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How to Transfer Emails from Telus to Gmail Account ?

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Rollins Duke
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Published On June 2nd, 2022
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Analysis: Are you curious about a solution that transfer Telus Email to Gmail ? Or do you want to learn the process to migrate from Telus to Gmail / Google Workspace ? If so, your searches end here. In this article, a user will learn how to migrate emails from Telus to Gmail account. So, stay and learn the method.

Telus Communications Inc. (TCI) is a Canadian public broadcast communications organization that gives a wide scope of media communications items and administrations including web access, voice, diversion, medical care, video, and IPTV TV. Including all these services it also provides a webmail service to its users.

But there are lots of issues with Telus Webmail. However, nobody likes email issues. All things considered, you need your messages now, not later. Yet, in the event that you are a Telus client, you might deal with the issue of the server not working. At times it’s an issue with Telus, and there’s no other option for you except for standby.

That’s the biggest problem, so a large number of users want to migrate from Telus to Gmail account. Because Gmail is on the top list of email services in the world. It provides free use with many benefits such as best security features, spam filters, email customization, folders & labels, email archive, block unwanted emails, and many more.

Hi, I have been using the Telus webmail account for the past few months. Over the months I have received several emails on this account. But now I want to transfer all these emails from Telus to Gmail account. Does anyone know how to migrate Telus email to a Gmail account ? Please help me!!!

#No1 Utility – Telus to Gmail Migration Tool

RecoveryTools Email Backup Wizard is a reliable, effective, and easy-to-use product to transfer Telus email to Gmail account. It keeps all your messages including attachments while migrating from Telus to Gmail account. Also, the software offers so many attractive and advanced features explain below.

Get the Solution:

Download for Windows Download for Mac

Steps to Transfer Telus Email to Gmail Account

  1. First get the product on your PC.
  2. Select the Telus option and enter details.
  3. Tick on the required email folders or envelopes.
  4. Select the Gmail option and enter credentials.
  5. Start Telus to Gmail Migration process.

How to Migrate Emails from Telus to Gmail Account ?

  • Install or launch the solution on your Windows or Mac computers.

  • Select the Telus option in the list of email sources on the left side of the interface panel.

  • Enter all the credentials in the user interface panel of your Telus email account.

  • Also, you can select the batch option or proxy server option in the list given.

  • Choose the email folders from the list of mailbox folders.

  • Select the Gmail option in the list of file-saving options.

  • Put all the credentials of your Gmail account in the user interface panel.

  • Also, take advantage of additional filter options to migrate required emails only.

  • In the final step, start the Telus to Gmail migration process.

Top Advantages of Telus to Gmail Migration Tool

  • User Interface:

It provides a simple and easy to utilize the platform for migrating emails from Telus to Gmail account.

  • User Security:

The solution gives a 100% safe UI Panel which never saves your credentials and data inside the panel.

  • Advance Batch Option:

It gives an advanced batch mode which gives the permission to migrate multiple Telus Email accounts to Gmail at once.

  • Proxy Mode:

Are you facing any location-related issues, or want to log in with your account from your own server? Then it offers a proxy server connection option to log in to your account securely.

  • Selective Folder Migration:

After login with your Telus account, it gives an option to choose only the required email folders from the list.

  • Email Elements & Meta-Properties:

The solution retains the original email properties during the process. It keeps attachments, inline images, text, internet header, date & time, and many more.

  • Retain Mailbox Folder Structure:

The solution keeps the structure of your mailbox while transferring Telus Email to Gmail or Google Workspace account.

  • Advance Email Filters:

It comes with additional email filter options which export only require emails from Telus mailboxes to Gmail account.

  • Windows & Mac Solution:

The solution works on every Windows and Windows Server or Mac OS X edition of operating systems easily. It also tested on the latest Windows 11 version.


In final words, we have explained a simplified method to transfer Telus Email to Gmail account easily. Above writing will give step by step solution to move emails from Telus to Gmail easily. Also, you can get the solution on your any Windows or Server machines. The demo version is available to test without investing your money. For other information and suggestion, please contact us via email or chat process.

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