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How to Convert vCard to PDF Format? with All Contacts Details

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Published On May 28th, 2024
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Do you want to Convert vCard to PDF format and open vCard contacts anywhere? Or looking for a solution to easily share your VCF contact information with others? So, If your answer is Yes! then this article is for you.

Contacts represent opportunities in leads, clients, tips, research, networking, and successful business marketing. While only one out of every odd contact will be advantageous in each circumstance, a decent marketer realizes how to rapidly call the correct contact for the right circumstance.

However, to share contact information with others, vCard is one of the popular contact-saving formats. That’s why most applications and devices use the VCF format to store their contact information. If done right, the process to convert vCard file to PDF is really easy. Follow the blog to know more.

Note: Don’t confuse between vCard vs VCF, they are both similar. Actually, vCard is also known as VCF file. A standard contact sharing format vCard enables you to send contact information to other applications such as email clients. The vCard file is saved as a *.VCF extension.

As we know a vCard file is a contact format, that’s why we can’t open it manually without a proper application. To read contacts from them, it is recommended to convert them into a portable file format such as PDF.

But the problem arises when we don’t have the right application to read vCard files. That’s why many people choose PDF format. Because PDF file is a platform-independent format, many users want to convert VCF to PDF format.

Reasons to Convert VCF File to PDF Format

  • To view VCF files, you must first have suitable software installed. PDFs, on the other hand can be read on practically any device or operating system that supports a PDF reader. This makes it much easier to share contact information with others, especially if they do not have the necessary tools to handle VCF files.
  • VCF files are not suitable for printing. Converting them to PDF creates a more attractive and organized printout of your contact information. You can also use PDF features to improve formatting and layout control during printing.
  • While VCF files are not personally insecure, PDFs provide additional security choices. You can password-protect the PDF document containing the contacts to prevent unauthorized access to the information.
  • In legal cases, courts frequently want evidence in a format such as PDF for easier presentation and record-keeping. Converting vCard files, which may be regarded as less official, to PDF guarantees that your contact information is provided in a court-acceptable format.
  • PDFs are an excellent information storage format. Converting your VCF files to PDFs provides a more safe and long-term storage solution for your contact information. PDFs are less prone to corruption than other proprietary file formats.
  • Some PDF conversion software allows you to change the layout and formatting of the resulting contact information. This might help you create a more visually pleasing and organized PDF document.

Overall, the process to convert VCF to PDF format improves compatibility, security, and flexibility for sharing, printing, and archiving, as well as potential legal applications. After long research, we find that a large number of users are looking for a method to convert multiple contacts from VCF to Adobe PDF. So, let’s discuss the different methods or techniques to export vCard file to PDF.

Method 1: Use Online Converter to Convert vCard to PDF File

  1. Firstly, search for “VCF to PDF converter online.
  2. Then, select a converter and upload the vCard file.
  3. After that, confirm PDF as the output format (if applicable).
  4. Start the conversion.
  5. Lastly, download the converted PDF file.


  • File size restrictions: Some online converters may limit the size of the files they can convert. If your vCard file is huge, consider using a different method.
  • Security: Be careful while uploading sensitive material to online converters. If your vCard contains confidential information, you should consider utilizing a desktop converter instead.

Method 2: Convert VCF to PDF Document By Using MS Word

  1. Firstly, find the VCF file on your computer.
  2. Then, right-click and select “Open With”, then “Microsoft Word”.
  3. Now, you will see the contact information in plain text format.
  4. After that, go to “File” -> “Save As”.
  5. Then, select “PDF” from the “Save as type” selection.
  6. After that, choose a file name and location for your PDF.
  7. Lastly, to convert vCard to PDF document, click “Save”.


  • Formatting Problems: Because MS Word is not built for VCF files, the layout and formatting of the converted PDF may not be optimal.
  • Limited updating: Because the information is shown as plain text, updating or rearranging contact information within the PDF becomes difficult.
  • Multiple VCFs: Using this method to convert multiple VCF files takes time because you must repeat the process for each one.
  • Loss of Information: Complexity VCF data, such as images or custom fields, may not be properly imported into Word, resulting in information loss in the PDF.

Method 3: Expert’s Solution to Export VCF to PDF File

For better conversion, we recommend you continue with the  RecoveryTools vCard Migrator Tool. The utility has the ability to convert multiple vCard contacts files to PDF format. It is recommended to use this conversion tool and easily carry out the desired results according to requirements.

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Users can easily use this tool to convert their contacts into a well-managed format so that it is possible to share the contacts anytime with any person. So, we suggest you download vCard to PDF Tool for free of cost and start the process.

How Can I Convert a VCF File to PDF?

  • Free Download vCard to PDF Converter Software.
  • Choose VCF or vCard files with dual options.
  • Select and get free preview of vCard contacts.
  • Pick PDF option and set the destination location.
  • Click on the next to start the conversion to PDF.

Why Do Users Convert VCF to PDF File Format?

Over a long period of research, we find that a large number of people are looking for ways to convert vCard files. Well, we know the truth that Android, iPhone, and email client applications such as Outlook, Thunderbird, etc. Do not provide the option to convert the vCard contact lists to PDF document format.

How to Bulk Convert vCard File to PDF File? – Steps

  • Run and Install the mentioned Converter on your computer and read the instructions.
    welcome page
  • Choose between the dual options. Either select files or select folders to perform the process to change VCF to PDF.
    dual options to convert vCard file to PDF
  • You’ll get a list of files to preview and out if them, you can choose the required files to convert >> Next.
    list of files
  • Choose your saving option as PDF, to convert VCF to PDF file format.
    saving option to convert vCard to PDF
  • Choose your destination path, where you’ll be saving your files >> Convert.
    destination path
  • After the successful conversion, you’ll be informed with a pop up message.
    successfully convert vCard to PDF
  • After the process to convert vCard file to PDF, you will be able to access your resultant files from the destination path you had chosen earlier.
    open the convert vCard file to PDF

Advantages of VCF to PDF Converter Tool

  • The program was developed with dual options to choose single as well as multiple VCF files at once. Users can choose Add Files or Add Folders option. Add Files will allow uploading some specific files whereas Add Folders will allow loading multiple files present in a single folder.
  • Periodically upgrade the vCard file with standard updates or versions. This is why this application evolved with all the latest technologies that provide a platform where you can easily convert VCF to PDF format. You can simply convert vCard 2.1 to PDF, vCard 3.0 to PDF, vCard 4.0 to PDF, etc.
  • Most users want to arrange their resultant data according to the file name, contacts name, phone number name, etc. For this, the application provides multiple files naming filter options to arrange your resultant data according to the requirements.
  • This software is a platform where you can easily share your contacts with multiple platforms. The software gives multiple saving options including a PDF option. So that, you can easily share this PDF-converted file on your online platform, phones, laptops, tablets, etc.
  • The program allows the freedom to take any location to save the converted data. This option will help you save the resultant PDF file on your external and internal storage location directly.
  • A large number of users are concerned about their contact properties when converting to PDF format. This application allows you a platform where you can easily export VCF to PDF with maintained contact properties such as name, phone number, image, address, email, etc.
  • Possible for users to convert vCard format files to PDF and other 15+ formats including file formats and email platforms such as you can convert vCard to HTML, vCard files to EML, vCard to CSV  and much more.

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This post explained the way to convert vCard file to PDF with multiple contacts. Since there are no manual solutions present on the Internet so it is better for all to continue with the mentioned utility and easily do the conversion of multiple VCF file contacts without any kind of size limitations. While facing any issues, you can anytime contact us anytime.