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How to Save PDF to EML in Bulk? 2 Easy and Effective Ways

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Published On May 30th, 2024
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Do you want to know how to save PDF to EML? As you have landed on this page, then the answer would definitely be Yes! We have thoroughly explained the methods to convert PDF to EML with simple steps. Read this guide to effortlessly achieve the task within a few minutes.

An Overview to Save PDF to EML

Nowadays it has been common to change documents and files in different formats. One such required conversion is PDF to EML. PDFs are a widely popular document format known for compatibility and portability. EML files on the other hand a version of your email in plain text which you can store in any device. EML files can be opened using most of the devices such as Outlook, Thunderbird, Apple Mail, etc.

The necessity to save PDF to EML format is particularly useful for the professionals, lawyers, projects managers who deal with emails and documents in their day to day life. By understanding how to convert PDF to EML, they can save their time and effort while getting quality results.

PDF vs EML – Comparison

Features PDF (Portable Document Format) EML (Email Message File)
Primary Use View, share and print document Store email messages and their content offline
Content Type Text, images, links, audios, videos Email content including text and attachments
Developed by Adobe Microsoft
Editiblity Limited or require specific editing app Easily editable

Difficulties Faced During PDF to EML Conversion

Users may encounter the following difficulty when they are not aware of the right process of how to save PDF to EML:

  • Trying to convert EML to PDF with an email client that does not support this conversion.
  • Losing quality and formatting of the entire PDF document during the conversion.
  • Losing data due to certain errors or insecure online PDF to EML converter.
  • Unable to convert large PDF documents in EML format and wasting lots of time and energy.

Necessity to Convert PDF to EML

There are reasons to save PDF to EML in different professions:

  • Imagine if a student receives a PDF file containing emails and embedded links, images or other media and they are advised to send it through an email client. In this they need to change PDF into EML format.
  • Professionals want to save PDF as EML to manage large numbers of emails messages and multiple PDF documents safely at a single place without consuming so much storage space.
  • Many users also convert PDF to EML, to make certain changes in their PDF files and add relevant information. They would need to edit the emails headers, subject, meta data, or other information.
  • Businesses also save PDF to EML files due security issues and safeguard their important data from theft. Converting PDF to EML is the best approach to protect sensitive data from unauthorized users.
  • EML files keep the PDF structure and layout the same as it was before conversion. However, this also depends on which methods you are choosing to change PDF to EML.

How to Save PDF to EML with Manual Approach?

You can take help of Gmail to manually convert PDF to EML. Follow the given steps:

  1. Start Gmail and select the Compose button.
  2. Touch the Attach files icon and select PDF files you want to change into EML.
  3. To select multiple PDF files, press and hold CTRL then select required PDF files.
  4. Click on the Openbutton and all the PDFs will be attached to the email.
  5. Now type your own email address in the “To” section.
  6. Click the Send button and send the email attached with PDF files to yourself.
  7. Now navigate to the Sent folder in Gmail and open recent email you just sent.
  8. Click on three dots and tap on the download button.
  9. After this, your PDF will be downloaded in .eml file format.

Advantages, and Disadvantages of Manual Method

The benefit of using manual approach is, it provides a free method for how to save PDF to EML format.

But it also includes several disadvantages, such as:

  • It is a forceful method that is not specialized to download PDF as EML.
  • It does not offer an inbuilt feature to directly convert PDF to EML.
  • The manual method is quite lengthy and time consuming which is not reliable especially for professionals.
  • Users often face issues when they bulk PDF documents to save as EML files.

Pro Way to Convert PDF to EML in Bulk Within Seconds

Just like the above, there are several more limitations of manual methods. In this case, professionals always use a trustworthy direct solution to save PDF to EML.

One such solution recommended by professionals is RecoveryTools PDF Converter Software that lets you convert PDF to EML for free.

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This software can convert all your PDF files into EML format at once. The PDF to EML converter is specially built for this purpose and understands everything that a user needs while changing PDF documents in EML. All your PDF file structure will remain same even after conversion.

Specialities of PDF to EML Converter

Authorized and Secure: With online PDF to Converter tools, you may face data breach issues as they save user’s data in their database after conversion but this offline software keeps each and every user’s data safe with 100% guarantee.

Bulk PDF to EML Conversion: PDF to EML Converter offers dual options to add multiple PDF files and folders at once. This option is suitable to save PDF to EML in bulk.

Saves Time and Effort: This is an automated software that does let the users waste their valuable time in repeating the same task. Users just have to spend their few seconds to convert multiple PDF files to EML in one go.
Batch Save PDF to EML format

Specific Conversion: The PDF to EML converter also helps in choosing the specific PDF folders and converts only the required data in EML including all the items attached with PDF files.
option to check required folders

Suitable for All Users: Unlike manual methods, software does not require any technical expertise, still provides the best result within no time. It means this PDF to EML converter is beneficial for both beginners and professionals.

19 Different Saving Options: Apart from saving PDF as EML, the tool provides all the formats to convert PDF into HTML, PST, MSG, PDF, DOC, DOCX, TXT, RTF, PNG, JPG, etc.
Convert PDF to EML and 19 different formats

Preserve PDF Original Formatting: In manual methods, you may encounter the formatting issues but here you won’t. This PDF to EML converter is designed to maintain the original structure and layout of the PDF document even after converting it into EML.

Answers to Common Questions

Q 1: How to save PDF to EML in bulk?

Open RecoveryTools PDF to EML Converter > Add PDFs > Select folders > Choose EML format > Select path > and Click Convert to save PDF to EML in bulk.

Q 2: Can I convert PDF to EML with embedded items?

Yes. RecoveryTools PDF to EML converter lets you save PDF to EML format including all the attributes such as text, images, fonts, hyperlinks, forms, bookmarks, etc.