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How to Check Internal Links on a Website?

Published By Jamie Kaler 
Rollins Duke
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Published On June 6th, 2022
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Internal links are one of the most underused link-building strategies in SEO success. Many professionals want to check internal links on websites to find website issues.

Many websites owners don’t want to take any risks with regard to their website’s health and performance. Therefore, they need to find internal links on a website with the proper information. The more links are pointing to a certain website, the more its authority, and the higher it will rank in search engine rankings.

What is Internal Linking?

Internal links to your site are the links that reside on pages that belong to your domain. Inbound links on a website to connect with other pages are the best strategy to boost older pages’ rankings in search engines. Internal links on the best long-tail keyword are much easier to create because you share the authority of other pages.

Behind the Reasons to Find All Internal links Website

  1. Interlinking to their website is the most effective way to improve every page ranking and website performance in SERPs.
  2. Timely check the page linked to the website with the resources, whether it’s internal is broken, for example, JSON, Image, Author, Webpage, XML, etc.
  3. If the ranking of your website is going down due to interlinking issues, again, it is the responsibility of the website administrator to check all internal links on the website.
  4. Sometimes the website owner needs to find the internal links of WordPress, but they also need to check the broken links on the website. This is also one of the reasons for the decline in site ranking.

Best Internal Link Finder

Download RecoveryTools the Website indexer tool is a highly recommended expert tool to check internal links on a website. It is capable to find redirect links on website with status codes. The website internal link checker will show you all website errors with complete information and status codes like 200, 301, 400, 403, 404, etc.

It detects all internal links on WordPress, WooCommerce, Drupal, and all types of websites.

Steps to Find Website Error

  1. Firstly, install and run the internal link checker tool on your system to detect all internal links.
  2. Next, the internal link analyzer shows you all the website errors on graph chat.check internal link on website
  3. Type your domain name in the given specific field.enter domain name to find internal links
  4. Please wait a minute; the software is finding all internal links from your website.find internal links
  5. The software gives you a pop-up message to complete the process of finding the interlinking process.successful message
  6. After that software shows you all the website errors on separate tabs, click on the internal link tab and now you can see all the interlink URLs with complete information.show all internal links

Need to Fix interlink links on Website according to Status Code

As you see in the above section, how to check internal links on the website using an internal link finder. The software will give you complete information about your website’s internal links. Now the time has come to correct internal links if you find any problems on your website.

As you can see in this screenshot, the internal link analyzer displays all of the information, so let’s go over each tab one by one.

fix detected internal links

Status Code: The software shows you all the errors with the status code. But I need to understand all the status codes. For example, 200 – Ok, 404 – Page Not Found, etc.

Link: Internal links and sources that are connected to your website pages.

Source URL:  You can understand the source URL. It means an internal link is connected to a source link.

No-Follow: This internal link checker is designed with an advanced algorithm to show you whether detected internal links are do-follow or no-follow.

First, you need to fix bad status code links, then download the source link from the server to your PC. Thereafter, fix it accordingly and upload it to the server again.

Now it’s time to fix the resource URL. After detecting all the internal links, right-click on any specific link to see the options.

  1. Copy the URL resource and source from the software.
  2. Open this internal link in any default web browser.
  3. The software gives you the option to export detected internal links and source URLs in CSV and TXT format.
  4. You are free to remove the internal link from the software panel, after resolving the problem.

Helpful Feature of Broken Internal link Checker

  1. professional toolkit to check internal links on websites and give you complete information.
  2. Users can easily check information regarding whether internal hyperlinks are do-follow or no-follow. You must use do-follow links on your website to boost your website ranking.
  3. The software interface is totally user-friendly. It’s able to find all website errors on the graph chat.
  4. If you need to save detected internal links in other file formats, then it will give you CSV and TXT formats.


In conclusion, the WordPress internal link checker is a powerful piece of software that checks internal links on a website. This software gives you a freeware edition that allows you to check the first 100 internal links from your website and fix them.

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