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How to Save PDF as HTML in Bulk? Easy Steps

Published By Jamie Kaler 
Rollins Duke
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Published On May 27th, 2024
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This article covers verified techniques to save PDF as HTML with ease. PDF and HTML both are important file formats and come in use in our day to day lives, especially for business professionals. Today we have outlined the complete procedure for downloading the PDF files into HTML format with the help of a manual and way and a trusted PDF to HTML converter software.

We all know how important role a PDF file plays in our lives. Today, PDF files are helping a large number of businesses, offices, government officials and academics to share and store images, links and text in a small file. These files are one of the most compatible file formats which can be easily viewed and open though any device.

However, unlike PDF files HTML does need a specific software to view PDF files. Hence HTML is used to create web pages and run through any web browser. HTML files are smaller than PDF in size and specially used by designers.

So we took an overview of PDF and HTML and how it can be beneficial to save PDF as HTML. Below we have discussed a simple manual and advanced approach using the best PDF to HTML converter tool for all the users who are searching for this query. Let’s begin.

How to Save PDF as HTML Using Manual Approach?

Note: For the manual approach, you should have Microsoft Word installed on your computer.

  1. Start your device and go to the path where you have stored your PDF file.
  2. Use your mouse, pick the PDF file and right click on it.
  3. From the pop up box, choose the Open With option.
    Save PDF as HTML
  4. After this, you have selected the MS Word application to your PDF file.
    select MS Word
  5. You will receive a warning message saving “word will convert PDF into editable document”. Click on to continue.
    warning message
  6. Now open the File section to save PDF as HTML.
  7. Look for Save as option and specify the path where you want to store PDF.
    save as
  8. Open the Save as type list and select Web Page (*.htm, *.HTML).
    Save PDF as HTML
  9. To end this manual process to save PDF as HTML simply tap on Save button.

Is It Reliable to Use a Manual Approach?

The answer is NO! Even if you do not have a bulk of PDF files to save as HTML, you still need to follow a long producer. Therefore your PDF file would not exist with its original formatting after conversion. Hence this task can be done in a very simple way, you just have to use a trusted and reliable PDF to HTML converter tool.

Best PDF to HTML Converter Tool to Bulk Download PDF as HTML

Download RecoveryTools PDF Converter Tool to save multiple PDF files in HTML formatting without facing any limitation. With advanced algorithms and no size restrictions the PDF to HTML converter software provides instant and effective results.

Users who want to save PDF as HTML in bulk with just a simple click, should definitely give this software a try. Unlike online PDF to HTML converter softwares, this tool will not store any data of your PDF file in its database.

To know more about this tool, you can simply visit its official page, but first let’s how this software works to download PDF as HTML.

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How to Save PDF as HTML in Bulk Like a Pro?

  1. Download and install PDF to HTML converter software. It is compatible with all Windows OS versions.
    PDF to HTML converter tool
  2. Add all the PDF files that you want to download as HTML, using dual options.
    dual options to add PDF
  3. Pick the PDF sub-olders by checking or unchecking the required boxes.
    check PDF folders
  4. Now you have to select HTML format from the list of Select Saving Option.
    Save PDF as HTML
  5. You can download the PDF file after changing it into HTML where you want on your computer. Touch Browse button.
    browse path
  6. The final step is clicking on the Convert button to save PDF as HTML in bulk.
    donwload PDF as HTML


If you are done with reading the article, now you can definitely save PDF as HTML without facing any trouble. The article provides simple procedures to download PDF as HTML with ease. Manual and advanced methods are the two techniques to accomplish this task, however, when it comes to effectiveness and bulk conversion, BitRecover PDF to HTML converter software plays a powerful role.