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How to Completely Delete Sensitive Data from Computer so It Cannot be Recovered?

Published By Jamie Kaler 
Rollins Duke
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Published On June 17th, 2022
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In this article, you will learn how to permanently delete files from computer. Many users think that emptying recycle bin will permanently remove the files from the hard drive. But this is not true. Any forensic expert can recover that data using a hard drive forensic tool. The reason is simple, when you erase data from your computer, the traces will remain on the disk. So, it will be a good choice to use any anti-forensic tool that permanently deletes your data.

It is well known that deleting a file from your computer does not actually delete it from your hard drive. Clusters of these files remain in the disk unless you overwrite that data. Also, your data can be recovered using professional data recovery software. So, if you want to permanently delete your sensitive file so that it cannot be recovered.

I am working with a law enforcement agency, & hence we sometimes deal with a lot of confidential information related to the US military. Once our project finished, our first priority is to completely delete all the files from our system. US military audited our systems hence we need to completely remove sensitive files and data from the computer. Kindly suggest to me a method for how do I permanently delete files so they cannot be recovered by any professional tool.

Instant Solution to Permanently Delete Files from Computer 

RecoveryTools Disk Wipe Software is one such application that can help you to deal with this issue. This utility will permanently remove sensitive files & data from a computer. It will not leave behind any cluster of data in your PC so that it cannot be recovered with any forensic tool. The toolkit will provide users military-grade standards like US-DOD, US Navy, NATO Standard, US-MFM, ZERO, Random, Microsoft Cipher, etc.

Free Download the Setup for Windows OS:

Download for Windows

Trial Limitation: The free trial of this utility will enable the users to permanently delete the first 10 items of less than 5 MB size. So, if you want to permanently remove all the Disk Wipe data then you need to first activate the software. Once the purchase process completed successfully, you will get a license key via email within the first 15 minutes.

Simple Steps to Permanently Remove Sensitive Data from Your Computer:

This application is designed with advanced algorithms to provide the easiest solution to its users. You can understand the overall working of this application just by following these simple steps:

  1. Install & run the software on your Microsoft Windows PC. You can read all the important instructions from here.
  2. The utility will ask the users to load the data in its panel in dual ways i.e., Select Files or Select Folders option. Browse for the location to choose files.
  3. This application will list all the folder items in its panel. Here users have the choice to select items. Click on the Next button for the next window.
  4. Now, the utility will provide various Wipe Methods including Zero, Random, Wipe File, US Navy, US DOD, Microsoft Cipher, Bit Toggle, NATO Standard, Peter Gutmann, etc. Choose any of these options according to your choice.
  5. In the next section, a user can apply multiple advanced filters settings including Date Range, File Mask (any specific file format), Overwrite Data Text (DeletedData using —BR—). Choose any of these options.
  6. Now, click on the Wipe button. The utility will pop up a warning message i.e., your files or folders once deleted cannot be recovered back. If you are sure to do so, click on the Yes button.
  7. The utility will permanently delete all the required items & then displays a confirmation message box. Click on the OK button here.
  8. In the end, the utility will generate a SavingLog report that includes all the information regarding the data deletion process i.e., Start Date & Time, Delete Method, Path, Files Wiped, Total Files Wiped, Total Bytes Wiped, or final Status of the process.

From the above, you can understand that it is the simplest procedure to securely delete data from your computer permanently.

Frequently Asked Queries:

Does this utility safe to use?

Yes, you should not be worried about the security of your data. The toolkit is completely safe to use.

I want to use this application on my Windows 10 device. Is it compatible with the latest Windows OS device?

Yes, this application is fully compatible with all the latest versions & editions of Microsoft Windows including Windows 10, Win 8.1, Win 8, Win 7, Win XP, etc.

Do I get an enhanced log report to share with my seniors?

Yes, the utility will generate the SavingLog report so that you can share it with your seniors.

Can I delete multiple files simultaneously using your application?

Yes, the utility supports the batch deletion of multiple files permanently so that they cannot be recovered back.

Final Words:

In the above article, I had explained the best way to securely permanently delete files from computer. You can do it easily with the help of a professional toolkit that provides users a direct option to do so. The utility is fully compatible with all the latest versions of Microsoft Windows.