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How to Backup Google Workspace (Formerly G Suite) Emails to Local ?

Karen Chard ~ Modified: 14-12-2021 ~ Google ~ 5 Minutes Reading

backup g suite emails to local

Had you ever felt the need to have backup copies of Google Workspace emails? If Yes, then don’t worry. Take a complete backup of G Suite emails from cloud to local without any issue. Try the best Google Workspace Backup tool, that allows the users to successfully download & save all the emails from S Suite to the local desktop.

As a G Suite user, my first demand is always to keep a proper backup copy of my emails in the Desktop storage. Because G Suite stores & manages all its mailbox data on the cloud.

However, I used a Google Workspace Backup tool to do this task. The utility will allow me to download all the components of a Google Workspace email i.e., email body, headers, meta properties & embedded attachment files.

It doesn’t matter how many emails are there in your G Suite mailbox. The G Suite Backup tool will instantly download all these emails from cloud to local.

What Data Does G Suite Backup Tool Downloads?

G Suite Migration Tool is one of the best solutions you can use to backup your current Google Workspace emails. The application is compatible with both Mac & Windows OS editions. You can free download the software from here:

Download for Windows Download for Mac

Backup G Suite Emails with Complete Details: A user can successfully take backup of Google Workspace emails from cloud to local folder. It will download the complete copy of the message in the desired file format. A user can save G Suite email to PST, MSG, EML, EMLX, MBOX, PDF, HTML, MHT, XPS, RTF, DOCX, Windows Live Mail, Lotus Notes, Zimbra, Thunderbird, etc. file formats without any issue.

The Google Workspace Backup software also enables the users & organizations to download G Suite emails with attachment files. The application supports the backup of G Suite emails with all types of attachments including Text files, documents, Zip files, programming files, archives, images, etc.

Preserve Email Metadata During Backup: It will also keep preserving the email metadata & properties while taking backup of Google Workspace emails. There are no changes made in the email headers of the G Suite Emails like CC, BCC, Sender Email Address, Receiver Email Address, Received Date, Send Date, Subject, etc.

Backup G Suite Mailbox Folders: The Email Backup Software will successfully take backup of G Suite mailbox folders. It will keep preserving the on-disk system folder hierarchy of G Suite mailbox folders & subfolders i.e., Inbox, Drafts, Deleted Items, Sent Items, Outbox, etc.

How to Backup Google Workspace Emails?

The process to take backup of Google Workspace emails locally is not so easy. Hence, you need much easier & powerful solutions to help non-techie users. So, I provide a guide for the best software that can easily back up G Suite emails. You can understand the working of this software from the below steps:

  1. Install & Run the G Suite Backup Application on your Windows or Mac machine. Now, the user needs to enter the account login credentials of the Google Workspace account. But first, you need to get the app password of the G Suite account.
  2. Once you get app-password & paste the details in the application panel, click on the Login button to start the mailbox fetching process.G suite backup tool
  3. The Google Workspace backup utility will start loading the mailbox items in its panel. You can choose all these folders from here according to your needs.google workspace backup tool
  4. In the next section, the application will ask the users to choose the output file format to save emails from the list of 30+ options.backup g suite emails
  5. Setup all the required options like change destination path, change language, file naming conventions, etc.setup options
  6. The application will also provide users several filters’ settings. These settings will help the users to backup only specific Google Workspace emails.filters
  7. Finally, click on the Backup button to start the G Suite Mail backup process. The application will also provide you live preview of the process with complete detail.live preview
  8. After the Google Workspace email backup process finished successfully, users can analyze the log file generated by the software.analyze log file

From above, it can be understood that it is the best software to take backup of G Suite emails in a quick & simplified manner.

G Suite Backup Tool – FAQ:

Can I download G Suite emails to PDF Files with this software?

Yes, the application will enable the users to create a separate PDF file for each Google Workspace email. Later you can use this PDF file & share the document with others without any issue.

Does your software allow me to take backup of Google Workspace emails from multiple accounts?

Lucky enough, the software will provide a batch mode function. The batch mode will enable the users to backup data from multiple accounts. You can import multiple user’s data in the application with the help of a CSV file.

Will this toolkit support umlauts character set during the backup of G Suite emails?

Yes, this Google Workspace Backup tool will support multiple character sets. If your mailbox language is in German, then the application will successfully backup G Suite emails with Umlauts without any issue.

Can I use this software on my Mac OS device?

Yes, this application is available for both Microsoft Windows & Mac OS devices. It has a separate setup file for both Windows & Mac devices.


This tutorial will guide a user on how to take backup of Google Workspace or G Suite emails from the server to the Desktop. The Google Workspace Backup tool provides users a direct option to successfully backup all the emails, attachments, mailbox folders, & other items. You can run this toolkit on both Microsoft Windows & Mac OS devices.