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How to Backup G Suite Email Locally on Desktop ? Solution!

Karen Chard ~ Modified: 31-05-2022 ~ Google ~ 6 Minutes Reading

Had you ever felt the need to backup G Suite email? If yes, then no need to worry. Just stay with us till the end and back up the data without facing any size issues. We will discuss the complete step-by-step guide to downloading the emails and other data locally on the desktop.

As a G Suite user, my first demand is always to keep a proper backup copy of my emails in the Desktop storage. Because G Suite stores & manages all its mailbox data on the cloud. With the increase in technology, multiple technologies are also increasing day by day, and along with that multiple issues also arising in the account. That’s the main reason, the user thinks to store their data as a backup in the system.

We will discuss one of the highly professional software to backup the data instantly with imposing no size limitations. Trust me, you are at the correct destination, just read the blog till the end and get the solution to your query.

User Query

Hi, I am Leena. I am using the G Suite account for the last 2 years and now I realized that the past 2 years’ data is taking up so much space in my account and if it is been stored here, then I need to purchase more space for future purposes. So, after some research, I understood that I should store all those emails as a backup in my system, rather than purchasing the extra space.

Is there any solution present that can help me to backup G Suite email instantly?”

Effortless Solution to Backup G Suite Email

We recommend you use the G Suite Migration Tool, to backup not only a single email but multiple emails within a single attempt without facing any kind of size limitations. Moreover, the tool is one of the perfect solutions that has been developed with a highly-professional algorithm to carry out the task as soon as possible. Moreover, novice users can also use this without facing any kind of issue and without the need for any kind of technical guidance.

Download for Windows Download for Mac

Backup Emails with Complete Details: A user can successfully take a backup of Google Workspace email from the cloud to the local folder. It will download the complete copy of the message in the desired file format. A user can backup G Suite emails to multiple other file formats and Email platforms.

Hence, the Backup software also enables the users & organizations to download emails with attachment files. The application supports the backup of email with all types of attachments including Text files, documents, Zip files, programming files, archives, images, etc.

Preserve Email Metadata During Backup: G Suite Backup Software will also keep preserving the email metadata & properties while downloading emails. There are no changes made in the email headers of the email like CC, BCC, Sender Email Address, Receiver Email Address, Received Date, Send Date, Subject, etc.

Backup G Suite Mailbox Folders: The G Suite Email Backup Software will successfully take backup of the mailbox files/folders. It will keep preserving the on-disk system folder hierarchy of G Suite mailbox folders & subfolders i.e., Inbox, Drafts, Deleted Items, Sent Items, Outbox, etc.

How to Take G Suite Email Backup? – Complete Steps

It is a difficult task to download emails in bulk but at the same time, using the software, the task becomes easy for users. Perform the steps mentioned below:

  • Install & Run the mentioned backup on your Windows or Mac machine. Now, the user needs to enter the account login credentials of the G Suite account.backup g suite email
  • The backup software will start loading the mailbox items in its panel. You can choose all these folders from here according to your needs.select G Suite account folders
  • In the next section, the application will ask the users to choose the output file format to save emails from the list of 30+ options.choose file format
  • Setup all the required options like change destination path, change language, file naming conventions, etc.advance option
  • The application will also provide users with several filter settings. These settings will help the users to backup only specific G Suite emails.filters to backup g suite email
  • Finally, click on the Backup button to start the backup of the G Suite Mailbox. The application will also provide you live preview of the process in complete detail.

    live preview

    From the above, it can be understood that it is the best software to take backup G Suite email in a quick & simplified manner.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I download G Suite emails to PDF Files with this software?

Yes, the application will enable the users to create a separate PDF file for each Google Apps email. Later you can use this PDF file & share the document with others without any issue.

  • Does your software allow me to take a backup of G Suite emails from multiple accounts?

Lucky enough, the software will provide a batch mode function. The batch mode will enable the users to backup data from multiple accounts. You can import multiple users’ data into the application with the help of a CSV file.

  • Can I use this software on my Mac OS device?

Yes, this application is available for both Microsoft Windows & Mac OS devices. It has a separate setup file for both Windows & Mac devices.

  • How to Backup G Suite Emails?
  1. Run the mentioned G Suite Backup Software.
  2. Log in there and see the mailbox data items.
  3. Select the needed data there.
  4. Choose the file saving option from the list.
  5. Enter location and file saving option.
  6. Get the resultant data.


Therefore, this tutorial will guide a user on how to take a backup of G Suite email from the server to the Desktop. We had tried our best to tell you the entire solution in detail but still, there are multiple other solutions present on the Internet that do not provide the best results. Moreover, if you compare this with other solutions in the market then, you will be able to know that it is one of the best effortless utilities mentioned. For any kind of information, you can anytime connect with our technical experts.