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How to Import vCard/VCF Contacts to Excel – Solved!

Karen Chard ~ Modified: 13-10-2022 ~ vCard ~ 6 Minutes Reading

As your business grows, you’ll find yourself spending more time on the phone with potential and existing clients. One of the best ways to get to know these clients better is to store all your contact information in an Excel recode. That’s why here you will learn how to import vCard to Excel program.

vCard is a standard format for saving a piece of contact information. vCard files are mostly supported by a large number of applications & devices to save contact details. You can share the VCF files too easily on the web or on the devices like Android, iPhone, etc. When you import a vCard file into your computer, you can easily add all the data in one place.

Another side, Microsoft Excel is one of the best-selling business software on the planet. It’s so popular because people often use Excel as their primary financial software of choice. However, there are countless benefits of Excel including contact management facilities. You can easily use Microsoft Excel to arrange or sort your contact data.

But Microsoft Excel doesn’t support vCard or VCF format directly. That’s why a huge number of users looking for a solution to export vCard to Excel.

Reasons to Import vCard/VCF to Excel

One of the most common mistakes in data analysis is ignoring a critical step. Microsoft Excel is the best application for data & results analysis in a form that can be easily shared with others. That’s why I need to import my business contacts to Excel for analysis. Currently, I have Excel 2016 application on my personal laptop. Does any way to import vCard to Excel 2016? Please Help!!!!

I have many vCard files & want to import all of them into the Excel program. Currently, I am using Microsoft Office Excel 2011 Mac version. And I want accurate results in Excel Workbook to manage all of my contacts. I want to import vCard to Excel Mac application. So, if you have any solution, please provide me.

Users usually convert vCard files to Excel so that they can view the data properly in a single sheet with some separated rows and columns. Moreover, while using the vCard file, users need to open the files one by one and it is difficult to open a particular contact from the list of files.

We discuss the proper solution here that will allow us to convert contacts with all attributes. Let’s understand the complete solution to convert files into Excel format.

VCF to Excel Converter – Quick Guided Solution

To convert multiple or even an unlimited number of contacts files to Excel program, we recommend you to use the powerful vCard Converter Tool software. It will enable the users to create the Excel file. Firstly, it is necessary to convert vCard to CSV, and then users need to save the obtained file as XLS file. The toolkit is one of the most compatible software that allows users to convert a bulk number of contacts with managing the entire data.

Moreover, the software also supports the conversion of vCard contacts files into multiple other formats such as vCard to PDF, vCard to PST, vCard contacts to EML file, vCard contacts to CSV, and multiple other formats. The tool can easily convert bulk vCard files with maintaining the hierarchy and all the details present in those vCard files. This mentioned toolkit is available for Microsoft Windows PC.

Just Free download the software from the below button:

Download for Windows

Note: You can only convert a few contacts from vCard to Excel file with the free version. If you want all contact records in your Excel program, then buy this product.

How to Convert vCard File to Excel Format? – Steps

  • Install & Run the mentioned Converter. Load .vcf files in dual ways i.e., Add Files or Add Folders option.

vcard to excel converter

  • The application will list all the vCard files in its left pane. A user can preview all the details in its panel.

upload vcard files

  • Choose all the required contact files/folders & then click on the Convert button.

select required files

  • The application will display various Select Saving options. Choose the CSV option from the list.
  • Setup all the options in the vCard Contacts to Excel converter like change destination path.
  • Users can also create a New Folder to save the CSV file at the desired location.
  • Click on the Convert button & start the process.

import vcard to excel

  • The software will directly open the destination folder location. Obtain the CSV file & open it in your Notepad program.

complete import vcf to excel

After performing these mentioned steps, open the resultant file and save the file with *.xls or *.xlsx format. Hence, you can easily convert vCard contacts to Excel format by performing these simple steps.

Features of vCard to Excel Converter:

  • Support All vCard Encoded Files: The application will support importing all types of vCard files to the Excel program. All vCard Encoding files can be converted to Excel using this toolkit including default encoding, ASCII encoded files, UTF-8 encoded files, UNICODE, UTF-32, & UTF-7 encoded files.
  • Import Android Contacts to Excel: Android devices allow exporting its contacts as vCard files. Using this toolkit, a user can import the Android Contacts to the Excel program. The application will support converting the vCard files obtained from your Android Phone to an Excel spreadsheet without any issue.
  • Import iPhone Contacts to Excel: An iPhone creates vCard 3.0 files to store its contact details. This software will allow the users to import iPhone Contacts to Excel program easily. It can bulk convert multiple iOS & iPhone contacts into Excel to save time.
  • Contacts Field Mapping Options: A user can map vCard files with Excel spreadsheet through its panel. It will offer mapping of the fields like Full Name, Job Title, Birthday, Gender, Nickname, etc. with Excel spreadsheet fields like Feature Id, Title, Description, Status, More Info link, Tags, Added to Roadmap, etc.
  • No File Size Limitation: Moreover, the application offers no file size limitation for the users while converting its mailboxes from vCard files to Excel programs. During its free trial, a user can convert the first 5 items completely free of cost. The application is fully compatible with all the latest versions of Microsoft Windows OS including Win 10, 8.1, 8, 7, XP, Vista, etc.

Final Words

In the above article, we learned about the simple process of how to convert vCard contacts to Excel programs in an easy way. We can easily perform the task with the help of the solution mentioned above and trust me, the entire process will be done without imposing any kind of issues. In case you face any kind of other issues, anytime connect with our experts.