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How to Save PDF as XPS File? Step-By-Step Tutorial

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Published On June 13th, 2024
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Get the simple ways to save PDF as XPS file efficiently. Undoubtedly PDFs are one of the most common and widely used formats, but what if you want your portable document in the form of Microsoft XML paper specification? This article will outline the detailed instructions to quickly and effortlessly convert PDF to XPS document. Let’s get in.

What is the Necessity to Save PDF as XPS File?

In the following table, we will understand the necessity to convert PDF to XPS document while explaining the two file formats.

Criteria PDF (Portable Document Format) XPS (XML Paper Specification)
File Extension .PDF .XPS
Developer Adobe Microsoft
Purpose To easily share documents across different computer platforms. To maintain documents’ original format and layout across different devices.
Structure The binary format contains text, graphics, images, and media. XML based on zip compresses, contains fixed document layout, images, text, and other resources.
Advantages Widely supported across different platforms, contains multimedia, and can be protected by a password. integrated with Microsoft ecosystem, fixed layout electronic layout of digital documents, supports digital signatures and DRM.
Disadvantages Difficult to edit, has limited features Less widely supported outside of Windows.

Specific Requirements to Convert PDF to XPS Document

  • Availability of the required PDF files to save PDF as XPS file.
  • Installation of Microsoft Word application for manual procedure.
  • Trustworthy and secure PDF to XPS converter software for advanced and quick conversion.

Manual Process to Save PDF as XPS File – Step-by-Step

  1. Locate the PDF file on your PC, then do a right-click to convert PDF to XPS Document.
  2. You must choose the Open With option from a box that appears after performing a right-click.
  3. Currently, we must open a PDF file in Microsoft Word; to do so, use the MS Word application. Choose Microsoft Word.
  4. Word will display a warning before allowing you to open a PDF file. Click “OK.” Notice of caution
    Select File from the menu that appears in the top left corner.
  5. Click Save As, choose Computer, and then Browse to convert a PDF file to an XPS file.
  6. Look for XPS Document (*.XPS) in the Save As Type option and choose it.
  7. To finish converting PDF to XPS, click the Save button.

Immediate Strategy to Convert PDF to XPS Document in Bulk

To avoid repetitive manual tasks to save PDF as XPS file and for a hassle-free, safe and quick conversion, professionals prefer to use RecoveryTools PDF Converter Software. Trusted by most of the businesses worldwide, this tool is specialized in saving time, handling large volumes of data and converting all the PDF files into XPS format at once in original layout.

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save PDF as XPS and 18+ formats

Why Choose RecoveryTools PDF to XPS Converter?

Rather than implementing the manual task, it is beneficial to use the tool to save PDF as XPS file effortlessly. The tool does not only save time, convert PDF to XPS document in bulk, complete the conversion in one go, does not require technicalities but also provides some extensive features that users like the most. Such as:

Several Standard Formats: An important aspect of this utility is the fact that it is capable of PDF to over 18 file formats including, Save PDF as HTML, TXT, RTF, PDF, EML, MSG, PST, XPS, MHT, EMF, EPUB, OXPS, JPG, GIF, BMP, PNG, TIFF, DOC, and DOCX. This tool allows you to batch convert several PDF documents at once.

Option to Select File and Folder: It provides either “select files” or “select folder” options for selecting one or more than one PDF files from the computer.

Convert Required PDF to XPS: The application also has a console where you can choose which PDF files you want to convert manually. This makes it easier for users to select or deselect the PDF files that they want to be converted from the list.

Select Desired Path: Another strong feature of this tool is that it enables the users to download the converted files to various locations. In the custom option, you can also save PDF as XPS file in the same source folder where the tool is placed or you can save the output files at the Windows internal memory or to any other external memory device which is connected to the computer.


No matter what trouble you are facing to save PDF as XPS file, just by reading the above article and trying the give method, you will be able to do it quickly. If you want to have an individual important document and you want to convert PDF to XPS document then you can try the manual but remember it may mess up the PDF structure. However, we also provided you with a solution which does not include any limitation or drawback and let you peacefully save all the PDF file into XPS document effortlessly in one go.

Common Queries:

Q1: How to convert a PDF to XPS?

Run the RecoveryTools PDF to XPS Converter > Add the PDF files > Choose required PDFs > Select XPS in saving option > Browse Destination Path > Click on Convert button.

Q2: Is it Safe to Use Online PDF to XPS Converter?

Very often, you should avoid using online tools as some of them preserve your private data in their database after completing the conversion. We have seen several users who have faced data breach issues using online tools. At that place you can trust RecoveryTools PDF to XPS converter to save PDF as XPS file for free.

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