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Don’t Stop at ‘Delete’; Time to Completely Shred Data Saved on Disk

Published By Jamie Kaler 
Rollins Duke
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Published On May 23rd, 2022
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For any organization or a user, there always comes a moment when they need to Shred data permanently from Hard Drive, SSD, or other storage Disks. . It’s not a bad thing, it’s fjust part of the job. Storing old data in your prime machine directly slows your computer.

But most users choose the traditional path to shred data from their disk, i.e., select the items & press the Delete button or Shift+Delete button.

So, it’s not the right approach. Please don’t stop at the ‘Delete’ option. There are many advanced data recovery solutions available at present time, which can recover the deleted data with simple tricks.

One such application is the RecoveryTools Data Recovery tool. So, if you had accidentally removed items from your computer, you can choose this application to retrieve your data back.

This becomes a large headache for the companies to shred their data permanently from the disk. They need to comply with the data privacy laws recently introduced in the USA including GDPR & CCPA. These laws clearly mentioned the destruction of a user’s data in a completely safe & secure environment.

Why Need to bother about Shredding data from the computer?

In a survey, it has been found that 70% of hard drives or computers sold used or after refurbished contain the data of their old users. It mostly includes the data which was simply deleted by the owner with the ‘Delete’ or ‘Shift+Delete’ method. I will call this method a traditional way to delete data, so you can understand it for reference.

There can be a chunk of data stored in the drive, including payroll receipts, policy papers, business documents, honeymoon pics (sexualized & intimate moments), a list of all passwords, text documents, Visa, Passport, Driving License, etc.

This information is very personal to a user & hence no one left any stone unturned to securely sanitize it from the drive before sharing the drive with others.

There are many ways to permanently delete sensitive data from a computer, but if in case a user forgets to wipe data securely. Then there are certain rules & regulations that are introduced by US Congress to safeguard a user’s privacy.

There is a lot of things to worry about the privacy of a user. Luckily, the Data Privacy laws will make sure that users have more control over their personal information.

Understanding Your Data Before Shredding It:

You must have a proper understanding of your data before shredding it from the disk permanently. Your data may be stored at any location on the disk. Even if you delete it, some information may also remain stored in the clusters of your disk. To get rid off of this data, you need certain technology that can securely wipe data from a disk before you sell it.

The technology used here can automatically detect the logical drives (C, D, E, F, USB Drive, External Hard Drive, etc.). It gives users the choice to shred all data or erase only empty space from the disk.

Even if you delete data from your disk, it is still the responsibility of a user to protect it from any theft. The whole process starts with the restriction of how much data a user can store on his device.

How to Shred Data Permanently from Disk?

A user can shred data permanently from the disk using third-party applications. One such application is RecoveryTools Disk Wipe Software. The utility will provide users a direct option to shred data permanently from a disk.

A user can easily use this application in a quick & simplified manner. First, you need to download the software from the below button.

Download for Windows

Once you install the software, the user can understand its working with following steps:

  1. Run the software on your Microsoft Windows OS device.
  2. Select all the required files or choose any logical drive.
  3. Once you load data, the utility will list all the desired items.
  4. The Data Shredding tool will provide users multiple modes to shred data from the disk. This application also gives users a Military-grade data wipe methods.
  5. A user can apply many data shredding filter settings that can be applied on the basis of certain parameters.
  6. Now click on the Wipe button to initialize the Data Shredding process.
  7. The application will display a warning message, i.e., once data get deleted, you cannot retrieve it back.
  8. Users can analyze the live data shredding process directly in its panel. As the process finished successfully, it will display ‘BitWipe Completed Successfully.’ Click OK.


In the above article, I had explained the process of Data Shredding. There are many users who want to know how to completely shred data from the disk. Most of the time, a user removes data with simple Delete or Shift+Delete, & thinks that their data is permanently gone. In reality, data always stays there until it was overwritten with some other values.