Exchange to Zimbra Migration Tool – Migrate Exchange 2013, 2010 to Zimbra Desktop

Karen Chard | October 27th, 2018 | How To

The Exchange to Zimbra Migration Wizard is used to migrate Microsoft Exchange Server email accounts and then import the emails, messages & other information of the selected Exchange account into Zimbra Desktop or Webmail Server by creating a TGZ file. No Outlook connectivity with Exchange Server or Zimbra installation is required to perform such migration. The utility also give option to export Exchange Mailboxes as separate Zimbra TGZ file. Choose I am Admin option for migration of every Exchange Account without any need to know Password for all Exchange Server users.

How to Migrate Exchange 2016/2013/2010 to Zimbra?

As Zimbra is available for free to use & open source email client as Zimbra Desktop while Microsoft Exchange Server requires subscription. There is no limitation of users in Zimbra email client while Exchange Server have so issues. Due to these factors a large number of users are looking for a way to transfer their emails and other items from Exchange Server to Zimbra Collaboration Suite & asked it on various platforms:

“Lots of experience here with Exchange going back to Version 4.
I’m really struggling using the migration wizard to migrate my mailboxes on a 2010 server to Zimbra.I’ve got the correct permissions to the mailbox by ensuring I create a migrationwiz account and run the PS command:

Get-Mailbox -ResultSize Unlimited | Add-MailboxPermission -AccessRights FullAccess -User MigrationWiz

I can open the Mailbox fine within Outlook 2013. It’s obviously connecting to the Exchange server in order to query LDAP…but doesn’t seem to be able to open the mailbox.

Has anyone got any ideas? It’s making me so annoying”

  • Cruz Jorged, Moscow

As we can see from above that users are requesting for an advanced solution to migrate emails from Exchange Server to Zimbra Mail Client. One such application is Exchange Server Backup Wizard which provides users direct option to convert Exchange Server mailbox items to Zimbra TGZ file.

Exchange Server to Zimbra Migration Tool Free Download:

exchange to zimbra migration tool free download

The utility is designed to ease the whole Exchange Server to Zimbra migration in terms of speed & accuracy. Follow these simple steps to understand the working of this utility & perform the whole migration process.

  1. Install & Run the software & Choose Exchange Server from 70+ Email Source to zimbra migration tool
  2. Enter account login credentials for the Exchange Server account & click on Login 2010 to zimbra migration
  3. Fetch all the Mailbox items of Exchange Server & will display all the folders in left pane. Choose only the required 2013 to zimbra migration
  4. Choose Zimbra option from the list of 30+ File & Email Client saving options.
  5. You can also apply some filters for selective backup of items. Click on Backup button to exchange to zimbra migration tool
  6. Analyze the live conversion process in your PC for the migration & analyze the whole process.
  7. Access the resultant TGZ file from destination folder or specified path.access resultant files

From above we can see that there is no requirement of any third-party utility like Zimbra IMAPSync etc. to perform the transfer of emails from Exchange Server to Zimbra Mail.

Exchange Server to Zimbra Migration Tool – Major Features & Specifications:

The software provides a large number of advantages to the users. Some of them are listed below:

  • Batch Exchange to Zimbra Mailbox Migration using I am Admin Login which will export Exchange mailboxes as separate Zimbra TGZ file.
  • The utility allows to export all Exchange Server mailbox folders Junk Folder, Deleted Items, Import email messages received, Inbox, Drafts, etc.
  • One can migrate unlimited data of Exchange Server to Zimbra Mail client.
  • The software does not requires Outlook configured with Exchange Server in the system
  • Allows support for both email applications & the Server.
  • The software also works with crashed or damaged Exchange Server data.
  • Creates TGZ file which can be easily imported into all editions of Zimbra.
  • The utility is fully supported in Windows OS machine i.e. Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, XP, Vista etc.
  • Requires only Exchange Server account login credentials like User Name, Password, & Server Name.

The Verge: In this article we get to know about how to migrate data from Exchange Server to Zimbra Mail client without making any data loss. To do so there comes a utility which is explained above. Free Download Demo version of Exchange Server to Zimbra Migration tool to understand & analyze the working of the application.