assignment is follow a few basic procedures.

Step by Step Procedure to Convert HEIC Images to BMP Format on Windows

Download, install, and run this HEIC to BMP Converter on your Windows app.

(It is recommended that you try out the free trial edition first. You may use the free edition to get a feel for how the tools perform and what features they include. Additionally, it enables you to convert various HEIC files to BMP without having to spend any money.)

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Now, click on the options Select Folders or Select Files to load your HEIC files and click Next.


This app will load your selected HEIC files or folders on the left panel. Check required and click on Next button.


Now, click on Convert button and select BMP as file saving option.


Choose the destination where you need to get output and click Convert.


The software starts converting HEIC images to BMP format. It will only take a few moments. Please wait until the process completes.

Highlighted Features of the Software

  • Offer dual mode features to convert HEIC files or folders as per the requirements.
  • Supports to convert select HEIC image files to BMP to save time and efforts.
  • Also, you can convert multiple HEIC files into BMP image format at the same time.
  • Ability to choose destination path where you want to save the BMP files.
  • HEIC to BMP Converter supports the latest and older editions of Windows including Windows 11.
  • Also, there is no file size limitation to export HEIC images to BMP file format.
  • While exporting HEIC files into BMP format, this app maintains all properties.

The Conclusion

In the preceding section, we discussed the best app for converting HEIC photos to BMP images. It is usually recommended that you employ a reputable software package to complete this work. There are restrictions to using online or free solutions. Using a professional solution, you will be able to export an infinite number of HEIC photographs to BMP images, together with all of their features. So don’t put it off any longer. All you have to do is download the app and begin converting.