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How to Transfer Emails from Spectrum to Gmail Account ?

Karen Chard ~ Modified: 02-06-2022 ~ How To ~ 5 Minutes Reading


Overview: Are you finding some solutions like how to transfer Spectrum Email to Gmail account ? Or want to learn the process to import Spectrum email to Gmail account ? If yes, then read this article completely. Here, you will get a direct solution to migrate Spectrum email to Gmail account. So, let’s start the process and learn the procedure.

Email is probably the most well-known type of correspondence with your potential customers. A special email service creates a sense of trust, especially if it is from a legitimate platform. This will support your organization and personal trust when communicating with new customers.

Spectrum is a communication service provider including commercial cable television, Broadband, HDTV, Mobile phone, Home Security, Internet, Internet security, VoIP phone, Digital cable, Digital telephone, and wireless services provided by the company. It also provides a webmail service to its users.

Hi, I have used the email account provided by Spectrum Webmail for a long time. But now I want to move my email messages from Spectrum to Gmail account. For this, I have used standard applications but missing folders, emails and lack of control over migration tools make it a less than optimal transition. Can you please me on this ?

But why Gmail ? Here are some reasons why users choose Gmail:

  • First of all, It’s free webmail.
  • In Gmail, each message you send is gathered with every one of the reactions you get.
  • Gmail offers Junk and Unwanted message filter options.
  • You get many gigabytes of storage with Gmail.
  • You can utilize Google SEARCH inside Gmail to track down the specific message you need.
  • Gmail utilizes labels to assist you to sort out emails with greater adaptability.
  • You can also use the Archive option to hide emails easily.

A Professional Way – Spectrum to Gmail Migration

You can use the RecoveryTools Email Backup Wizard to migrate Spectrum email to Gmail account directly. The solution only required Spectrum and Gmail account credentials to exchange emails easily. The best part of this application can utilize on all Windows and Mac machines. You can easily use this application because it gives a simple and easy to utilize solution.

Download the Product:

Download for Windows Download for Mac

Steps to Transfer Spectrum Email to Gmail

  1. Launch the solution on your computer.
  2. Select the IMAP option and enter Spectrum details.
  3. Choose Email folders from the list to migrate into Gmail.
  4. Provides 25+ saving options including Gmail option.
  5. Enter details and start Spectrum Email to Gmail process.

How to Move from Spectrum Webmail to Gmail Account ?

  • Get the solution with the above download buttons and launch it.

  • Choose IMAP and fill the required Spectrum IMAP Server details:
  • User Name: Your Email Address.
  • Password: Your Email password.
  • IMAP Address: charter.net
  • IMAP Port No.: 993

  • Choose the required email folders in the list of given mailbox folders.

  • Select Gmail option from the list of 25+ file saving options.

  • Enter all the credentials details including Email ID or Password in the user panel.

  • Put Gmail account details in the user interface panel.

  • Also, you can choose the additional options in the list of given advance settings.

  • Start the process to transfer Spectrum Email to Gmail account directly.

Why Choose Spectrum to Gmail Migration Tool ?

  • Advance Batch Mode:

If you need to move information from various Spectrum email accounts, utilize this batch mode option. This alternative assists you with relocating multiple Spectrum account information simultaneously. You need basically to create the CSV file with the entirety of the email locations and passwords.

  • Specific Email & Folder Migration:

The utility is fit for performing particular & selective email or folder migration process successfully. It empowers you to examine the folder’s information before you wish to move. Also, it gives many email filters which allow you to move emails by date, time, subject, and many more. This option helps you to migrate only required emails from Spectrum to Gmail account.

  • Get Exact & Accurate Result:

During the Spectrum Email to Gmail Transfer process, the solution keeps all the email properties. You will get a specific and safe outcome without losing a bit of data. Additionally, there are no changes in your original and source email messages after the conversion process.

  • Relocate Email with Attachments:

Do your email messages also contain attachments ? Assuming indeed, relax. The program effectively relocates the entire substance of a Spectrum webmail account. You can undoubtedly transfer Spectrum email to Gmail alongside attachments.

  • Windows & Mac Compatible:

The Spectrum to Gmail Migration tool is a completely Windows or Mac Based application. One can easily use this solution on all Windows and Server machines including Windows 11. Also, you can use it on all Mac OS X editions.


We hope you enjoy this writing and have received your answers. Here, we explained a simple procedure that allows you to move emails from Spectrum to Gmail account. The mentioned solution helps you easily manipulate your emails and migrate only the required data. You can also test this application free of cost. Feel free to contact us if you need any suggestions while using our solutions.