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How to Remove PowerPoint VBA Project Password on Windows?

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Published On June 6th, 2022
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Introduction: If you are searching for the solution to “remove PowerPoint VBA project password”, you have come to the right place because you will find it here. In this guide, we will offer you best and reliable PowerPoint VBA Password Remover. So, continue reading the guide.

VBA is the file for Visual Basic, which is used with MS PowerPoint, Excel, Word, Access, and other programs in an office suite. This file also has the source code for Visual Basic. Also, it is a file format that can be used to add features to MS Office. This is why most people used a password to keep these files safe.  Sometimes, individuals forget the password they established for their file. In this essay, we will discuss the different methods required to resolve this issue.

How to Remove PowerPoint VBA Project Password?

You have the option of doing this work manually or with the assistance of specialized software. Both approaches are going to be describe in this article. Please read everything carefully, and then decide which approach is best for you.

Firstly, we would like to go with the most professional and trustworthy professional software.

Method 1 – The Best PowerPoint VBA Password Remover Tool

VBA Password Recovery Software is one of the most effective techniques for removing the password from the PowerPoint VBA file. The PowerPoint VBA password can be removed with the help of this specialized program that was developed by industry professionals. Additionally, it decrypts the passwords for Access, Word, and Excel VBA. In addition, this device is risk-free, foolproof, and simple to operate.

Additionally, the user interface of this software is quite easy to understand. This program is simple to use and does not provide any challenges of any kind to the user. Download the program using the button provided, and then follow the simple instructions to remove the password from the PowerPoint VBA project.

Note: This software’s demo version does not have any associated costs with it at all. You may use it to test the functionality of the tools and examine their features. In addition to this, there is not the slightest possibility of any danger occurring. It is recommended that anyone interested in testing the program begin by downloading the free edition.

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Smooth Step by Step Process to Remove Password from PowerPoint VBA Project

After downloading, install and run this solution properly on your machine. Now, click on Select Folders / Select Files option to load your files.


This software will load your project on the left panel. Check the required files and click on Next button.


Now, please choose the destination path where you need to save unlocked project.


Finally, click on the Remove button to begin the process.


This software starts removing PowerPoint VBA Project password. It will only take a few moments. Please wait.

The minimal steps necessary to do this activity are outlined above. One of the finest options for professionals is to use professional software. This method yields the most reliable and correct results. Have a look at the information below, however, if you are the one who needs to proceed with the manual technique.

Method 2 – How to Manually Remove PowerPoint VBA Password

To begin the manual procedure, you must do the following steps:

  • First, locate the file whose VBA password you wish to erase.
  • Replace the file extension with.zip and click “Enter.”
  • After modifying the file’s name, double-click it to open it.
  • You will see a folder with the name “XL”; open it and extract the “vbaproject.bin” file.
  • Now, utilize a Hex editor to open the extracted file.
  • Look for CMG=…/ DPB=…/ GC=…
  • Replace them with CMGx=… / DPBx=… / Gcx=…
  • Save the file after replacing the text and quit Hex editor.
  • Now, copy-paste the contents from the most recent file and overwrite the zip file with it.
  • Change the .zip file extension to the appropriate file extension

These are the manual procedure’s steps. This approach can be used to remove the PowerPoint VBA password. However, this manual process contains some limitations.

Limitation of Manual Process

This is laborious and time-consuming. It will take a lot of time in removing password from multiple files. In addition, non-technical users encounter several difficulties while erasing the VBA password, as this method is rather complex. Also, there is no guarantee of accurate result. Therefore, we will advise you to choose professional software. The professional application has a straightforward user interface and resets the VBA password securely.

The Final Words

Everyone may relate to the circumstance where they forget even the most easily recalled password every once in a while. We have seen many users need the PowerPoint VBA Password Remover. In the above blog, we have explained both manual and expert process to remove PowerPoint VBA project password. Also, the solutions have been exhaustively tested. You can select one as per your requirements.

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